60 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

The first step of impressing a guy is to ask him intelligent and interesting questions. You will be surprised at how much a few questions can do.

By Tanaya Nath
60 Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

A Few Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

Learning about someone takes time and effort. When a girl is going out with a guy, she often struggles to find out what’s common between her partner and herself. When you are in a relationship and thinking about moving to the next level, you want to be sure of what you are getting into. The best option is to spend more time with your guy. It will give you more insight about how he is and how he behaves in certain situations. However, while asking him questions seems easy enough, it's not so romantic or interesting. There is a better way of getting to know him. A few simple questions could prevent you from a broken heart and a failed relationship. Asking deep and interesting question is also a way to test intellectual compatibility. It will help you know what stimulates him and how aware he is of the things around him. The more you ask questions, the more you will have an idea of how far you can go with him. It might sound funny, but questions could determine the future of your relationship. How far can you go with your questions depends on the level of relationship with the guy. You can ask him safer, general question if you have just met him. You can ask flirtatious questions when you are a little more comfortable with each other. On your first date, you can ask different sets of questions. Further on, you can ask him some intimate questions or some funny and interesting ones. You can also ask him about him and you, and about your future together. Listed below are a set of interesting questions, divided into different types of questions you can ask a guy.

General Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

One wrong decision can make you pay with heartbreak for the infatuation and passion that you felt. So, before you give your heart away, learn a little more about the guy. General questions play an important role in relieving any awkwardness between you. These questions also help you get to know someone. These are interesting and safer questions if you want to get to know him. We all know that relationships are all about compatibility. You could be very similar or poles apart. These questions will help you in deciding if it is okay to go ahead with him. 1. Ask the guy if he believes in love at first sight. 2. Is the guy comfortable with expressing his love? 3. Is he sentimental or practical? 4. What irritates him most? 5. Is the guy a morning or a night person? 6. Ask him how he likes to spend the weekend. 7. What does he do for recreation? 8. How important are his partner’s past relationships? 9. What are the most important virtues the guy wants in his partner? 10. Ask him if he has any regrets.

Interesting Flirtatious Questions For You To Ask The Guy

When you are trying to get his attention, it is vital that you say interesting and fun things. Flirting is an art, and not everyone is a master. These simple and interesting questions will not only help you in knowing his funny and romantic side but will also help in deciding what steps to take and how to get his attention. These questions will also tell you if he is ready for a light-hearted relationship. These questions might feel fun and harmless to him, but for you, these questions will subtly test your compatibility. You don’t have to be over the top. The mildest of these questions can unleash his wild side and you might be suprised by his answers. 1. Are you taking in the applications for a girlfriend? 2. Would you miss a sports game for me? 3. Are you into me? 4. Are you naughty or nice? 5. How do you like to be kissed? 6. What kind of women do you find sexy? 7. If I asked you out on a date, where would you like to go? 8. What turns you on? 9. What is the sweetest thing a girl could do for you? 10. If I could be your genie, what three wishes will you ask for?

Interesting Intimate Questions To Ask A Guy

Intimate is a word that makes you visualize the bedroom. But the truth is, it is much more than that. Intimate questions are very interesting because they have a wider spectrum. They will give you a look inside the heart of your man to find out his deepest secrets and desires. It will help you in knowing what pleases him, what he finds interesting, and how far he can go in pleasing you. These questions will tell you about his desires, fantasies, and morals. If a man is comfortable in his skin, he will always express comfort and power. If you are dominating and he is an alpha male, your relationship is going to go wrong. So, learn about him before you make any major decisions. Be savvy and sassy when you ask these questions after your first date. 1. When was the first time the guy had a wet dream? 2. Has he ever tried using sex toys? 3. Does the guy have a secret crush? 4. Has he done something wild? 5. What’s the biggest fantasy of the guy? 6. Has he ever had one night stand? 7. Ask the guy if he likes a dominant woman in bed or a submissive one. 8. Does he like trying new things in bed? 9. Is the guy vocal and wild or does he like it quiet and nice? 10. Is he comfortable with being naked?

Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy On The First Date

First dates can be nervewracking, especially when there's a lack of conversation. Awkward silences can make it worse. You need to be quick, interesting, and impressive. And for that, you need to say the right and interesting things and ask the right questions. The following questions will not only keep the conversation flowing but will also tell you a lot about the guy you are dating. Asking deep and interesting questions about his family and childhood will tell you what kind of person he is. You will know what makes him tick and what he notices about the women around him. 1. Ask the guy what makes him laugh, irrespective of time, place, and mood. 2. What is his dream destination for a vacation? 3. Ask if the guy has any pet peeves. 4. What should you know about him that you’d never think to ask about? 5. What is the first thing he noticed about you? 6. Ask the guy what is the craziest thing he did in his childhood. 7. Ask him how connected he is to his family. 8. What is the guy most passionate about? 9. Is he a socialite? 10. Ask him who is that one person he would like to switch places with.

Ask The Guy Interesting Questions About The Future

The future is uncertain, we all know it. Yet we keep planning for it. What you are considering for your future and what are you planning to do a few years from now says a lot about you. Before planning your life with a guy, make sure he is ready for commitments like marriage and family. It is also important to know if he is ready to make a few changes in his life for you. The priorities in his life and how he will deal with different situations will play a vital role in knowing if you will have a good life together in the future. Here are a few interesting questions to ask about his future: 1. Ask the guy where he sees you both a few years from now. 2. What are his career plans? 3. Ask him how he feels about marriage and kids. 4. What future plans does he have? 5. Does he see himself as a family man? 6. Ask the guy if he is willing to make compromises for your relationship. 7. Would he forgive the sexual infidelity of his partner? 8. Ask him if he would live away from his family for a better career option. 9. Will he change his spending habits after marriage? 10. What will be his priorities after getting into a relationship?

Ask The Guy Interesting Questions About Him And You

A little more knowledge about your guy and his approach towards you will be the last step in your relationship. His nature and his view of life will make you sure of your compatibilities. The more you ask questions, the more you know about the guy, and the more you will be able to decide what to do. What the guy likes and dislike about himself, if he's emotional or practical, how comfortable he is with you - all these things impact the relationship. 1. What quality in himself does the guy like the most? 2. What is that one thing in him that he wants to change? 3. Is he an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist? 4. Does he think flirting is okay? 5. Has the guy ever rehearsed for a conversation? 6. What is one thing he would like to do with you? 7. Has the guy ever cried while watching a movie? 8. Will the guy change something about himself if you ask him to? 9. Will he give up on his dream for someone he loves? 10. Is he ready to commit himself to someone?

Summarizing why you need to ask interesting questions

Communication is the key to the successful relationship. If you have nothing much to talk, the relationship will become boring. Asking questions keeps the fun alive. It is better that you have common views on life and approaches towards the future. However, it is okay if your likes and dislikes are different. And it would only add to your benefit if you know it. You will get an idea on what to do and what not to do, what to expect and what to not expect. Now imagine, you are the girl who likes to work hard and plan for the future, while he is the guy who lives in the moment. If you are all seriousness and he is all fun and games, you will end up with tension in your relationship and suppressed anger. Therefore asking questions is important. The answers to some questions have the power to make all the difference between a happy and failed relationship. We often feel shy about asking so many questions and prefer to wait and watch a guy's attitude. This is an alternative but you can run into many unpleasant surprises. You might find it difficult to accept certain things. Asking the right questions is important and equally important is the tone in which you ask these questions. Try not to use a tone that will make the guy feel shy or intimidate him. Talk to your guy in a gentle tone. Let him know you are just interested in knowing more about him. Everything about him matters to you. It is only then a guy will be comfortable enough to answer your questions honestly.