20 Ways To Grow Into A Fearless & Mentally Strong Person

Do you want to be a fearless and mentally strong person? Here are 20 ways that you can transform yourself into the person you want to be.

By Rose Elementary
20 Ways To Grow Into A Fearless & Mentally Strong Person

How To Be Fearless And Mentally Strong

The definition of 'mentally strong' is someone who focuses on his or her own mental health and works to enrich him/herself mentally every day. A person who is mentally strong is in tune with his/her own body and thoughts and is able to take a positive outlook in most things in life. Here are 30 how to tips for becoming a fearless and mentally strong person. These you can practice every day to become more emotionally stable, confident and happy.

1. Decide Why You Want To Be Mentally Strong

The first step to being mentally strong is to determine why you want to be more emotionally stable in your life. Take a look at your personal motivations for making a change in your life. You may want to be fearless and mentally strong because you are tired of being the opposite, or because you read an article about being emotionally stable that really interested in you. Whatever your motivations are, identify them and write them down. This way if you slip on your journey to being happy, fearless, and confident, you can always look back on your motivational list to get yourself back on track. Once you know why you want to be mentally strong, it will be easier for you to discover how to achieve this goal. Having a reason for what you are doing, even if it seems small, is a great way to ensure you succeed.

2. Learn How To Maintain Balance

The definition of balance is the even distribution of things. Ideally, you would be able to completely remove the negative from your life and only have to deal with the positive. However, since that is not a possibility, you have to learn how to balance the negative and the positive. First, determine what parts of your life are happy and positive and which are negative. You can do this by creating a list or just visualizing the good and the bad in your life. It is likely that your negative list will be much longer than your positive list. The most important thing is that your list becomes stable. You have to think about a positive for every negative. If you can't come up with one, create one. Change something in your life in a positive way so that you can achieve balance. If your life is not stable, you cannot be mentally strong. Having more positive than negative or more negative than positive puts a strain on you, emotionally. You must learn the definition of balance in order to become an emotionally strong person.

3. Remove Your Emotions From Decision Making

Decisions are difficult enough to make without becoming emotionally invested in the many options. In order to live a fearless and mentally strong life, you must learn how to remove your emotions from your decision making process. When you have to make a decision, try to look at it in more clinical terms. There are many cases when your emotions will cloud your judgment. Become emotionally detached from the situation until you can use your logic to come up with a solution you are confident with. To make a fearless decision is to make one without letting your emotions get in the way. Making a list of logical reasons one way or the other for your decision will help you maintain a stable, non-emotionally charged thought process. When your emotions run wild, your mental stability runs wild with them. By removing your emotions from your decision, you will learn how to make the best decision for you in that situation in a mentally strong way.

4. Learn How to Ask for Help

Many people are afraid to ask for help. However, the definition of mental strength is being able to admit that you do not have all of the answers within yourself. Someone who relies entirely on their own mind and strength to survive will never be mentally strong. You have to learn how to ask for help if you are going to enhance your mental strength and become a stable, happy person. The first step is to accept defeat. If you face a question for which you can't come up with a solution, don't get angry or frustrated. Take a step back and acknowledge that you do not know everything and that you need to ask for help. You can still be a confident, strong person when you learn how to ask for help. The biggest test for a person's emotional stability is their ability to look outside themselves for the answer. Once you have accepted that you need help, you have to ask for you. You can't expect that someone will know you need help and come to your aid. Find someone you trust and ask for their assistance. Once you come up with a solution together, you will feel more stable and at peace, and even more confident. This is a huge factor in how to be mentally strong because too much strain on your own mind can be weakening. Outside help allows your mind to become stronger.

5. Find Out How to Accept Things

On the daily I look in the mirror and see tired eyes, unkempt eyebrows, stretch marks - all things I wish I could change and could find a way to do so. But something I’m trying really hard to do is accept my body for what it is and where I am right now. I strive to be healthy but my mental health struggles when I focus on my appearance and not my overall well being. A goal I had for myself this year was to accept myself more and share that. Listen - I’m starting slow. Sharing my made up and my lookin’ good selfies when I can and my normal mix-matched sock wearing self just as well on my stories. So hi friends / hopefully you’ll see more of my face and join me in my never ending journey of self-acceptance. 💁🏼‍♀️

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In order to be happy, confident, and mentally strong, you have to accept the things over which you have no control. It is not easy to admit that you have no control over something, but you have to do it in order to free your mind of the clutter that prevents you from achieving an emotionally stable lifestyle. When you come upon a situation that you know you can't fix, breathe away the negativity and accept that you are not a miracle worker. The definition of a mentally strong person is someone who knows that they are not completely in control and so they cannot be consumed by the things they cannot change. Learning acceptance will make you more confident in the things you are able to control and happier because you won't always be bogged down with negative thought processes.

6. Focus On Being Mentally Strong Today

A major way be mentally strong is to focus on things one day at a time. You can't think too far into the future or you risk overwhelming yourself emotionally. You won't be fearless in the face of the future, but you can prevent yourself from letting the future be the definition of your life now. Instead, focus on how to be mentally strong now and let that guide your future. Be confident in who you are now. You are allowed to be happy today, so you should be. Do something today that makes you feel confident, happy and mentally strong. Try to spend the day without worrying about whether or not you can continue being fearless tomorrow. You have to take things one day at a time when you are in the process of becoming a mentally strong person, and that means choosing to focus on today rather than tomorrow.

7. Learn How To Practice Kindness

To learn how to practice kindness is to spread your personal happy to those around you. If you are a mean spirited person, your mind will never be clean of guilt, and you will never be the definition of emotionally strong. Practicing kindness is probably one of the easiest ways to become mentally strong. You just have to do good things for the people you encounter. This can be as simple as sharing a smile with a stranger or as complicated as volunteering abroad. However, if you are able to spread kindness, do it. Kindness is a way to help yourself be more stable and confident because you are exerting positivity in the face of negativity. By being a light in the darkness for other people, you free yourself of your own pain and inner demons. Someone who is emotionally unstable will lash out and spread anger or fear. You have to fight that desire by allowing only kindness to leave your soul. Then, you will be a mentally stronger person.

8. Set Mentally Strong Goals

Just like determining your motivation, setting mentally strong goals is an important a step in becoming a stronger person. By creating goals, you are giving yourself set steps to follow in order to better yourself. Goals allow you to monitor your progress so even when you don't feel like you have made improvements, you can look at the goals you have crossed off and see that you really have done well. Some of your goals can come from this list. For example, make it a goal to spread five pieces of kindness every day. Keep track of what you did each day that may have made someone else happy. You can also make it a goal to meditate for thirty minutes each day or to rid your life of one negative thing each day. The goals are your own personal ideas for what you want to do to better your life based on what you know about how to become a mentally strong person. Reaching your goals will make you feel happy and confident and will prove that you have improved your mental strength every day.

9. Make A List Of Things You Want To Change

Making a list of the things you want to change is different than setting goals, though this list will likely be one of your goals. The list of things you want to change should stem from the areas in your life that you feel are impeding on your mental strength. Your list will be personal to your own thoughts and feelings. You may wish to include things like losing weight, ending a damaging relationship, or even your hair color. Anything that you think will make you a happier, stronger person should go on this list. You won't be able to cross everything off all at once, but you can do a few things at a time until your life is exactly how you want it to be. Like with making a list of goals, creating a list of things to change, and then crossing them off, shows progress. The list also gives you an opportunity to remove yourself from your life and look at it from the outside. What things do you want to change? What do you want to stay the same? Using this perspective, you can create a complete list of things about yourself that you want to change in order to become a mentally stronger person.

10. Look At Your Past And Learn How To Move Forward

Hope. For better tomorrow. #keepfaith #keepmovingforward

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The past is the past and you have to learn how to move on from it. You may have made mistakes in the past, but you can learn from those mistakes without repeating them. Focusing on your past takes up too much of your mental capacity and will impede on your ability to move forward as a stronger, fearless individual. Your past happened and you can't pretend it didn't. However, you have to be able to learn from it. You should take a look at the things from your past that you regret or wish you'd done differently and assure yourself that you won't repeat them. Then, let it go. Move on. Take a deep breath, and release the pressure that the past has on you. If you need a physical representation of letting go of the past, try writing down some of these negative experiences that you want to move on from and then burning the pieces of paper, thus ridding yourself of that negativity. By moving on from the past, you are allowing your mind to open up to new and exciting adventures. Clearing your mind of negative past experiences will allow you to move on and be a stronger person.

11. Start A Mentally Strong Journal

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A great way to monitor the progress you have made is to start a mentally strong journal. This can be something fancy that you turn into an intense journaling project or it can be a spiral bound notebook you keep beside your bed. Either way, a journal will help you to become a mentally stronger person. In your journal, you should write out those lists of goals, motivations, and things that you want to change. Everything about your journey to emotional strength should be documented here. Don't just cross out your goals or the things you want to change. Spend a few minutes writing about how you achieved a goal or how you changed something about yourself. You can also write down any negativity that you are facing and how you are going to remove it from your life. Treat this journal like a diary that focuses on your personal mental health and growth. Writing can really help put things in perspective for you and help you keep track of your mental strength journey. This journal will be what you look back on when you feel like you have lost some of your newly gained strength. Even after you feel like you are a fearless, emotionally strong person, you can continue to document your life in the journal so you can see how much progress you made.

12. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a great way to become mentally strong. Not only is it a way for you to get your physical body in shape, but it also helps to expel negativity from your mind. Being active can also give you an alternative to a former negative hobby, thus adding positivity to your life. One of the best exercises for becoming emotionally strong is Yoga. Yoga is the definition of a mentally strong exercise because it focuses on both the body and the mind. There are different poses for different mental stages that you can practice to clear your head. You will also learn to meditate through Yoga, so you will learn how to clear your mind of the negative energy that prevents you from being a mentally strong person. Adding a regular exercise routine to your life will be extremely beneficial both physically and mentally. Mental exercises like Yoga coupled with cardio, strength training, and other forms of exercise will better your mind and your body and allow you to be the mentally strong person you want to be.

13. Read More

No somos islas. Para hacer "que la vida funcione" tenemos que descansar y apoyar. Relacionarnos y responder. Dar y recibir. Confesar y perdonar. Alcanzar, abrazar y confiar...como ninguno de nosotros es un todo, independiente y autosuficiente, capaz de todo, todopoderoso, dejemos de actuar como si lo fueramos todo. La vida es demasiado sola para que juguemos ese papel tan tonto. El juego se ha terminado Vamos a vincularnos. De The Finishing Touch Por Chuck Swindoll 🍃 🍂 #book #entrepeneur #thefinishingtouch #reading #openyourmind #newthings #livingwithpurpose #learning #teaching #livewithoutlimits #beyou #unique #panamá #pty🇵🇦 #latinamerica #worldstar #myself #model #miss #vision #enjoylife #behappy #smilealways #inspiration #bereal

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Books are a mind's escape to other worlds. Books allow us to be anywhere we want, to be anyone we want, and to do the things we wouldn't dare to do in reality. Reading more books will fill your mind with adventure and imagination, positive things to have in your head. If fiction isn't your thing, reading self-help books, general non-fiction, or even how to guides will still give your mind some stimulation. Try to read a new book every week. This will help you to learn new things and travel to new worlds while also replacing negative space in your mind with positive things. Reading is also a distraction from negativity and it gives you time to unwind if you've had a hectic day. If a book a week is too much, try joining a book club that will allow you to have vivid discussions about a monthly book. As long as you read regularly, the amount doesn't matter. Be sure to include what you read and what you thought about the reading in your mental strength journal!

14. Learn How to Do Something New

Like with exercising, learning to do something new has a lot of benefits. It can be a new hobby to take the place of one that impaired your mental health and it can be good for both body and mind. Is there something you have always wanted to learn but have never done it? Do you want to knit a sweater, write a book, climb a mountain, or learn to snowboard? Go out and do it! Read books, take classes, and then actually try the thing you've been putting off. By allowing yourself to do something that has been taking up space in your mind, you are moving it from the ‘what if’ to the ‘done’ part of your brain. When you take this step, you are both making room for new possibilities and providing your brain with a positive experience to remember. If you want to challenge yourself, make this one of your goals. Learn something new every day, week, month, or year. This way you can have a whole new list of hobbies to try when you need mental stimulation, and you will be a mentally stronger person with every new thing you learn.

15. Practice Mentally Strong Self-Talk

It is perfectly okay to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, "You've got this. You're amazing. You're going to have an awesome day." Mentally strong self-talk is important in your journey to mental strength because if you don't believe in yourself, why should anyone else? Mental strength starts from within, and that means telling yourself that you can do it even when you're not totally sure. Mentally strong-self talk doesn't only have to be in the mirror. It's about more than just setting aside time to give yourself compliments. You have to change your inner monologue to a mentally strong one. Every time you think a negative thought about yourself, replace it with a positive one. Eventually, positive thoughts will be the first to come to mind. Changing out you think about yourself will enhance your mental health and it will make you a more confident, happy person.

16. Be Mentally Strong Under Pressure

#WednesdayMotivation from our fave @doctor.mike: 😍❤️ . . . “If you're going to have a focus. Focus on being good to people. Some say goodness attracts positivity, and while I don't necessarily disagree. I think the true value lies in the quelling of negativity.” . . . . . . . #therealmcdreamy #sexiestdoctoralive . . . . . Follow @doctor.mike on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for health, wellness and great lifestyle tips. 😊❤️ . . .. . . . #inspire #success #attitude #thehottestdoctoralive #life #greysanatomy #doctor #mcdreamy #instagood #lifequotes #nyc #mcsteamy #motivate #goals #mancrushmonday #picoftheday #inspirationalquotes #dapper #doctormike #wednesdaywellness #dapper #scrubs #sağlık #salud #旅行 #健康 #건강

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You won't be fearless right away, but over time you will develop the ability to be mentally strong under pressure. This comes from a lot of training, but it is still a step to total mental strength. What it means to be mentally strong under pressure is to remove emotions from decisions in extreme situations and to remain calm even when the situation calls for panic. Take a few deep breaths and look at the situation through clear eyes. What is the best thing you can do? Is there any way you can help? Try to help if you are trained to do so. If not, take orders from whoever is trained to help. Being mentally strong under pressure will help you to save others in scary situations and it will protect you from a complete break down when this type of situation arises.

17. Develop A New Perspective

Sometimes we like to think that the way we see the world is the only way the world can be seen. This is of course wrong, and it is harmful to our mental strength. The only way to be a truly mentally strong person is to acknowledge new perspectives and attempt to see things from someone else's point of view. The best way to do this is during an argument. When you're having a debate with someone, instead of attacking them, try to take a step back and see their perspective on the issue. It doesn't mean you have to change your side, but it does mean that you have to understand how they feel and why they feel it. This can actually make your argument stronger because you can look at specific points of their perspective and counter them with your own thoughts. The important thing is that you allow yourself to see that there are multiple sides to every situation and that you have to see every side in order to be confident in your own beliefs.

18. Practice Honesty

Honesty really is the best - and hardest - policy. Keeping your honest thoughts to yourself is damaging to your mental strength. Allowing yourself to be honest even in touch situations will make you a stronger person. This isn't to say that you should go around telling people they look bad in their shirt and that your boss really needs an attitude check. You should use your own judgment when it comes to letting honesty loose. However, when your friend asks if you borrowed her shirt and you don't want to admit you did? You should be honest. Don't let lying be your first instinct. You should have to think about when to lie rather than when to tell the truth. Fixing your thought process to focus on honesty will make you a stronger person mentally.

19. Allow Yourself To Be Self Aware

We don't always want to be aware of ourselves. It can be scary to look inside of ourselves and see the things we are doing and thinking. However, it is important to understand ourselves in order to be a mentally strong person. Take a deep breath and look inside yourself. What decisions did you make today? Were they good, or do you wish you'd done things differently? Let yourself be aware of what you are doing and the things you are thinking. This mental awareness will give you mental strength you never knew you were missing.

20. Surround Yourself With Mentally Strong People

If you want to be mentally strong and stay mentally strong, you have to surround yourself with mentally strong people. This means cutting people out of your life who could be damaging to your emotionally stable life and people who are not in tune with their own mental strength. Finding people who are mentally strong will help you to always become stronger and continue to better yourself. Leaving behind the people who are holding you back will open many mental doors for you to walk through. Surrounding yourself with mentally strong people is extremely important for your journey and you will find that you are mentally stronger just by spending time with them.

It's Time to Be Mentally Strong

There are many different ways to become a mentally strong person. This list of twenty is a good place to start on your journey to being mentally strong!


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