9 Best Interesting Places on Where to Meet Men

Interesting everyday places on where to meet single men

By Linda F.
9 Best Interesting Places on Where to Meet Men

For all the single women out there, meeting your ideal match, one having the same wavelength as you, is like searching for the all elusive four leaf clover. You could look and look for ages and still not come across one.

Online dating sites are great in as much as they widen your horizons and bring more people than you could ever imagine within your reach. However, it is good to take a break time and again and try to look for more face to face or personal encounters.

“But where do I start?” is most probably going to be your next question. Well, read on!

9 Places where you can meet single men offline in real life

These are the places where you’re surely going to up your chances of meeting your Mr. Right.

1. Gym

The gym is a great place to meet guys. This is where you can show how persevering and dedicated you are towards achieving your health goals. Try to visit the gym at the same time every day. If you see someone who catches your eye, try going the same time as when you saw him the first time. If he has a favorite piece of equipment go a bit early and get a spot next to him, which will help you initiate a conversation.

2. Library

If you are a bookworm then finding another one just like you would make your world complete, wouldn’t it? Of course, it would. Register at the library, if you haven’t done so already.

Keep going during different times till you actually see someone potentially interesting. Chances are he will notice you if he frequently keeps seeing you there and all it takes would be a smile or a casual ‘Hello’ from either one of you to initiate a conversation and start a potential relationship.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way of meeting new people with similar interests. There is no dearth of volunteering opportunities if you look around.

It is the best way of giving back to the community and it will bring people with similar thinking, right up to you to chat and interact with. If you keep volunteering regularly for the same cause you will keep meeting the same people time and again. This creates great opportunities to meet up with single men.

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4. Church

Humans as a whole are creatures of habit. We fall easily into them. If you are a member of a church then the church is a great opportunity for meeting new people. Church services are held on fixed dates, venues and times. However, if you’re the type to slink in last and slink out first, this won’t work for you. Places of worship usually draw people in large numbers so if you want to make an impression and be noticed by anyone, you need to show you’re there.

Take care with your appearance which in turn will make you confident. Join in and participate in the groups if you can, becoming a greeter in churches a wonderful way to meet new people. It gives you the opportunity to smile and say “Hello’ to strangers. Put your best forward. Show you are involved and before you know it you will find an opportunity to chat with that special someone.

5. Hobby Classes

We all have a passion. It helps a lot if our life partner shares that same passion or at the very least, supports it. Keeping this fact in your mind at the very onset will help you find a like-minded person.

If you’re passionate about a cause such as the environment then joining an environmental group will go a long way in helping you meet single men with the same passion as you. If you love cooking then joining a cookery class will help you meet someone of a similar mindset too.

6. Dog Parks

Dog parks are great places to meet other dog lovers. If life for you is inconceivable without your favorite four legged friend by your side, then leash up your dog and head to the most popular dog park in the city. Dogs, are the best ice-breakers ever and you should take advantage of that.

7. Your Kids school

This is for the single mums out there who have personally experienced how difficult it is to find a decent man to date. One of the best places you can meet other single dads, is your kid’s school. Join the school PTO and take part in volunteering activities where your chances of meeting them are essentially good.

8. Weddings

Although weddings that you get invited to are few and far between, it is a great place to meet other singles. There is a unique romantic atmosphere to a wedding that makes everyone feel good about themselves. The hopeful and happy young couple instill a feeling of hope in the attendees too.

Your chances if you are a part of the bridal group also multiplies your chances of finding the man of your dreams as you’re so much in the spotlight too. Take advantage of it.

9. Vacations

Just like weddings, vacations are special times too. Everyone is happier, nicer and friendlier than they normally are. The stuff about people meeting the man of their dreams on a vacation can be a reality for you if you put your mind to it.

Say a casual ‘Hi’ to the cute guy you keep meeting up at the dining hall or at the hotels grounds. It is pretty easy to start a conversation as you can always ask them to point out any places of interest they’ve already visited and such.


Things to note when you meet potential dates alone

If you do any of the above, then your chances of finding an interesting guy get pretty good. What do you do once you’ve decided to meet up with them for a casual meet-up? Keep in mind the following:

  • Always meet in a public place.
  • Tell someone where you’re going and share with them the time, venue and detail of the person you’re going to meet.
  • Never dress provocatively.
  • Ask someone to call and check up on you halfway through your meet up time.
  • Trust your instincts. If you’re sensing something is off, then it probably is and you should not stay for longer than you should.
  • Never share your specific home and office address, and other personal details with someone unless you get to know them well.

How to meet single men online

The internet is a great place to meet new guys as it opens out a whole new realm of possibilities before you. You can meet single guys who otherwise you’d never have met on account of geographical distances.

Your best chances would be to register on a single dating website that is authentic and reputable. Read the reviews and go with the highly favored ones even if they cost more than others. It will be worth it. There are many that have apps that you can download on your smart phones. Some even analytically, with mathematical computation, pick out the most compatible profiles for you based on your profile

Some of the more popular ones for women are Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid.

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Searching for the right guy is like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

However, with patience and perseverance and armed with the knowledge of knowing where to look, you will soon meet the man of your dreams. Take heart, it is really just a matter of time.



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