15 Telltale Signs that That a Scorpio Man is in Love

Find out how to tell whether the elusive Scorpio is in love!

By Fred S.
15 Telltale Signs that That a Scorpio Man is in Love

Scorpios are known for their secretive nature, where you’ll only see the tip of the iceberg even if you think you know him. This makes it super hard to catch hints from a man you suspect might be kinda into you. Look no further, we’re here to make things crystal clear for you. Keep reading!

1. He Will Pursue You

Scorpio men might keep their attitude low-key and calm, but they’re definitely not shy of feeling affectionate. If you’ve piqued his interest and he starts developing a liking, he’ll find ways to spend more time with you. This includes hangout invites, sitting where you’re sitting, making plans, and calls and texts. Basically, anything that’ll help him stay in touch. But not so much to be marked as ‘clingy’, there’ll always be grace in the way he pursues you.

2. He Is All You Need in a Guy

It’s hard for them to actually fall in love with a girl, but when Scorpio men love, they go all in. Not all men love as hard as them, which makes them the most caring and available towards their girl. He’ll be extra nice to you, helping you out whenever he can – even going out of his way to do so at times. This won’t last if he senses that he’s being used though, because exploiting his generosity and giving nature will drive him away for good.  

3. He’s not afraid to let his walls down

People are commonly afraid to let other in emotionally, because they’re not sure about who to trust. This can be true for Scorpios, but only till he actually finds a girl he loves. When he’s sure about his feelings for someone, he’ll dive deep into the world of emotions, feelings and trust with you. Take his serious conversations with you as a sign that you’re on his mind as something more than just a friend – a love interest who he’s trying to score! Engage deeply in these convos and be honest and genuine, as that’s what a Scorpio is known to look for.

4. His Extravagance

 Scorpio men don’t just go all in emotionally with people they love, but their extravagance reflects the same attitude. It’s not even because he wants to show it off, but purely out of ensuring the best possible experience for his girl. Fancy places, expensive gifts and dining is a pretty clear sign of him looking to take things forward with you!

5. Sensuality Comes Naturally

Ever wondered if it’s your hormones that make him seem sexier than usual to you, or is it just him? Well, that’s him trying to impress and attract you with sexuality. Scorpios are carved out of passion, with an extra dose of love and lust.  They don’t just look for companionship in their significant other, but a partner in absolutely everything they do. A deeper tone of voice, a hotter charm, and just a warmer vibe is also a sign of his love!  

6. He Becomes Your Ear for Secrets

Scorpios are possibly the best people to share you secrets with. They have absolutely no urge to gossip with anyone about anything in general, let along about the secrets of their love interest. Trust and loyalty are two of the greatest strengths of a Scorpio man, and he’ll surely lend you an ear (and shoulder) for all your problems and worries.

7. He Will Try to Read You

Scorpio like to read beyond the obvious before they get into someone. He’ll try to know more about you, your good and bad habits and personality in general. This requires spending more time with you to understand you better. He’ll study all this silently, and him being extra observant about the stuff you like or dislike or your habits, is also an important sign of his interest in you. Don’t get nervous though, just be yourself, that’s what he likes the most.

8. You Have His Complete Attention

Ever had the problem of your man’s wandering eyes with your exes? Ugh, every girl hates it. If you ever get the pleasure of dating a Scorpio, you’ll know the true meaning of having your partner’s attention. He’ll make a deliberate effort to stare deeper into your eyes when you talk, with a warm enough gaze for you to forget what you’re saying. He’ll make it absolutely obvious to you that you’re all he cares about, which alone is enough to fill any girl’s belly with butterflies!

9. He Shares with You

Scorpios aren’t misers or petty, but they just can’t deal with people constantly touching or using their stuff. If he makes you absolutely comfortable using his things, offering you rides, lending you stuff, and letting you join in whatever he’s eating or drinking. It might not sound like much, but that’s a big deal coming from a Scorpio, and it’s exclusively for people he’s interested in. This makes it a pretty convincing sign that he’s starting to like you, a lot.   

10. He Won’t Let the Competition Win

Scorpios aren’t quick to lock their eyes on a target, but when they love a girl, they’ll be super competitive to get her. If you start noticing him trying to overshadow other men around you, and stealing you away when he can, know that he’s trying hard to score you. Once his heart’s set on someone, he won’t let it get taken away, and that’s adorable.

11. He Gets Jealous

Speaking of not letting you get taken away, he pretty much gets jealous of someone even coming close to winning your affection over. He’ll get jealous of any other guy who makes you smile or laugh, or even gets to spend time with you. He won’t make a big deal out of any of it though, it’ll all be low-key in his heart, but you should be able to see it in his eyes, which is pretty adorable tbh. His possessiveness is one of the reasons why he’s so incredibly caring towards you!  

12. He Shares with you on an Emotional Level

In deeper stages of starting to love a girl, Scorpios won’t just lend you an ear, but start opening up themselves too! He’ll share stuff about his childhood, his behavior, and details about his likes and dislikes. If he’s in love with you, he’ll feel a constant urge to achieve and maintain a strong emotional connection with you.

13. He Wants to Touch You All the Time

His urge to express himself with you isn’t just limited to emotional or verbal, but also includes the physical channel. You’ll notice him making use of every opportunity to touch you, whether it’s posing for a picture, sitting close to you, or resting his hand. If you’re dating and haven’t expressed love for each other, he can’t stop kissing you if he’s in love. He’ll make it super obvious that he’s excited about expressing his love physically to you, and it’ll be adorable!

14. Lots of Compliments

If he truly loves you, he’ll shower you with compliments. You might think that this is a super generic trait and can be said about any man in love, but trust me, you’ll know when a Scorpio man does it. He’ll go overboard with it, not caring at all about playing hard to impress. That’s just him, and it’s one of the best perks of having a Scorpio lover!

15. He’ll Start Displaying Signs of Ownership

Once he has his finger on you, he’ll be keen to keep you super close. His loyalty and commitment is exemplary, and he’ll start calling you and sharing your time way more often if he’s into you. Calling you pet names, asking you questions about yourself, and involving you in his plans as a given are all signs of him starting to claim you for himself. It’ll all feel super cute of him if you’re also looking to take things to the next level with this Scorpio man.

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While many people disregard astrology and horoscopes as soon as they hear their name, some of us strongly believe in that stuff. How else would the endless similarities among several people of the same sign be explained? For people who aren’t ashamed of being interested in horoscopes, we’ve brought an article that’ll help you dive deep into the romantic aspect of a Scorpio man’s personality. It’s a cliché fact about Scorpios that they’re super mysterious and keep their feelings to themselves till the last moment. Well, this article was here assist you in reading their romantic hints. All the best!


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