10 Smart Dating Rules All Women Should Follow

When it comes to dating, no one knows everything. Women tend to be more vulnerable than men. You need to be conversant with certain rules. Find out more here.

By Dagmar Thomson
10 Smart Dating Rules All Women Should Follow

10 Smart Dating Rules All Women Should Follow

Most women who are dating want to be treated the way they deserve by a man. However, women make the same mistakes every now and then. They continuously find men who never step up to treat them right. This has everything to do with how women approach dating. Dating for women who are in their 30’s and 40’s is different from the women who are in their 20’s. They are intelligent and they have their lives all figured out. Despite being much older and experienced, when it comes to dating, they have a tendency to disregard some important rules of dating. These women end up being heartbroken repeatedly. You should know that when you are dating nowadays, the dating rules are complicated. Women are confused as the women and men’s role are unclear. Therefore, you should follow your own instincts while considering these 10 smart dating rules.

1. Give Yourself a Break from Dating

When you have been in multiple broken relationships, it is normal to feel disappointed and in no mood to enjoy dating. Being in such a situation, you should give yourself a break. When you are disappointed with your dating life, this negative energy will repel potential men away from you. Feeling sorry for yourself will not solve your problems. Therefore, give yourself a break from dating. You will be able to reflect on your personal life, why your relationships are not successful, and how you should change them. You need to relax and enjoy your time alone. Call upon the law of attraction and with your positive energy, you will be prepared to start dating again. If you do not feel confident to date again, you need to fake it until you feel it. Women who ooze confidence love life, and they hardly complain about themselves. This is among the rules in dating. You should consider it.

2. Never Compare Yourself to Others

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You should avoid comparing yourself to other women. You have your own path to follow in life just like others. Your path involves your own experiences; problems you face, what to learn, and how to grow from your own mistakes is all personal. Other women may have love paths that are complicated and full of mistrust while yours may be more direct but full of problems. Either way, both destinations lead to relationships. Therefore, make sure you remain true to yourself. If things do not work out in your relationships, then you should believe it is for the greater good. Enquiring for dating tips from your close friends can be a good idea. Ask some of your closest friends for advice about love relationships and what to do and what rules you should consider. However, you do not have to follow their tips and rules about dating. This is your choice to make.

3. Women Should Set the Rules

There are men who push women into intimacy after a short period of their meeting. In such a case, you should insist on being wooed. You will be able to know if he is looking for a fling or he is interested in knowing you better. You should limit physical intimacy since women become too emotionally attached to see clearly. However, men see this in a different perspective. Let your new mate know you are setting the pace and standards of your dating. When intimacy is involved in the relationship too quickly, you tend to invest too much too soon. Your new man will not respect you. Men love a challenge, but this is not to say they like being teased by a woman. If you follow this rule, then it will bring you the chance of having a lifetime commitment. On the other hand, if the man is against you setting the pace and standards of the relationship, then you should dump him. Avoid wasting your time with men who cannot respect your principles. You are an intelligent woman who should stick to her rules and principles.

4. Be Selective On Whom You Are Dating

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Avoid going out with just any man who wants to start dating you. Every woman should have a preference list of the ideal man. For example, a kind, sympathetic, loving, caring, and intelligent man should be ideal. You should therefore not settle for less. Any man that is dating you should make you his first priority. He should commit to his promises to you; he should always tell you the truth, call you in time, have time to see you, and treat you as you deserve. A man who treats you badly does not deserve you. He sees you when it is convenient for him and he always has excuses not to meet up. This man exhibits questionable behavior and you should dump him. If your closest friends advise you against seeing this man, then you should consider their suggestions very seriously. Being selective will always give you best dating skills.

5. Listen to Your Instincts

When you are dating, never overanalyze every detail. This will make it hard for you to enjoy dating since you will pay more attention to the details rather than your date. Allow your body to relax and enjoy the moment. If you feel relaxed and you are having fun with your date, then this is an indication that you both have a connection. Therefore, make suggestions to move forward and formalize your relationship. If you overanalyze your date during dating time, you will become self-conscious. This will make your body feel tense and your muscles will become tight. You will keep worrying about what he thinks of you. This will make it impossible for you to build a connection. If you want to commit to your relationship, avoid making hasty decisions or following your friend’s hasty suggestions. Let your instincts guide you. This is among the dating rules that will never fail you. Avoid relying too much on your friend’s advice and suggestions when it comes to the matters of the heart. However, it is wise to consider what they have to say.

6. Always Maintain Your Options Open

When you are dating a man you like, do not presume your romantic relationship is exclusive. Always keep your options open since things can take an opposite turn anytime. One way you can achieve this is by ensuring your online dating profile is up. Women tend to initiate the commitment talk with a man they have just met a week ago. Most men perceive this as an act of desperation to be in a relationship. Avoid falling into this category by playing smart. Instead, change the dating rules and let your newfound love initiate the commitment talk first. However, before you agree, you have to determine if the man is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Just like he is evaluating you, ensure you do the same. If the man is interested in you, then he will hold on to you. If things do not work out between you two, then you have other options to consider for continuing dating. You should only close your options when your relationship becomes serious.

7. Get Feedback

If you have been dating for quite some time and all your relationships end before they begin, then you should seek advice. Swallow your pride and ask for suggestions from any of the men you had previously dated on how to improve your dating skills. As a tryout, you can ask the most recent man you were dating for his opinion. Let him know you only require the truth from him. Ask him for his advice on improving yourself. If you decide to get feedback, be open to hearing the blunt truth about yourself. Get determined to better yourself. You can research further if you want to know more about your misdemeanor. Reach out to other men you dated a while back. Remember, you hold the control to create the experience you want in your dating life.

8. Open Up Gracefully and With Clarity

It is always good to let your man know what you want in a relationship. Most men are attracted to women who share truthfully and with grace what they require in the relationship. Being upfront with the truth enables a man to know you are not too attached to have the outcomes of the relationship immediately. Let your man know that he has to change otherwise you will not settle for less. This is not about giving your man an ultimatum or threats. You will be making it clear about your future intentions and he has a choice to make that you will respect. Only a mature man will know he is dealing with a mature, serious, and intelligent woman. This will make him respect you for being honest and truthful. Your man will be emotionally attracted to you and he will do anything to win your trust. Having stated your rules, your self-confidence will rise too.

9. Avoid Rushing

When you have an intense connection with a guy, it is normal for the man to withdraw. In such a situation, you should step back and become vulnerable. This will give your man an opportunity to step forward and be your knight in the shining armor. You should let go of the need to be in control of the relationship all the time. This will give your guy an opportunity to call and make plans with you. He will recover from the intense connection with you and will reach out to you. If the man disappears on you, then this man is not worth your time. On the other hand, he may be having his own problems that he is unable to recover emotionally. Either way, do not let him derail you.

10. Use the 80/20 Rule

Mostly women who want a serious commitment use the 80/20 rule. Most women who are dating usually fall prey to what a man says, which you want to hear. A man who tells you things but behaves and acts differently is a questionable man. When you listen to a man who constantly lies to you, then you should dump him immediately. Taking such a man’s word at face value will only bring you misery and more heartbreak. Follow your instincts and let his actions tell you his true nature. Use the 80/20 rules to evaluate your man. If he is 80-percent talk but 20 percent action, then this man is not worth your time. Ensure you use the 80/20 rule to have a fruitful dating experience and to find a keeper. Luckily, you have the control to create the dating experience you want. Exercising these dating tips will make you feel empowered about your dating. Men will be attracted to you since they will find you happy and confident. If you follow these tips, then you will have a successful dating experience.


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