10 Psychological Tricks To Make Him Chase You Again

Make every boy chase you with reversed psychology and tricks

By Tashke
10 Psychological Tricks To Make Him Chase You Again

You want him to chase you. Now what?

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There are many reasons why a girl would make a guy chase for her. But let's be honest, most of them want that after the breakup. It can happen for many reasons: maybe a guy doesn't love her anymore, maybe he found another girl, or maybe he just doesn't want to be committed. And what is better than showing him what he lost and making him chase a girl again?

Most of these girls were hurt in previous relationships, and they do not want to repeat the same mistake. And maybe there is little revenge because this is an ideal opportunity to reject a boy who did not want to be with her. Whatever the reason is, you can do a lot to make any guy chase you again. The point is, you're supposed to be a prey, not a hunter. The boy needs to make an effort to seduce you or to reconcile with you again; you shouldn't be the one to run after him forever. And how will you achieve it? We have a few tips that can be useful if you want to make him chase you again.

1. Be a master of psychological games

Men are masters of mind games. That's why girls have to learn to play hard to get. Men want for their efforts to be appreciated. In this case, you are a reward, and you have to make it clear to your ex (or potential new boyfriend). Play hot N cold with him, it's a checked thing and it unmistakably works, if you stick to the rules. There must be a certain distance between you, but not too big, so that your loved one doesn't cool off. Do not contact him first; let him chase you. Give him some subtle sign that you are still interested in him and wait. Since you've known each other already, you can assume his next step and what you can expect.

Since this guy also knows something about you, make sure to arrange him "a cool shower" when he approaches. Your ex-boyfriend thinks you'll suffer forever, and probably expects an outburst of weakness; do not let that happen. Give him a hand; without too much hugging and kissing. Save your words - do not ask him too much; if he asks something, answer him briefly. Prove to him that you are not the same person whom he gave up on. That will be a trigger for him to chase you again.

2. Show him that you have moved on

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Life goes on, and it always has to be that way. Even though you did not move on after your breakup, he shouldn't know that. If you suffer, then, suffer in silence, when no one sees it. In public, and especially in front of your ex-boyfriend, you have to show him how much you enjoy life. Even by force. Of course, this does not mean that you chase other boys and jump into relationships just to rub it on his nose; you need to return to the normal way of life. 

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Renew contacts with your friends, go to clubs and parties, go on casual dates, etc. Be smiling and cheerful, and let him know that you're just fine and that your pain is not forever. Try to hang out more often with your male friends. There is no need for excessive intimacy; it is enough to start chatting with another guy or to laugh at his jokes. A good, old feeling of jealousy will awaken your ex-lover. He will figure out that he lost you and that you won't wait for him forever; if you play this smart, he'll chase you like never before.

3. Give him the REAL reason to chase you - look stunning!

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Men are visual types, and this is actually the most important trick in the whole process of making a guy chase you again. Let's be honest, the physical appearance is the first thing we notice about someone, and it keeps our attention. When a man finds you attractive, he will show you that he wants you. And then, it's your turn. Want to chase you again? 

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Give him a good reason for it. Show him what he missed, or what he could miss if he did not give you another chance. You should always look stunning, especially when you know there is a high possibility of meeting him. Research in the field of psychology has shown that we find people more attractive when we do not see them quite often. Pay attention to your appearance if you're going to meet him after a while. There is a big chance his feelings will "explode" again. So, enjoy small pleasures such as visiting a hair salon, having a manicure, choosing "THE" dress, etc. You'll feel good, and you'll look good too.

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4. He'll chase you when you don't show weakness

In moments of desperation, everything can come to mind to a girl who just got out of a relationship. Every breakup is hard, especially if you were together for a while. It's okay to suffer and to have some hard times, but that period should last briefly. You need to get up and get back to normal. 

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If you are hoping for a reconciliation, do not make a mistake made by most girls - do not call and bother your ex-boyfriend! The trick is not to chase him; let him breathe - that's how reverse psychology works. There is a rule called "30 days without contact," adhere to it - if he hasn't contacted you for a month, there may be no hope for your relationship. 

However, if he did, there is your chance. Be cool. No crying, emotional pressure or begging to get back together. Does he need to know you're desperate? When he calls you, act like an old friend; talk about some casual topics, and the most important, be short. Tell him that you gotta go, and end your conversation after a few minutes. This action will awaken curiosity in him, and he'll probably call you again very soon. Next time, devote him a few more minutes, but without intimidating and going into details. And interrupt the conversation again. It's just a matter of time when he'll start to chase you.

5. A trick from psychology: He'll chase you after "no"

When a man breaks up with you, he is almost convinced that he can have you again whenever he wants. Well, he's clearly wrong, and you have to show it to him. You don't have to play the ice queen; he needs to see that your emotions faded too. Though you're probably dying of a desire to be with him again, you need to be very patient. Do not fall for his charm. 

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When he contacts you for the first time after breaking up, be cold-blooded. If he calls you and wants you to see you, know he is doing that because you are "a safe place" for him. And if he can have you just like that, he won't chase you. Your ex is convinced that you still have feelings for him and that you'll fall at him anytime. Surprise him with a big, juicy "no." Tell him you don't have time, you have a lot of work, you are going out, etc. Think up any excuse, just do not run after him immediately when he calls you.

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He certainly did not expect a rejection, so for him, this would be intriguing - how is it possible that he is not your priority and that you don't chase him? Your "no" will deepen his interest because you do not want to see him, and he will begin to chase you again to find out the answer. Male ego doesn't accept rejection; he will become even more persistent to find out the real reason for it. Maybe you have a new boyfriend? Be mysterious, let him "cook" really slowly. According to psychology, what is not easily accessible, attracts us the most, because it is in the human nature to research and discover unknown. He let you go so easy; now, make him chase you, but make it hard for him.

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6. Make him think of you

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If he follows you on social media, there is no chance that he cannot see any of your posts. Also, if you have mutual friends chances are that you are going to be at the same party sooner or later. And if you see each other, just simply smile and walk away. Ignoring can be your ally in making him chase you again. Show off your confidence, your new style, friends, or lifestyle after the breakup. There's already 90% of the chance that he misses you like crazy or he is probably wondering how you're handling the breakup. Work on yourself and show him how confident you are. He will be sorry and feel the need to get in touch with you again and maybe try it all over again.

7. Don't be available all the time

Psychology is trying to answer the question "Why are we chasing inaccessible," but there is still no right answer. The fact is - things and people which are not so easily accessible to us, attract us most. Turn this fact to your advantage - if he can't have you, he'll chase you more. After the breakup, if you show that you still have some feelings for your ex-lover, he won't show any interest in chasing you. 

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However, if he realizes that he can't have you whenever he wants, it will awaken in him the desire to make an effort to seduce you again. Therefore, do not answer every time he calls, nor respond to his messages. For example, get in touch with him every third time. Or, text him back after two days. Do not "jump" every single time he likes your post or photo on social networks. Don't fall into his "trap." Still, you are no longer together, and you have a life after your failed relationship. Am I right? When you get away from him, he'll think that you are better than him, and his ego will be pleased to chase you again and seduce you from the beginning.

8. Don't talk about your relationship

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No matter how painful the breakup was for you, you shouldn't show that you suffer. Either in front of your ex-boyfriend nor mutual friends. If you go around telling everyone, you're sad, and that you'll be lonely forever, you won't achieve anything. Just a bit of compassion and mild words of consolation. 

Psychology says: Do the opposite! Show everyone how tough and self-confident you are, even after the breakup. If you have to, pretend you're perfectly fine. If you are still in touch with some mutual friends, do not avoid them. They will probably call you or ask you out; the role of mates is to give you some comfort and cheer you up. They all think you're sad and desperate. Show them there is no reason for compassion. Be dignified and positive. Talk about everything, but do not mention your ex; this will be a clear sign you moved on. Remember, those people are mutual friends of both. Give them a reason to convince him you're just fine.

9. Use reversed psychology

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Reversed psychology is an effective method which you can use to convince others to say or do whatever you want. The trick is, you should tell them exactly the opposite of what you want. If you apply this technique in a right way, you can influence the opinion of your ex-lover, and make him chase you again. We'll give you a simple example. You meet for the first time after the breakup and, of course, your relationship is an unavoidable topic. Assuming he has initiated this topic, not you, let him speak. If he says something like "maybe we should be friends," you answer him: "yes, I think it's the best." You don't want that, of course, but be tactical. Tell him "I think it's best not to see/contact for a while." He will respect your desire, but not for long. You will see, he'll be the first to initiate contact. If you continue with a game of reversed psychology, your cold-bloodedness will intrigue him, and he'll want to get close to you again.

10. Psychology says: Be a bitch, but just a little

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This is probably the most interesting part of this article. Yes, to make him chase you again you have to play hard to get, even if it means you have to be a bitch sometimes. Guys like that kind of an attitude but do not go over the board. In your past relationship, he was probably used to the fact that you were soft and innocent, and that he could do on his own. Well, not anymore. 

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One of the tips is to ignore your ex-boyfriend in a very subtle way. For example, if he comes to you and starts a conversation, make sure you do not listen to him. While he talks to you, look at the side, wave to someone, or check your phone from time to time. Do everything opposite of what you do when you want to seduce somebody. In the middle of the conversation, stand up and say that you have to go, without additional explanation. Or leave him and start chatting with someone else. Simply, show to your ex-boyfriend he's no longer the center of your world. If you show him that you are still a good girl he left, he won't have a desire to be with you again. Been there, done that. However, when you show him some attitude and a slight lack of interest, it is possible that he'll chase you like never before.

Is it revenge, or you really want him back?

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If you have achieved your goal, i.e., if your former partner is chasing you again, ask yourself - what are your motives for that? Do you actually want him back, or just want some kind of revenge? Do you want him to chase you forever? If you are sure you still have feelings for your ex-lover, and your desire to return him is based on love and wish to be together, then use some of the tricks we have listed. We stand for love, and if you are sure you can succeed, we cross our fingers for that. 

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Whatever the reason for the breakup was, true love always triumphs and we cheer for it. Let him chase you; that won't hurt him. So he will understand what he lost, and he'll appreciate you more. However, female vanity is a big thing. Although by the rule, women should be kind and sweet, they are both able to hurt and revenge so hard. If you want your partner to feel pain and suffer as you suffered after the breakup, this is not the way. Yes, this can be payback time, but there is one thing called karma. Remember, what goes around, comes around.



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