20 Conversation Starters To Make Your Crush Fall for You!

This guideline on a conversation starter is for you if you struggle to talk to your crush every time you see them. Learn and watch them fall for you!

By Monalisa Murmu
20 Conversation Starters To Make Your Crush Fall for You!

Does your crush debilitate your speech?

That’s the thing about your crush. He/she seems scarier than the scariest object this world possibly has (Kim Jong Un is the first thing that comes to mind). Whether you try to talk to your crush in person or over text, you simply can’t because you forget what you wanted to talk about. And even if you’ve earlier managed to say a feeble “Hi” over text at some point, in person, you go mute in all senses of the word. Inside your head though, you’re brimming with pages after pages of conversation with your crush, but you never manage to start. At this point, you’re probably giving up on the idea of ever impressing your crush. How can you possibly amaze your crush when you can’t even start a decent conversation? You know you are a great person to date, but how will your crush ever find that out about you until you have a good start to a conversation? Even if they look at you and give you the chance to start, what are you going to talk about? This post serves to bust some of those myths. To start with, your crush is as human as you are. They have as many insecurities as you do. You don’t have to have an extraordinary conversation going at the very beginning. You just have to have a normal, easy-flowing conversation and that’s all. When humans speak to other humans naturally and without faking it, over text or in person, the conversation graduates smoothly. It runs on autopilot.

Work up the confidence and the conversation


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The first step to engage in a smooth conversation with your crush, either in person or over text, is to start working on your confidence. Like I said earlier, they’re probably worried about making a fool of themselves too, so don’t worry unnecessarily about what you should talk about. Just be your natural self. Of course, it helps to be equipped with some great conversation starters and that is where this post comes in. We’ve compiled a list of conversation openers that make sure you don’t just hold your own while talking to your crush but also make them fall for you instead! That’s right, these conversation starters claim to turn the tables on your crush. No more panicking at the thought of talking to your crush anymore, instead, learn to make a conversation with such ease that when you walk away from them, you leave them wishing you were talking longer. If you’re using these conversation starters over text, be prepared for a drained battery on your phone because you ain’t gonna stop texting anytime soon. The thing is, one of the most important steps to impressing someone is to be able to work up a great conversation. That is the second thing people notice about you after your looks, and the first thing that gives people a glimpse into your personality and intelligence. Chances are always high that your crush will make up their mind whether they like you or not when you make the first long conversation with them, both over text and in person.

How to make your crush fall for you instead

The ability to talk well and with ease goes a long way in grabbing the attention of your crush and eventually making them fall for you. Confidence is a major aphrodisiac and it reflects in the way you hold a conversation. If you’re a guy, don’t get too jumpy from your nervousness of talking to your crush. On the other hand, don’t get all too confident either, it could come across as rude behavior. No one likes a smartass. The same rules apply to a girl too, and if you, my reader, are a girl, resist the temptation to fidget with your hair or nails when around your crush. A little of it might be endearing but your crush won’t appreciate it if you can’t keep your hands off of yourself. Fidgeting is a dead giveaway of lack of confidence and no matter how true that might be, you only want to show total confidence when talking to your crush. Also don’t go all me, me, me with your crush. I know you’re dying to tell them all about you so they get to know how awesome you are and decide to date you, but it works the opposite way. You should be more interested in knowing your crush instead. Ask them questions about their life, their ideas, their dreams and their thoughts. Most people like talking about themselves, and your crush will appreciate it if they thought you were genuinely interested in them. These rules apply both to conversations in person as well as ones over text. To add further flair to your conversations, use these witty and interesting conversation starters that will surely make your crush fall for you.

Conversation starter for getting to know your crush

As I said above, getting to know your crush is one of the best ways to show them you’re genuinely interested in them. This also makes for a great conversation starter with your crush because they will have a lot to talk about and until they do so, you can gather your composure (if you’re still nervous and sweaty) and by the time they’re done, you’ll be used to the scenario of sitting across from your crush and talking to them. Even on text, these questions are a great opener because of you get time to get over your “I don’t know what to talk about” syndrome while your crush texts back.

What’s your favorite hobby?

Everyone has a hobby. Your crush has one too. It’s the easiest question to ask and can lead to more detailed conversations about the interests of your crush. Educative and entertaining. Use in person or when texting your crush.

Do you have any pets? What are their names?

This is the safest opening line ever. Every person who has a pet is so emotionally attached to them that they can’t stop gushing. And if you ask your crush about theirs you climb high on their charts of sensitive human and even potential daddy/mommy to their pets. If neither your crush nor you has pets, you can at least talk about getting pets. Or hate on the obsession over pets, whichever is your style.

What do you do when no one is looking?

Ask or text your crush this question to catch them by surprise and to also tell them that you’re interested in knowing all aspects of their personality. It will also lighten the mood for both of you and you can each reveal your mischievous side — a step that will get your closer into the friend circle of your crush.

Which is your favorite pizza topping?

Who doesn’t love pizza! We take this food for granted so much like oh my god it is the best conversation starter ever! First, it involves food, and second, you’re effectively setting grounds for asking them out on a pizza date. And we all have our own choices of toppings. Your crush obviously does too and you might even see if you both match there!

Childhood questions for a conversation starter

Childhood questions are also a part of getting to know your crush in a more detailed manner. The best thing about these questions are, your crush gets nostalgic remembering their childhood days and they will really like you for being the reason for that. Asking questions about the childhood of your crush also leads to very lengthy conversations since it’s not a topic they might or might not be comfortable with. It’s something they will always have a lot to talk about. Even better, you’ll be able to join in the conversation easily too, supporting your crush’s silly stories with your own.

Where did you grow up?

If you ask or text your crush about their birth place, it is definitely going to get them nostalgic. Memories will come rushing through and you might want to later stop them because they won’t stop talking. This is also a good way to get to know their roots, which tell a lot about a person’s personality.

What are your childhood dreams that you never think of anymore?

This is not a question many people ask your crush, in person or over text. You will stand to be that one special person who opened a conversation with this special question that made them think and remember the past in such detail. Your crush will likely fall for you for being so different in your thoughts.

What is the naughtiest thing you ever did as a kid?

This is another trip down memory lane. Asking this through text or while sitting across from each other will likely result in wide grins, and later, chuckles and laughs. Both you and your crush should have endless stories to tell each other and I see this as the first step to them falling for you.

Who chose your name? Do you know why they chose it?

Another, not very widely asked question. This is also one of those topics that make your crush think, “Huh, I’ve never thought of that.” And a topic that makes you seem different and stand out from the crowd of people who your crush talks to you every day. Being different is a strong contention towards being the one they fall for.

Conversation starter that peeks into the personality of your crush

Hoy es #internationalcoffeeday ☕️ y nadie disfruta este día más que yo!! . . . Si eres fanatico/a del café muchas cadenas como @dunkindonuts , @krispykreme , @cinnabon , @peetscoffee etc, te regalan un café en un día como hoy... . . . Pero mi cadena preferida @starbucks , decidió hacer algo diferente para ayudar a su comunidad y llamar la atención de nosotros sus clientes. ---les copio y pego : @starbucks is changing its menu boards with information about the farmers the company sources its coffee from. . The aim is to inform customers about the challenges these farmers face, including coffee leaf rust and climate change, and the company’s commitment to ethical and sustainably sourced coffee. . . . #cafe #amantedelcafe #starbuck #dunkindonuts #diainternacionaldelcafe #coffelover

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These topics are important for a two-fold reason. One, you ARE curious to know everything about your crush. And two, it’s yet another way to show your crush how much interested you are in knowing them. If your crush is super hot, chances are they might be getting approached by people for conversations all the time. But they will remember you to be different from all others if you ask them questions no one else does. Start your conversation with questions that really dig deep into thoughts of your crush, that make them pause and deliberate and think, “Wow, no one has ever wanted to know that about me.” You see why this would work, don’t you?

Which is the one principle of your life you would never give up?

This is obviously a very deep question to ask your crush. But it is also the most effective to show her you want to know and understand them beyond the superficial layer of being.

If I wrote a book about you, what would you like it named?

The very idea that someone would be writing a book on you is so flattering, don’t you think? It’s a great topic for a talk with your crush because you come across as someone who knows how to make intelligent conversations.

Do you believe in the idea of soulmates?

This topic especially works if your crush is a girl. Girls love to muse on the idea of soulmates. Asking her this question immediately makes you look like the sweet, sensitive type. No harm in trying this out on your boy crush either!

You’re great at [whatever they do the most]. Could you help me with it sometime?

One great conversation starter is to ask for their help. Your crush feels powerful and confident and useful to someone. It is also a great way to stay in touch with them and to hang out occasionally.

Nerdy conversation starter that works!

There is a reason why geek chic, nerdy glasses and plaid shirts repeatedly come back in fashion. There is something ever so endearing about nerds, won’t you agree? They are like these super intelligent scientist-types who are also so unsure about themselves that is very Sheldon Cooper. Now you might or might not be that person, but there’s no harm in making a conversation like one. Not the gawky and uncouth part, but the part that knows about stuff. However, don’t overdo it, don’t yourself show off, and definitely do not pick a topic your crush might not know anything to talk about (like Quantum Physics!)

Star Wars or Star Trek?

This is an age-old favorite question of the geeks. Be ready to give up your team, though, and quickly side with the team your crush chooses, because you don’t want to be their opponent. Alternatively, you could also CHOOSE to deliberately pick the opponent team so you have a longer conversation ahead on text or in person.

Game of Thrones the Book or the Series?

This is the most popular debate in the nerdy world right now and you might want to join in with your crush. Text them this question and see their reply fly right back at you. And no Game of Thrones discussion has ever been done in less than hours, so you win there even if you don't win at the debate.

If you could time-travel, would you go to the past or future?

Another of those questions that make them think and make you see a side to your crush’s personality that doesn’t show from weather discussions. Based on what your crush answers and how they explain it, you’ll get to explore their minds. It’s also a great abstract conversation that continues for hours.

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

We’ve all watched some cartoon or the other. And my favorite discussion is how the 90s cartoons were way better than the recent ones. There’s always something to talk about: Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Your crush will see you as a very different person if you ask or text them this question. A bit weird maybe, but good weird!

Funny conversation starter to make your crush laugh

In the end though, you gotta make them laugh. You don’t win at impressing your crush if you don’t know how to make them burst into laughter every now and then. Because an intelligent person is also a funny one. Conversation openers that are funny also help ease out the tension both you and your crush might have because of talking to each other for the first time. Even in text, funny conversations work because you feel assured that you don’t need to stay on your guard. Your crush should feel comfortable around you to talk to you extensively, that will eventually lead them to falling for you.

I dare you to do a lip sync battle on [their favorite song] with me.

Get all out silly with this topic. It is always so much fun to be able to make a fool out of yourselves. Ask or text your crush this, and proceed to fix a date with them when you can actually do it. And then lose to them. Obviously.

If we ran a contest, would you learn to play football first or would I learn to do my makeup first? (Or vice versa)

This would undoubtedly make for a laugh fest with your crush, just trying to picture yourselves struggling to do something you suck at. Making your crush laugh every time they are with you is a foolproof way to make them fall for you.

Which Friends character are you?

When they answer, say, Damn! I’m [love interest of their chosen character].

If you were me for a day, would you shower with your eyes shut?

This topic is funny bordering on the naughty, and deliberately so because you don’t want your crush to friendzone you! With a topic like this, you make sure they get to know what kind of a relationship you’re after, but by being funny about it, you make your crush fall for your charm and wit.

Make your crush fall for you NOW!

With conversation starters like these, there’s no need for you to wait any longer. Go talk to your crush already! Or text them! You never know, they might be waiting to talk to you too, but don’t know how to open a conversation properly either. Don’t let this irony ruin a perfectly happy conversation with your crush!