25 Subtle Body Language Signs That A Guy Is Interested In You

It is not that hard to make out whether a guy is interested in you or not. You just need to follow these signs to determine his feelings for you.

By Sanchari
25 Subtle Body Language Signs That A Guy Is Interested In You

Making sure that the guy is interested

You have seen him staring at you quite a few times now, but when you look at him he looks away again. You are confused about him. You don’t know whether he likes you or not. So, what do you do? You could go up to him and ask him about his feelings directly. But it will be an awkward situation for you if he denies having any feelings. So what's a girl to do? We are here to help you out of this tricky situation. We will let you know how to figure out the feelings of a guy for you. You can look for body language signals as clues or signs to understand whether the guy likes you secretly or not. He will give you subtle hints about his emotions toward you. If you are smart enough you will understand. Don’t be afraid or too worried about the situation. Reading the signs is all you need to do. Here are 25 subtle body language signs to help you understand whether the guy is interested in you secretly.

Signs to know whether guy is interested

Guys are not always upfront about their feelings for you, but they will give you signs to make you understand that they are totally into you. Their body language signs say it all. If you have just started going out or are just friends, then look for these subtle signs to know his true feelings for you. When a guy likes a girl he will give out signs through his body language. For example, whenever a guy is around someone whom he is really interested in, he will always smile at her. Through these signs, you will know that he likes you secretly but he might be afraid of getting rejected so he is not expressing his feelings through words. You will notice that no matter whether he is engaged in a deep conversation with a friend or he is just hanging around, if you are passing by or if you are around the corner then he will be all smiles for you. You can check for these signs with the guy you think is interested in you secretly. Sometimes, guys hold back their thoughts due to the fear of rejection, but their body language will give you all the signs you need to prove that he is into you completely. If you are also interested in him, then you can make him feel comfortable and also give out signs to make him understand that you like him back. It will make his job easier and he will be able to confess his emotions to you confidently.

1. Look at the guy's eyebrows

This is not something that he will do consciously, but generally, we tend to raise our eyebrows when we listen to something very interesting or to someone whom we are interested in. If you see that every time he is talking to you his eyebrows are raised, then this is one of the good signs. By raising our eyebrows, we actually try to keep our eyes open while looking at something or someone we like. It is a natural process and your guy will do that if he is interested in you. This is one of the most crucial signs.

2. Eye contact proves he is interested

If he is interested, a guy will always have an eye on you whenever you are around. Sometimes the guy will look away when you catch him staring at you, but then at times, he will maintain eye contact. If he is smiling at you while locking eyes with you, then it is a clear sign that he is really interested in you. Guys always love to maintain eye contact with the girl of their choice, so the next time if you see him looking at you secretly or making eye contact with you directly, you will know he likes you.

3. Speaking a bit louder

It’s nothing like he will start shouting or screaming to get your attention in a crowd. The guy will simply raise his voice a little so that his voice reaches you clearly and you notice him. By speaking a bit louder, he is trying to outdo all other noise and attract your attention. He is not afraid of how others will react because he is only interested in what you think about him.

4. Head held high

If a guy is interested in you, then he will not slouch in front of you. Rather, he will always stand or sit straight with his head level. This is one of the body language signs that show that he is really happy that you are around. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to reciprocate his feelings or you want to go down a different path.

5. The guy will mimic you

When a guy is interested in a girl, but he is not sure about the girl’s feelings towards him, then most likely he will not approach her because he is afraid of rejection. He will instead start mirroring her. If she is smiling, then he will mimic her smile. If she is sitting with her head on her palm, then he will also do the same. He is actually trying to get a girl's attention and in this way, he is letting the girl know that he is interested in her. Otherwise, why would he take the time to randomly mirror someone on purpose! Think about it girl.

Body language signs of guys

Most guys want to make the first move, but sometimes they are so scared of rejection that they become conflicted about whether they should make the first move or not. It is not like they are not interested or don’t want to commit; they just want to make sure that when they make the first move they'll get a positive response. So, they prefer sending out signs through body language to make their chosen girl aware of their feelings. If you are also interested in the guy, then you should also understand his body language signs and give him the confidence to make the first move. In case you are not sure that you'rere reading the guy's body language correctly, here are 5 more body language signs to help you out.

6. The guy will feel jealous

This is a surefire trick to play on the guy you feel is interested in you. You can start talking about a guy whom you have met and started liking. He will just frown or stop talking. He might also try to make you feel jealous by talking about other girls. If the guy is doing any of these things, then you can be sure about his feelings for you. This is a tried and tested formula and has worked for many who wanted to know if a guy likes them. It will surely work for you as well.

7. Hyperactive when you are around

You must have noticed by now that whenever you are around this particular guy he starts exaggerating his gestures, either moving his hands too much while talking or he is cracking all sorts of silly jokes. If he is doing that, then girl, he surely likes you a lot. If he wasn’t interested in you, then he wouldn’t have bothered to grab your attention.

8. His friends would know

If he is interested in you, he definitely would have shared this piece of information with his friends. You can easily figure out whether his friends know something about you or not. When you are around, have you seen his friends acting strangely? They may be smiling at you and then looking at him, or nudging him then making weird facial expressions in your presence. It might look strange, but if you see something happening like this then it is because he has shared his feelings for you with them and they are teasing him about it.

9. Giving his best shot

Whenever he sees you, if he is sucking his tummy in, his chest is sticking out, and he is standing tall, then it is because he likes you and wants to be at his best in front of you. He will only do that when he is truly interested in a girl.

10. The guy never turns away

When a guy likes you, he will focus on you completely and will never turn his back on you when you are around. The only time he'll turn his back on you is when he'll have to reluctantly leaving.

An interested guy will give signs

It's true that if a guy is actually interested in a girl, then he will start sending out signs secretly and, at times, even open up to the girl. If the girl starts reciprocating his feelings, then he'll feel more confident to approach the girl. Body language signs are the safest way to make a girl understand the feelings of a guy. Some signs can be sent knowingly and some signs are given out by the guys unconsciously. For example, if a guy likes the girl he is speaking to, then his pupils will dilate significantly. It happens unknowingly but naturally. If the girl can understand the message through his eyes are sending, then the job of the guy becomes much easier. But, at times, it is fun to explore the body language of the guy who is interested in you. It is like teasing them and making them work hard to get your attention while you enjoy all the attention he is showering on you. You can either make the first move and let the guy know that you have also fallen for him, or you can play the game of hide and seek for some time.

11. The guy will show interest on his face

It is natural to produce extra saliva when you are with someone whom you are attracted to. So, if your guy is licking his lip (obviously in a cute manner) or biting his lip around you, then you can take it as a good sign that he likes you.

12. Taking notice of your features

Sometimes it can be quite awkward to look into someone's eyes constantly, so if the guy is interested in you then he will focus on your face in general while conversing. He will be hooked onto your features while talking to you.

13. Leaning forward – a sign of an interested guy

Even when he can hear you perfectly well in a quiet place, he will still prefer leaning toward you while you are speaking, if he is at all interested in you. Take a note of this sign when you speak to some guy to know whether he is interested in you!

14. Physical contact is a definite sign

When a guy is interested in someone and has been sending out body language signs for a long time now, he can then move on to the next stage of signs. He will start making light physical contact while talking to you. He might tuck your hair behind your ears or touch your knees slightly while sitting next to you. If he is wearing a cute smile while doing this, then he is giving out definite signs of his interest. You can take it from there.

15. Signs of an interested guy - his hair

Playing with one's hair is a sign that is generally associated with girls, but it can be a guy thing too. If a guy is interested in someone, then he will either run his hand through his hair to smoothen it or just mess it up to look cool.

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Other signs that show a guy is interested

It is not that easy to suppress your thoughts, more so when you are interested in someone. Sometimes, the guy would love to hold the girl he likes in his arms but is not able to do so because he hasn’t confessed his feelings yet. So, what he does is that he starts brushing his fingers against yours or asking you to give him a high five even when it is not required. He might hold your hand in the guise of a handshake and won’t let go of it unless you ask him to do so. All these signs are a clear indicator that he likes you a lot, but at the same time, he is afraid to share his feelings with you. If you are secretly enjoying his jealous face when you are talking to some other guy, or you just like watching his body language towards you, it's time to step it up. You need to also give out signs to make him understand that you are equally interested in him.

16. Barging into a group

You are talking to a group of people and all of a sudden, you notice that a guy has barged in there and joined in the conversation. If he is interested in you, then he will not miss out on any opportunity to know you better.

17. Steering you away from other guys

He will come out of nowhere when you are talking to some other guy, interrupt the conversation, and take you away from that guy. The guy cannot stand it when he sees that his girl is giving attention to other guys as well.

18. Stroking his face

He will keep on stroking his face to get your attention. This happens subconsciously. He might start fingering his jaw-line or touching his lips. He wants to attract your attention towards his features.

19. Not making eye contact

This generally happens when he has started having feelings for you. He may have just started taking a liking to you, but he doesn’t want you to know right away. So, he would be staring at you, but when you look at him he will look away from you.

20. Rowdy nature takes a back seat

A guy wants to be on his best behavior when he is around the girl he likes. So, if he is acting rowdy with his friends, then you see him mellowing down when you get past him, he definitely likes you. He doesn’t want you to be turned off by his behavior and this is a sure sign of his feelings for you.

Last 5 signs of guy interested in you

When a guy likes someone he will try to make her understand that he cares for her. So, you will have to keep your eyes open to look for the following signs.

21. Protective nature of the guy

A guy would love to protect the girl he likes. If both of you are walking in a crowded place you will notice him guiding your way through the crowd without making it obvious. You will surely fall for him when he does that for you.

22. Hard to say goodbye

Even after saying goodbye he won’t move an inch. He just wants to continue the conversation. Do you still need any other sign to know that this guy is interested in you!?

23. Apologizing – a sign of an interested guy

When guys apologize for small things thinking that it might have hurt you, it is a sign that he is interested in you. He is genuinely worried about you and wants to keep you happy all the time.

24. Relaxed when you touch him

A guy will be relaxed when you touch him if he is interested in you. If he shies away, then it is not a good sign.

25. His feet angle tells a story

If his feet are pointed towards you, then it is a proven fact he is taking interest in you. It’s a sign that you can take notice of especially while talking to him in a group setting.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, after going through this article you will be able to make out whether a guy is interested in you through deciphering body language signs. Once you understand his feelings for you, what you do after that is entirely your call. If you are ready to commit, then go ahead and let him know. However, if you aren’t sure whether you are ready to be in a relationship, then you can take your time. In most cases, you will see that guys are not that expressive when it comes to emotions, but you can see their feelings through various body language signs.