Do Love Spells Really Work?

Do love spells really work to bring back your love? Read on to learn the key to casting a successful spell on yourself.

By Annie
Do Love Spells Really Work?

Wondering if your love spell will ever work?

We have all been plagued by a broken heart at one point or another. Many will say it is one of the most devastating and painful experiences they have ever gone through. Remembering your first broken heart seems to be a memory that is as raw as the day it happened. We have all yearned for someone without knowing how they felt in return, and most of us have experienced the sharp sting of rejection. When we desire someone there is no element of doubt in our minds; we know we want them....badly. If only there was a quick fix for such a torturous feeling. Well, there might be! Love spells are one of the most attempted of all spells because love is something that is so powerful, and vital to our existence that we pursue it in every avenue we can. Having control over the outcome of our love lives is a pleasant thought, and a love spell can guide us not only to our true love but also down a path of self-discovery.

Do you know the power of positive thinking?

Many times in grade school, right? Well, maybe there is actually something to it. People are beginning to wake up, listen to their instincts, and what their mind and body tell them. Movies are being made, and books are being written about the phenomenon of self-awareness and authenticity. Books like “The Secret” have been published, and people have begun emphasizing the power of thought and positivity, and the role they play in their life's journey. Spoiler Alert: The secret is the process of intensely focusing on your desires and remaining positive about the outcome until it happens. It is about believing it will happen. What does this have to do with love spells? Only everything! Many successful celebrities swear by this one little secret and attribute this same attitude to the success they have in their lives. It is no different when it comes to love. A love spell is a vehicle for your passionate pursuit of love.

"Fifteen years ago I felt the same passion I feel today, but I had very little opportunity. I had to hustle hard and go hungry. I had to eat sardines and figure out how to get gas money. And I never had a p​lan B. I never stopped believing. Ever. Don't give up. Apply constant pressure for as long as it takes. It will break before you do. Go get it." -Chris Pratt

What are spells?

So, to ask the question, "do love spells really work" one must take the time to understand what a spell is and what your role in the casting of the spell is. It is important to soak up a little bit of history on the subject as well, and I promise I won't bore you to death, it is fascinating!​

Spellcasting and rituals have been around since the beginning of time. They are prevalent in many different cultures and performed in various ways and for different reasons. For example, Native Americans have been smudging, a sacred ritual of burning sage to expel negative energy from the body and purify the environment, for centuries. Christians may use prayer to ask God for health, wellness, and love. Wiccans cast spells to achieve their goals as well. In all of these cultures and faiths, we can see that the process of asking for something we crave starts with mindfulness, faith, focus, and the willingness to simply ask for something. It starts with the individual, their ability to connect with themselves and their faith and recognize what it is that they are asking for. ​

The fact that love spells have been used for centuries tells us a little something about the validity of the practice. It turns out that it is something that is strongly believed in across many cultures and faiths (in many formats). Like the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." ​

To create the perfect casting conditions, most spell books suggest the use of nature's components when casting. Examples might be rocks, fire, water, or earth. These are things​ that center us, help us to focus, and create an environment of “now” or being in the present. With technology today, it is easy to stray from the present moment which makes a love spell even more difficult than it needs to be. Focusing on something natural that exists on its own, is a way to ground oneself prior to spellcasting.

So, do love spells really work?

Absolutely, as long as you understand how they work and insert yourself smack dab in the middle of the entire process. You see, spells are based your intentions, desires, and goals. Within these elements, there is always a component ​of belief. By this, I mean, confidence in the possible. By putting your positive energy, based on these two things, out into the universe, you are attracting what you desire.

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If you do not get what you ask for, or you are not able to bring back your ex, perhaps the spell is still working, but it worked in a way that was best for you. If your love spell is effective and your desired one reciprocates, you may wonder if it is just the placebo effect because you believed so firmly in the spell that you changed your behavior. Maybe you became more confident around your beloved. Even then, when it comes down to it, yes, the love spell worked. If you are asking these questions, then step back a moment and think​...clearly, something worked. ​ ​

Ensure your love spell is a success

If you want to bring back an old flame, or connect with the office hottie, there are a few things you need to understand before you cast your first love spell, and it has more to do with you than the apple of your eye.

1. Cast the love spell on yourself, not your future lover

You will have more control over the outcome of your love spell if you cast it over your own love life. Your faith, positive energy, and understanding of your desired goals will naturally attract the outcome that is right for you. Know that the universe knows what is right for you, and casting upon someone else may not produce a result that is beneficial to you or the other person, despite your current feelings. Don't be discouraged by this, try to be enlightened. Just because it did not turn out as expected, it does not mean your spell has not worked. Side note: It is also unwise to meddle with the free-will of others. Focus on yourself, and you will be rewarded with positivity and love.​ If you were hoping to bring back your ex, it may or may not happen, just keep your mind open to both possibilities. Then, and only then, you will keep the door open for true love to enter without obstruction.​​

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2. Learn how to cast a love spell

While it is advisable to learn from a professional, do not hire one to cast the spell on you. If you truly want to invest yourself in your spells, the most effective way to do so is to learn how to cast them yourself. Only you know how passionate you feel about your desires, and you are the one who has the practice of visualizing them day after day, and as you cast your spell. There is an​ element of meditation when it comes to spellcasting, and because you are focusing on something you already desire, your spell will become much more powerful. You are the most qualified person ​to cast your own love spell.

3. Form rituals that enhance your love spell

If you believe that all you must do is cast your love spell in order for it to work, you are mistaken. The most successful spells are the ones that are tended to on a daily basis. Create mantras to repeat to yourself daily while you take your morning run, practice yoga, or as you take a bath. Concentrate on what it will feel like to find love. You must focus on your love spell and your desires in order to have a successful outcome. Keep in mind that in most cases this will mean you must remain positive, and ask for love in your life.

4. Be mindful during your love spell

After you have cast your love spell on yourself and formed your rituals, you must remain mindful and alert. Outcomes of spells are not always obvious. Watch for signs, and remain present in each moment. Because you already know that it is you that is at the core of your spell, it may be difficult to notice when your spell begins to work. If you are constantly yearning for your ex-lover​ and the cutie at the coffee shop keeps talking to you more and more every day, you may not notice the truth. Your spell is working exactly as it should. You may be missing it because you are not aware of what is happening around you. Remain open to what the universe is now telling you, and you may be surprised at what good things are in store for you.​

5. Be positive and patient

Remain positive after you have cast your love spell. Negative energy will push your desires away from you. Do not expect them to work immediately. Just as everything that grows and thrives in nature, it all takes time and it is worth the wait. If you begin to doubt the effectiveness of your spell, you will sabotage the results by feeding it with your negativity. Believe and have faith. ​

So, do love spells really work? Well, it all depends on you, but yes, they certainly do if you are willing to take the time to understand how they work, and put the effort into your own spells. Love is one of the most powerful and studied emotions. It is a mystery to us all, and we often question its effect on our bodies. This power is what makes love spells one of the easiest spells to cast upon oneself. I know, I know, I can hear you now, easier said than done, right? Well, yes, that may be true, but if it were easy, everyone would be casting spells and getting everything they wanted in life. And remember, spells work in astonishing ways, and not always as you expect them to. The key is to trust nature and yourself, be patient, positive, and accept the outcome.



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