Top 10 Ways to Say Good Morning That Will Make Your Partner Crave You More

Nicknames like honey bunch, babe, sweetie and baby are all great and cute morning greetings for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

By Annabel Crystal
Top 10 Ways to Say Good Morning That Will Make Your Partner Crave You More

Tell your partner, "hey baby," in the morning — It's cute

One way to say good morning that will make your partner crave you more is to simply to roll over and tell them, “hey baby.” Or text message them if you aren't going to see them in person. It’s simple and sweet and cute. Not necessarily creative or funny — but it's perfect & it works. It is also simple and cute enough that your partner will know that you are not necessarily trying to initiate a long conversation, especially in the morning when you are both most likely rushing to get ready and get to work. It’s a way to check in with them and brighten up their day! This could also initiate some very important cuddle time in the morning and help you both focus on one another for just a moment as opposed to worrying about what is about to unfold in your day. Morning time is so special for couples — especially if you have kids because this might be one of the few times you are alone all day and you should make the most of it, even if it's just for a few minutes. If you are a very busy person, and your partner is aware of it, they will appreciate you even more if you simply take 5 minutes out of your day to recognize their presence. They won’t go on throughout their day wondering how the two of you are — status wise.

Tell your partner "morning princess" or "morning handsome"

One creative, different way to say good morning that will make your partner crave you more is to say “morning princess or morning handsome.” Females love to be treated sweetly and using princess is great — no matter how old they are! Even older women love sweet, affectionate nicknames. Since men do not receive as much attention as women in regards to looks — I recommend calling them “handsome,” they will appreciate it. Making men feel appreciated is important because they are usually raised not to tell you they need the reinforcement, but they do. Men secretly crave a lot of attention, so make sure you give it to them. They also might not tell you that they appreciate it, because that is in their nature but do not let this discourage you, continue to do it, and rest assured that they appreciate it. If you pay very close attention you will be able to notice when a man feels like he wants a little bit more of your attention without saying anything — and trust me he won’t say anything — he might look down at dinner, or he might seem frustrated by something. He might have a longing or sad look on his face, but it won’t last long. He will cover it up immediately. You will need to be very intuitive and in touch with your partner to be able to recognize these emotions. Men are hard to read, so pay very close attention. Once he opens up, make sure you give him your utmost attention. Don't discourage him. Otherwise, he will never open up to you again — yikes! Once you make a man feel discouraged or belittled, they will usually never try again with you. They are a little more headstrong this way. Women also love attention, but this is more well-known, which is why a man should not keep it away from her. Men tend to be greedy with their affection, especially if they can tell their woman is down and needs it. Men will keep affection away from women to spite her or to make her feel bad about herself which in turn makes her feel like she can’t do any better than the man she is with. In a way, this is an old-school, traditional tactic to make your woman feel insecure. Women are becoming more and more independent, confident, and empowered lately, so this tactic will not work as much as it used to. So you will need to be more attentive, or she will go somewhere else! Also, this treatment will not benefit your relationship, so regardless of this tradition, you shouldn't want to treat her in a bad way. Helping to encourage her and make her feel secure in herself will make her feel more secure with you, and she will treat you better! The sex will be better, and the connection will be stronger. Women have strong, affectionate powers; so the more you make her feel powerful, the more she can use her power to make you feel good in return.

One cute way to tell your partner "morning, angel"

One romantic way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to say “morning angel” for a male or female. It’s nice to switch up the nicknames for your partner — and one of my favorites is "angel." This one is super cute & romantic as well. The nickname angel signifies someone who watches over you, takes care of you, and protects you. Therefore, when you use this name with your partner, it will reinforce this symbolism and make them feel acknowledged for taking care of you. Symbolically angels are always with you when you are out and about, so this also reflects that you think of your partner throughout the day, every day. Make sure you remind them of this as well every once in a while, so they feel secure in the relationship. Your partner will want to know if you think about them throughout the day or miss them throughout the day. Angels are also symbolically known to be guides and powerful doers — so calling your partner an angel will make them feel this was subconscious.

One cute way to tell your partner "hi mouse" or "hi bear"

One cute, funny, different, creative way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to say “hi mouse (usually for a female) or “hi bear (for a male)”either in person or through text message. This is sweet pillow talk for anyone — no matter gender or age. Everyone loves to feel like they are adored by their partner. Mouse and bear are affectionate because they resonate with a small (for female) or large (for male) creature that symbolizes innocence and cuddliness. This could also make your male or female partner crave you more because you will make them feel more feminine or masculine. If someone feels comfortable in their skin around you, they will feel much closer to you — sexually as well! So it benefits the relationship on multiple levels.

One cute way to tell your partner "hi sweetheart" in the morning

One cute and romantic way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to say “hi sweetheart,” either in person or through text message. This is a basic one that most people probably use, but it’s important because it signifies a connection with your partner that no one else has with them. When you label your partner with these names, it reminds them of who they are to you in your relationship which helps to build a stronger bond. Using the word heart and sweet also signifies how you feel about this person — so even if you are busy and haven't been able to connect with your partner in a long time, or have a long conversation with them, a simple few words can go a long way. If you are busy in the morning — cooking in the kitchen, or with the kids, and have other things on your mind — make sure to take two seconds to acknowledge your partner. That small time will be sufficient enough for your partner, and if they are a good partner, they will feel comfortable with the fact that you are busy and will appreciate the nod to the relationship.

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Tell your partner "hi pumpkin" in the morning

One funny, creative & different way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to say “hi pumpkin”. This is just a for-fun one! A pumpkin in fairy tales is usually represented by something that changes or evolves into something magical. One pumpkin in particular comes from the fairytale Cinderella — it transformed from a pumpkin to a carriage. So it is associated with magical powers and reminds your partner that they are magical to you. This is a cute one because it’s also a little silly and immature and every once in a while you need to remind your partner to have fun and that life isn't so serious all the time. Reminding your partner of magic will also make them think of you as magical! Being magical is another way to say powerful, mysterious, and someone that makes great things happen. Love is a very magical thing, so this one is a great one for relationships.

Tell your partner "morning" while cuddling

One cute and romantic way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to simply say “morning” while caressing their face or giving them morning kisses, or playing with their hair. This is also a great time to initiate morning cuddling. The morning time is very special to couples because it is when you are both at an even level of energy space and could connect the strongest mentally in the morning. In the morning is when your internal vibration is at its lowest and allows you the possibility to use your mind more powerfully. Connecting mentally is sometimes very hard to do — it requires letting go of fear, being open, letting your guard down, and completely relaxing and allowing the other person in. Ideally, you could connect so strong mentally that you could read one another’s minds. You don’t need to speak much in the morning, but simply holding one another and relaxing in this state will help your internal bond grow much stronger. Couples that can connect to one another mentally are usually the strongest. The morning time is a great time to do something unique together as well — like a daily ritual that will help set the tone for the rest of your day — whether that be drinking coffee together, reading the paper together, or cooking breakfast together, even going on a run together. It’s important because it's truly only 30 minutes or an hour of your entire day — you may not see your partner for the next 10 hours in some cases! It’s tough to connect during the night time because at this point you might be both too tired to give one another your utmost attention, so take the time in the morning since you will have more energy. Feel free to use this time to be funny as well. Laughter in the morning is the best!

Tell your partner "hi sugar plum" in the morning

One funny, cute, different, creative way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to say “hi sugar plum” or “honey bunch” either in person or through text message. I like this one because it signifies that your partner is sweet, like sugar and honey, and in return, they feel that you are sweet for saying it. This is also another just-for-fun one; it’s a good way to switch it up. Your partner will also think you are clever and witty each time you bring a new nickname into the mix. You will also be able to gauge which one is their favorite; if they respond more cheerfully to one versus another, then you know which one is their favorite. It is especially special when a man chooses to use these types of nicknames for their woman — because they are less likely to do it. Such a sweet phrase coming from a powerful man can be incredibly charming and endearing. So don’t be afraid to use it! You will not seem less of a man for using these nicknames; if anything, your woman will think you are more of a man for using them and will be even more enamored with you for it. Remember, you can always text them as well if you aren't going to see them in person.

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Tell your partner "hi babyface" in the morning

One romantic way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to say “hi baby face” either in person or through text message. Everyone loves to be complimented — regardless of age or gender. Reminding your partner that they are beautiful in the morning is important because it will remind them that you love them in their most natural state — in the mornings, without hair and makeup on, and you love them for who they are on the inside. The outside is just a bonus! And in general — if you love someone on the inside you find beauty on the outside that no one else sees. And that is extra special. Men will like this one as well, so don’t be afraid to use this on your man. Even the strongest men crave sweetness every once in a while. If you are a very strong woman — this will come off as being very charming from you to your man. This affectionate nickname is a little romantic as well — because it reminds your partner of when you were younger, most likely. And relationships in the beginning stages are always the sweetest, most puppy love type stage. This could also be considered a funny, different & creative way to use a nickname.

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Talk to your partner using nicknames every so often, but not all the time, especially in the morning

One romantic way to say good morning that will make your boyfriend or girlfriend crave you more is to use all of these saying every once in a while — try not to use the same line all the time, but choose a few favorites that you use more often — and space it out! Even text message them once in a while if you don't see them in person! Be spontaneous! If you say the same thing every day, for example, your partner will get used to it and not be as excited by it and would maybe take it for granted over time. So use different nicknames from time to time. But if you say it every few days or even every few weeks, they will look forward to it and appreciate it when you say it. They will consider the few times that you do say those things as very special times and will hang on to the special words longer and most likely for up to an entire week. People hold on to your words a lot longer than you realize — it’s about making memories! If you want to, you could schedule it out on a calendar — your phone calendar or computer calendar — when you call them by a nickname in the morning so that you make sure you don’t forget to do it — especially if it’s not in your nature to do these things. Sometimes you need to push yourself to do something for the happiness of your partner, and in turn, your relationship. Also, scheduling something out on a calendar will help you realize if you feel like you are using nicknames too much or too little. It also depends on your partner. If you have a partner that enjoys a little more attention — then don’t keep it from them. Use all the nicknames you want on them. If you have a partner that is a little more independent, use it once in a while, so they don’t get turned off by it.