15 Powerful Love Binding Spells That Work Like Magic

Everyone in the world wants to love and be loved. That said, there are powerful love binding spells you can use to make your love last for the long haul.

By Auntrone89
15 Powerful Love Binding Spells That Work Like Magic

Love binding spells that do work

Whether you choose to believe it or not, the crux of the matter is that love spells work like a charm. With the right ingredients which i.e. blood, colored candles, flower petals and water just to mention a few; one can easily put together a powerful love binding spell. Always make sure that your thoughts and energy is in the right place unless you want your love spell to backfire. Choose your words very, very carefully and be able to stand behind them 100%. Do this and get to witness nothing but the very best effects once your spell has been successfully completed. You might even feel a symptom or two in a matter of hours as the universe realigns itself to respond to the energy that your love spell has sent out.

1. The love spell to offset competition

If your partner is hotter than hellfire, then it’s only natural that he or she is going to attract a lot of suitors, both male and female. It is therefore upon you to work as hard as possible to ensure that their efforts are all in vain. You can start off by doing is by collecting the required ingredients for your love spell. These include daisies and three candles (a brown, a white and pink candle if you want it to work the charm). You will also need some eucalyptus leaves and an iron object. But that’s not the end of it. Proceed with arranging them in a specific order for your love spell to take immediate effect. Put the daisies on the table and then light up the three candles. Arrange the flaming candles in a triangular shape. Then put some eucalyptus leaves in the middle of the candles. Proceed with your chanting, affirming that you are here to protect the love of your life from any unwarranted third-party influences. Also, acknowledge that you have the influence and power to do so and proceed to do it.

2. Finding the right partner love spell

This particular spell is all about beseeching the universe into giving you that one person that will fulfill all of your innermost desires. And just like in the first love spell, you will be required to get your hands on some specific ingredients. These will include a white candle, a branch of cinnamon, a piece of cloth, and a blade of eucalyptus and laurel. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need blood in order to make this particular spell powerful. Finding the right ingredients and channeling the right energy is all you need to do and everything will work in your favor. Proceed with putting the laurel, eucalyptus and cinnamon branch in a cloth, tying them perfectly together. Remember the importance of lighting up the candle first before going to the next step. Proceed with invoking the power of the universe with all of your strength and will. Ask the forces of love to find that one person who will not only walk with you in pain but also in joy. In order to make your love spell powerful and devoid of any weak symptom, your words need to come from the heart.

3. The durable and happy relationship love spell

Apart from looking for a life partner that makes you happy, you can also conjure a love spell that makes your relationship last for the long haul. Again, you will be required to have specific requirements for the love spell to work effectively. For this particular love spell, you will need a bowl of water, orange blossoms, daisy petals and some water. Getting a vase or bowl to hold the water will be a good starting point. Once you have all these things sorted out and in place, proceed with your love spell without any further ado. Place the orange blossoms in the vase on your altar and light a white or green candle. Add some daisy petals to the water and then begin chanting. Don’t forget to ask the forces of water to purify your love, cleansing off any negative energy surrounding your love. You have to believe in your words for the love spell to come full circle.

4. The love spell that reciprocates love

At some point in life, we all have fallen in love but never got it reciprocated. But with this particular love spell, you can change your fate just by following a few simple steps. All you need to do is getting your hands on the right ingredients and you are good to go. Again, blood isn’t required for this love binding spell to work. First of all, you need to have pink and red flower petals, preferably a jasmine and a rose flower. You will also need a red candle as well as the name of the person you desire written on a piece of paper. This love spell will then be made powerful if you eliminate any symptom of unattractiveness by grooming yourself a little. Proceed to call upon the forces of love and beseech them to look at you, understand and accept you as you are. Carry out the love spell on a Friday if you want to attract a man and on Tuesday if you want to attract a woman.

5. The sex drive love binding spell

Well, not all relationships are marred with incredibly enchanting sex. The sex life in a relationship can suck due to a number of reasons. One of them being the lovebirds aren’t just finding each other attractive anymore. So, for this spell to work, one will be required to have their hands on the necessary ingredients. These include incense, five red roses, a piece of paper with your beau’s name written on it, cinnamon powder and a cinnamon stick. Arrange the five roses in a star shape right before placing the paper with his or her name in between the roses. Then, place the cinnamon stick over the paper right before sprinkling a pinch of cinnamon powder over it. Note that this spell is more powerful than most, meaning that you have to get it right the first time. As soon as the arrangement is completed successfully, embark on chanting the love spell as carefully and as passionately as possible. Beseech the universe to hear your plea for increased passion in your relationship. Once again, mean the words in order for your love binding spell to take effect.

6. The love spell to prevent disagreements

All relationships are plagued with disagreements from time to time. But the truth of the matter is that some are affected more than others. This might be because of cheating or existence of blood between the lovers. Irrespective of the reasons, such disagreements are draining. That is why you need to learn how to pull off this simple but powerful love binding spell. You don’t need to sit tight and wait for the symptom (s) to exacerbate before doing something about it anymore. For this love binding spell to work, you will need to find a white candle, a bowl of water, and a piece of naked copper. Light up the candle before putting the copper in front of it. Proceed by chanting that you purify the water, keeping away the negative energy that sucks the joy out of your relationship. Write the name of your lover on the piece of paper and put it in the bowl of water. Do this only after you’ve recited the spell correctly.

7. The love spell that makes one desirable

Chanting this spell is somewhat easy. First and foremost, you’ll need to tell the universe exactly what you want for your love spell to work flawlessly. Therefore, your chant has to mention the fact that you want to be beautiful without causing of vanity. Again, the universe has to be informed of what you want if at all you are to be successful. Be as specific as possible for your love spell to give you exactly what you want. Finish the love spell by asking the universe to not only attract him or her but also make the attraction long-lasting. For this love spell, you’ll need three red candles, cinnamon, and salt. You will also need a piece of foil to line the area over which your spell will take place. Put the three candles in line and light them all up. Then, place the cinnamon and salt in a red cloth before placing them in front of the blazing candles. Once you have done this, proceed with your chanting as directed above. Remember to always analyze your feelings and chanting as you stare at the person’s image.

8. The love binding spell that restores lost love

It is a fact that love fades. Sometimes it happens to both parties and sometimes it only happens to one lover. Either way, if one finds themselves not being loved or missing his or her significant other, then they can carry out this powerful love binding spell or ritual. Make sure you aren’t harboring any bad blood and that your intentions are pure before proceeding. Just like it is the case with any other rituals, the state of your emotions matters a lot when it comes to this particular love binding spell. Remember, these love spells represent the energy you are giving out to the universe. And since the universe is powerful, it will take note of any minute symptom and give you exactly what you sent out to it. It’s as simple as that.

9. Love spell for attention

You don’t have to worry once your partner stops giving you enough attention because there is a spell that can reverse that. The love spell is also very easy to carry out. For this love spell, you need some green, pink and orange candles arranged in a triangular shape. Go ahead and place a sprig of bay leaf and mint right in front of the candles before reciting the spell as loud as you can. Say you want your lover to feel closer. Say you want your lover to enjoy your attention as well as the little things that make your lover enjoy and have a cheerful heart. Be careful not to burn the paper with your lover’s name or else the love spell can backfire.

10. The love spell for understanding

Before you seek the universe’s help on this one, it is imperative that you do some in-depth soul-searching. Does your partner not understand you because of bad blood or your failure to communicate well? The reason for asking oneself this question is because the spell is powerful and can backfire if carried out for the wrong reasons. You also need to chant it right for the desired symptom (s) to manifest. First, you need to get a piece of paper and using a green pen, write your partner’s name in it. Fetch a green candle and place it on the left-hand side of the paper. Then, proceed with placing a fennel sprig on the left-hand side of the paper and recite the spell. As soon as you are done with the spell, burn the paper and put out the candle. As far as the chanting goes, request the forces of love for more understanding from your partner or loved one. Remember to have the right train of thought and mean each and every word coming out of your mouth.

11. The menstrual spell for attraction

The mention of menstrual blood makes most people cringe. But truth be told, menstrual blood isn’t as dirty as many believe. As a matter of fact, the human body isn’t dirty at all – which is contrary to what we have all been led to believe. That said, some of these fluids can be used to achieve the best love binding spells because they are powerful and do work like a charm. For this specific love spell, all you need is some of your fresh menstrual blood secretively added into his coffee or tea. Once he drinks it, the spell will come full circle. You also don’t need any chants for this love spell to work. Harmonic love spells are very powerful explaining no need of any chanting whatsoever. This love spell was made popular by the Sicilian and African magic folk.

12. Faithfulness love spell

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Again, you will be required to have some menstrual blood in order to successfully pull this one off. Start off by light up 14 candles, putting 7 in the kitchen and 7 in the bathroom. Go to the bathroom and glue your man’s photo on the mirror over a sink filled with water. Boil about 3 quarts of water and add some salt then stir for 7 minutes right before filling up the sink with it. As you stir, focus on his image then pour the water into the sink with a stopper on. Put 7 drops of menstrual blood. Put your hands on your chest and declare that he is yours and yours alone. This will alleviate any cheating symptom he has and allows the spell to come full circle. Realign your chanting with your feeling of love in order for the power of menstrual blood to work. If you do the spell right, he will always be thinking about you day and night!

13. The blood and honey love spell

Another powerful love spell that you can consider is none other than the blood and honey love binding spell. All you need is a toothpick, honey, some fresh menstrual blood (from yourself), wooden matches, a glass jar with a lid and a large red candle. For this spell to work effectively, it needs to be cast on the first day of your menstrual cycle at exactly 7 pm. You’ll start by carving out your loved one’s full names on the candle surface exactly seven times. Then spread a little of the blood over the engravings right before repeating the same ritual with honey. Light up the candle and hold it with both hands before repeating your chant seven times. Say what you want him to be by your side in mind body and spirit. Engulf yourself in his thoughts and mind. That’s all you need to do for this love spell to work.

14. The photo and blood love spell

If you love him but can’t get him to notice you, you have nothing to worry about because you can fix that with this particular love spell. All you need is his photo and your menstrual blood. Sprinkle the blood on the photo of the man you are attracted to and channel all your feelings of desire while staring at the photo. Again, menstrual blood rituals are powerful meaning that you have to do them correctly the first time or else they will backfire. Always look out for all the symptoms before proceeding.

15. Magical moon phase love spells

Certain spells work best or are most powerful at certain moon phases. It is therefore important for you to preserve the semen, sweat or menstrual blood for your powerful love spell until the time is ripe. You can put the fluids on a piece of paper or cloth and wait it out. And once the cycle is up, all you need to do is wash the bodily fluids into a bowl and focus on your emotions as you chant repeatedly.

Final word

Before experiencing a symptom or two, you need to ensure that your love spell has been done correctly. Therefore, it is very important for you to get the right ingredients for the specific love spell that you are about to cast. There are certain spells such as the attraction spell that works better on specific days. Care to remember this always. If you want to use the love spell to attract a specific person, then it would be a good idea for you to follow every specific step without skipping a single one. When chanting, make sure you believe every word of the love spell. If not, then your spell will not work and all the hard work will be in vain.