How To Cast White Candle Love Spells To Bring Back Lost Love

There are many love spells that one can cast to bring back lost love. One of the most common ones is a white candle love spell. Learn more about it here.

By Dagmar Thomson
How To Cast White Candle Love Spells To Bring Back Lost Love


A candle love is an ancient spell that is used to bring back a lost love. After all, everybody deserves a second chance at romance. Casting a love spell is one of the simplest magic that one can tackle, so if you are new to magic, this is a good place to start. Each specific color in a candle has a different meaning when it comes to casting a love spell. White means peace, hence the white candle love spell brings harmony to a relationship. Many people do not believe in magic. Others question people who use magic since they picture it as mind manipulation. The white candle love spell does not manipulate anyone into emotional bondage; it only helps old flames to come back for past lovers, which is just like letting nature take its course. A candle love spell is not used for evil; rather, it helps old lovers cross paths again. Both parties must be willing. Otherwise, if the other person is not willing, the spell will not work. A spell can be cast either for yourself or on behalf of somebody else, although it is not right to cast a spell on someone without his or her knowledge. To cast a love spell on someone, you'll require a special candle that is in accordance with the mystical ways. You have to buy a white love candle in a specialized store and not in online stores. This is because you can be sold a used candle. If a person gave you a white candle, this connects you with that person. So if you're using such a candle to cast a love spell, it will backfire on you and it may direct its energy to the person who presented you with the candle instead of the intended person. The white candle has different shapes: it can be a human figure or couples, and it can be small, big, or even heart-shaped.

Do Love Spells Really Work?

No one can guarantee that a spell will work. People who deal with spells have a special way of handling it. If you have any doubt about the magic, do not try practicing the ritual. If your concentration is poor or the way you are drawing the energy is wrong, it will not work. However, this should not discourage you; keep on working for it until you perfect the skill.

What to Look For When Buying a White Love Candle

When purchasing a love candle, there are specific details you have to check such as: •You have to make sure your candle does not have any form of foreign material such as metal or wood or any pictures. If you find something, do not buy it. However, if the love spell requires a foreign material inside the candle, make it yourself. This is to avoid the love spell backfiring on you. •Never use a candle that has been used by someone else; always use a virgin candle for it to produce powerful magic. If the candle you are purchasing has scratches, pictures, fissures, or cracks, or seems to have been tampered with, do not buy it. Make sure the white candle is straight and smooth. This is why you should avoid using online stores. Instead, buy at a physical specialized store where you can properly examine the candle. •Another important detail to consider when buying a love candle is who the manufacturer is, and where and when it was manufactured. It may seem odd to ask, but it is important since the safety and efficiency of your ritual depend on it. It is advisable to use a candle that has been manufactured locally as it will be more powerful. •Make sure your white love spell candle has no inscriptions, especially the ones you do not understand. If the white candle love ritual you are performing requires inscriptions, make sure you inscribe them yourself and they do not come from the candle manufacturer. •Most importantly, make sure your white love candle is made of white wax and is not merely painted. It should also have a white wick. This goes for all love candles. They should have the same wick color as the candle itself.

Requirements for the White Candle Love Spell

As a beginner, it is important to learn the basics of the love spell. You should know the candle colors and their significance because using the wrong type of candle color can lead to the ritual backfiring on you. a) A white candle love spell needs a private area with no disturbance of any kind. b) You will require a four-inch altar style white candle since inscribing it is easy and it is small, making it quick to burn out completely. c) You will require a candleholder for your white love candle. d) You will need to create your own altar, although a flat table is also fine. e) Look for something special and beautiful that means a lot to you and the intended person. This can be symbolic of the ritual. It can either be a gift you were given, such as a chain, a watch, or even a dress. f) Look for something to inscribe the candle with, such as a white rose thorn, a nail, or even a knife. Inscribe on the candle three times if the love spell requires inscription. g) Light the white love candle and make sure it is in the middle of the altar. h) Start visualizing. Imagine the face of the person whom you want back in your life while staring at the candle. Make sure you stare at the candle until it burns out completely. i) Once you are done, wrap up the candle remains and keep them in a safe place. Remember the outcomes might be more or less than your expectations. The best love spells are done nine days before the full moon appears. There are essential oils used for the white candle love spell, to give a magic boost. An example of an essential oil that enhances romance as well as attracting a lover is cinnamon. Use a drop of it and place it on top of the lit white candle. This will help release the fragrance as the candle burns. The white candle love spell is used to purify a relationship, which is either to stop arguments between lovers or to strengthen a relationship. After you have performed the white candle love spell ritual, it is recommended that you throw away the remaining candle or else wrap it in a paper and throw it in the garbage can. Or, throw it in a fireplace in your house or keep it safe. Make sure no candle wax has remained on the table where the candle was. All this is to avoid practicing impure rituals since candles do absorb other candles energy. If a powerful black magic spell was performed using the white love candle, avoid touching the candle. Wrap the candle in a cloth or a paper and throw it away. Even better, burn it in your own fireplace. You can decide to bury the candle but it should be far from your house. On your way back, avoid looking back or else bad karma will follow you. That is how powerful black magic is.

Ways of Manufacturing a White Candle love by Yourself

There are two ways of making a white love candle. The first one is where the wick is attached to a weight. You'll be dipping the wick into the melted wax several times to form layers until it forms a candle. The second way to manufacture the candle is when the wax is already in a mold and it has a wick inside. Many magicians used to make their own white love candle through the first method. I would strongly recommend you use the first method, despite the tiring labor. Soy or natural beeswax candles are better than the petroleum ones. This is because they contain natural ingredients that will bring you closer to the universal spirit. However, before making a white love candle, you should cleanse yourself to remove bad and negative energy.

How to End a White Candle Love Spell

The only way you can end the love spell is by throwing away the remains of the love spell that you wrapped in a piece of cloth or paper. You can also dispose of the ingredients by burning, burying, or throwing them into a running river or at a crossroads. By doing this, you will have changed the cause of magic. This is necessary in case you change your mind concerning your initial goal of bringing back a loved one.

Different Shades of Candles

There are different colors of candles that each have a different meaning. For instance, a red candle enhances passion in a relationship. It promotes health in an individual, passion between two lovers, and strength. A pink colored candle symbolizes love and companionship. It is used in rituals to enhance self-love and emotional union. A pink candle is ideal for spells involving weddings. Orange candles are ideal for enhancing energy, sexual attraction, enthusiasm, and creativity. They are used to attract objects as well. Blue brings out sincerity in people. It can also be used to promote loyalty between lovers and bring harmony to a relationship. Blue represents the element of water and most magicians use blue candles to awaken the psychic mind. Brown brings firmness and practicality in one’s marriage. It is mostly used with other candles, especially if the spell involves animals. It is advisable to keep several brown candles on hand. Green brings fertility, affection, abundance, and success in marriages as well as finances. In general, it brings good luck to a relationship as well as prosperity in money matters. Black works well when combined with other colors. It is commonly involved with negative energies, but it has its good side too, especially when combined with other colors. One of its positive rituals is to absorb any illness in a person as well as to stop any bad habits in a person. As you can see, it is easy to perform a white candle love spell. As long as you have the necessary requirements, everything will work out just fine. You can try this out someday and see what happens.

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