40 Signs That She's Done With You And Doesn't Love You Anymore

You've got every reason to think she doesn't love you anymore if she's manifesting all or some of the 40 signs discussed in this piece.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
40 Signs That She's Done With You And Doesn't Love You Anymore

When She Doesn't Love You Anymore: How It Feels

Whether she's just a girlfriend or a wife, when she stops loving you, life can become somewhat miserable. Even the inanimate things in your house can sense that things are falling apart. You'll see many signs showing that you're no longer reigning in her heart and this may make you feel dejected and forsaken. Usually, the feelings you get when she doesn't love you anymore cannot be effectively described with words; only someone who has experienced it can tell. Be that as it may, one needs to state that women don't just stop loving their significant other overnight; in most cases, it's a progressive thing. And before they eventually call it quits with you, the chances are that they would have displayed signs after signs to notify you as it were that they are no longer in love with you as before. So, as a man, if you're able to pick up these signs early enough, you might be able to do something about your relationship, so it doesn't hit a dead end. As opined by many relationship experts and which is true, love is not the only thing you need to lead a successful relationship or marriage; several things can rubbish the love between partners if they are not present in a relationship. Some of these things include commitment, sacrifice, finance and hard work. They and other things make love worthwhile in any relationship. If you're going to imbibe these qualities, the signs soon to be rolled out would only help straighten your relationship and not necessarily mean love is over. So, here are the signs she may be done with you and doesn't love you anymore.

1. Prime Signs Is She Not Caring Anymore

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Caring for their man and perhaps children is an innate attribute of the female folks. Only a few men (if any) can surpass women in showing care to those that matter to them. When in love with a man, a woman literally puts aside her own needs while looking after those of her partner's. She wants to be sure everything is okay with you. But at that point when she has started losing interest in your relationship, this care is withdrawn, and she no longer feels concerned about what becomes of you. If you like, you can stay away from home for centuries; she doesn't just care anymore. You can read this clearly on her countenance that she's lost interest in you.

2. She Puts An End To Complimenting You As Part Of The Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

It is love that makes a woman see the best in a man. When love is no longer there, it doesn't matter how much effort you make to impress her; you are no better than a common man on the street before her anymore. Before, you don't have to do anything out of this world to earn her accolades; she easily submits that you are handsome, brilliant, hardworking, and perhaps dependable but now that she's fast losing interest in you, it becomes impossible for her to see you as she once did.

3. Communication Becomes Flawed When She Doesn't Love You Anymore

She has no reason staying awake at midnight just to "discuss an issue with you" neither does she even wants to be talked to. Rather than your voice bringing succor to her as it once used to be, it now appears like her condition becomes worse each time you attempt to reach to her. And like you may already know, any relationship where communication is flawed is bound to fail. You don't get to know how she feels and this itself is a recipe for disaster. However, you need to know that apart from not loving you anymore, other factors too can make her talk less with you. She may be emotionally troubled, but the absence of communication in addition to the other signs here is a confirmation she's losing interest in you.

4. Among The Signs Is She Not Making Efforts To Make Things Work

Of course, she can see that things aren't working in your relationship as before, but as part of the signs she's no longer interested, she'll not make any effort to do anything about it. You remember when she used to call you so you could settle any difference between you then? It's because of the interest she had in you. Now, you can fall apart, and it doesn't mean anything to her anymore.

5. In Addition To Other Signs, She Now Takes Unilateral Decisions

Unlike before where she must always check everything she wants to do with you, now that she's losing interest in the relationship, she'll no longer consult you. It doesn't matter to her anymore whether you are okay with her choices or not; once she feels comfortable with them, she goes after them without making any recourse to seek your thoughts or input about it.

6. No More Gratitude For Your Good Gestures

Before now that she starts losing interest in you, everything you do for her no matter how big or small deserves her "thank you." She'll often hug or kiss you for even playing your role in the home. However, to establish that your love in her heart is fast becoming a past thing, even, if you conquer the whole world for her, she's not going to be appreciative of it. In fact, she might even accuse you of playing to the gallery.

7. Except You Initiate A Conversation, She Won't

In most relationships, girls are usually the initiator of conversation. Of course, during the wooing period, you'll do more of the talking, but as soon as you both start going steady, you'll discover you are no match for her in initiating conversations. So, it might be safe to conclude that she doesn't love you anymore if you're the one doing most of the talking lately and she's not going to bother initiating one. How long this behavior is taking would help you to conclude well. If it's just because of a personal problem, it shouldn't take more than two weeks at most. And she'll be willing to reveal what the issue is. So, if she's not willing to communicate with you and you're the one making an effort to initiate a conversation all of the time, you can be sure she doesn't love you anymore.

8. You're No Longer The Special One

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All the courtesies and preferences she used to give you will now cease to flow if she doesn't love you anymore. It can hit you so hard that you'll be wondering if there's anything about you has changed to warrant such disdain. The same woman that used to serve your food like a king, now asks you to check the kitchen if you're hungry. She doesn't consider you as worthy of her sacrifice anymore. To such extent, she is only probably going to remember you exist only after she has satisfied herself and perhaps, there's a leftover.

9. Giving And Receiving Of Attention Stops

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Attention is a great telltale of love. When a woman loves a man, she will give him her rapt attention, and she's willing to listen to almost anything he has to say. This attitude can continue into a marriage where love is holding sway. Your wife would pay attention to every detail of your discussion. She equally would desire you give her attention too. But if she's done with you, it is immaterial if you give her attention or not; she doesn’t even need your attention anymore. As part of the manifestation of this sign, she may be fixated on her phone or tablet while you're speaking to her or she may simply look the other way. When this keeps happening in your relationship for a while, you have every reason to think she doesn't love you anymore.

10. Physical Intimacy Would Decline As Part Of The Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

Keeping other factors constant, intimacy and love in any relationship are proportionally related. This means that if everything is working out well, the greater the love between couples, the more physically intimate they become. Is she snuggling up to you lately as she once used to do? What about holding hands with you in public and the hugs she once used to be generous with, how regular are these things of late? Is your sex life as regular as before? If your response to all these questions is No, you have every reason to think she doesn't love you anymore.

11. When She Doesn't Love You Anymore, You Disagree Too Often

Disagreement between couples is a normal thing, and unless it has assumed a higher dimension like the one we'll mention here, it may not be valid to use it as a yardstick for her not loving you anymore. But as it is, if disagreeing with you over issues seems to have now become her hobby, it's a great call for concern. It is usually the absence of love that makes partners hypersensitive to each other's errors. As such, they disagree now and then. So, watch out for this in her; if you always have scores to settle, it may be that there is no love lost between you both.

12. Little Things Set Her On The Edge With You

It's normal to get angry especially when we have been deeply hurt or lightly esteemed. Anger is also a natural response to unfortunate incidences or disappointments that often befall us in life. However, when she picks anger on what you're doubly sure doesn't worth it, it can be a great indicator that she's done with you. No one is saying love between partners mean they won't be angry, but it becomes suspicious when it's a baseless thing. It is particularly common with girls who are exhausted or fed up in their relationship with their guy.

13. Undue Comparison Is Among The Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

No one enjoys being compared to another person especially if such comparison is to show a weakness of some sorts in one. Love is not necessarily a partner being perfect; it's about being accepted for who one is. As it goes, your woman doesn't love you anymore if her eyes are filled with admiration for another man's exploits, and she compliments them to make you feel you aren't doing enough. She also associates every challenge you have to your ineptitude. To a woman that doesn't love you anymore, you are the reason for every challenge that comes your way.

14. As Part Of The Signs, You Don't See Regularly Anymore

This is common among dating couples. When the girl is no longer interested in the relationship, any reason becomes a reason not to see the guy as often as before. In fact, she'll become so occupied that seeing her may involve booking an appointment with her a week earlier. That's a girl that comes to your house to play with you before; she has now become a scarce commodity to put it so. That's a subtle way of avoiding people without making them feel too sad. You should be smart to notice this trend in your girl so you can straighten things up where necessary.

15. She Chooses Her Girlfriend Over You

A girl that is still in love knows how to prioritize relationships, so one does not feel brushed aside. Where she has stopped loving you, her girlfriend becomes a cover up for all sorts of avoidance. You ask her for a date, and she reminds you of plans with her friends. She gets home at late hours and gives a party or meeting with her friends as the reason. You may need to be concerned that your girl is losing interest in you.

16. She Now Places More Emphasis On Her Hobbies Or Career Than You

If she doesn't enjoy hanging around with friends, a girl that has fallen out of love with you can build a love for her career or hobbies. If you're married, you can probably relate to this well. Her career can sometimes demand a lot of commitment from us that if care is not taken, we may lose contact with our partners while trying to meet her expectations. However, even in the face of a tight schedule, a wife that still loves will leave behind enough pieces of evidence that she cares for you; she wouldn't concentrate interminably at her career or hobby and cast you aside.

17. She Becomes Less Interested In Sex

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Men and women have different definitions or perception of sex. Most females take sex as a means of giving and receiving love to and from their partners respectively. So, if a woman is always prepared for an excuse or the other to refuse her husband access to her body, she's refusing more than the sexual advance; she's more than likely done with the man himself.

18. No More Romance Is Part of The Signs She's Done With You

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By definition, romance represents the expression of the emotional connectedness between partners in a relationship: cuddling, kissing, hugging, and other forms of sexually stimulating acts. Partners who are deeply in love do a lot of this often; whether in public or private, most wouldn't mind hugging or kissing each other. So, where she has stopped doing all these things with you, you may not be wrong to submit that she doesn't love you anymore. The idea here is to compare her disposition to all these things before now to see if there is a marked difference.

19. She Doesn't Love You Anymore, If She Starts Giving Short Responses

You can almost detect if a girl has fallen out of love with you by the way she responds to your inquiries from her. If she has stopped loving you, you'll start receiving a monosyllabic answer to an inquiry that could have easily led to a discussion if it were to be before. For instance, you ask her how her day went, and she just responds "Fine" with nothing more. You should be concerned that something is wrong. Again, the one thing here is to know how she responds to questions like this before compared to now. In most situations, saying less than required is a girl's way of saying she's losing interest in a guy.

20. She Rarely Responds To Your Calls And Texts

As opposed to previous times when she used to respond to your texts almost immediately she receives them on her phone, she now delays responding for some hours if not days. Sometimes, she may not even reply your text at all. The same applies to phone calls; if she is losing interest in you, the frequency would reduce and sometimes when you call her, she may not even answer. This would continue for a while unless something is done about the issue or the relationship eventually collapses.

21. She Is No Longer Jealous

You recall those days when you dare not tell her a girl held your hands while you were returning from lectures because you know she'll become angry because of it? Those were the good old days when your love was still burning in her heart. Now that she has stopped loving you, even if she sees you romancing a girl before her, she's rather going to excuse you so you both can have a nice time; she is not deterred anymore. This is a very serious signal to watch out for because the lack of jealousy from a girl you're in a relationship with shows you're no longer connected.

22. She Now Forgets Your Important Dates

It is not like girls, in general, to forget important days and events, not especially those of a guy they care for and love. While you, the celebrant might have even forgotten your birthday, anniversary and the likes, the girl that loves you would keep them close to her heart. But if she's done with you and doesn't love you anymore, she may consciously release herself from putting all these dates and events in her mind. As such, your birthday would pass and not a wish would come from her.

23. Her Interest In What You Care For Drops

If she has stopped loving you, she may not care about your career or hobby anymore. Unlike before when she's always talking about them and asking you how far you have gone, now, even if you voluntarily tell her of the progress you are making in your pursuit, she's not going to be interested. That's because her interest in your career was because of the love she has for you. Now that she no longer loves you, why should she continue to support your dreams?

24. She Now Comes Home Anytime

Unlike before when she's always eager to see you and would do everything to get home early enough, now that she doesn't love you anymore, she also does not come home early anymore. Of course, she'll ask herself what she's coming home to do, after all, she already lost interest in you. It's like a student that has lost interest in learning; one may start playing truancy. In this case, she cannot outrightly avoid her home, but she can arrive home at a time that is uncharacteristic of her.

25. She Doesn't Notice Changes Like Before

When she was still madly in love with you, she could notice how fast your hair is growing and how slim or chubby you're becoming. In fact, there are so many things about you that she doesn't know or notice anymore. Now, where she has kissed love bye, a big change has to take place before she notices it. In fact, she may even ignore such behavior; however obvious it is.

26. She Brings Out Your Differences

By definition, your differences are the things you don't share in common. All partners have some principles or traits that they have in common and those that separate them. A relationship that would stand would be that in which the things that bring partners together by far surpass the things that separate them. Where love dwells, none of them resides on their differences. But on the other hand, where love is no longer at the center of a partner's heart, the emphasis is now placed on the things that separate them rather than those things that connect them. For example, she now points your attention to your snoring or looks to other issues that were not there before.

27. You Are No Longer Part Of Her Future Plans

Most girls have plans on what they want to achieve in the future. In most cases, before they arrive at this their plan, they put the love of their lives into consideration. Take, for instance; a girl can decide she'll be getting married soon after graduation because she loves you; now that she's probably losing interest, she's not even considering anything with such deep commitment.

28. She's No Longer Keen On Looking Good For You

Perhaps we should define "looking good" here for better clarity. It implies the conscious attempt she used to make to improve her overall appearance so you would be wowed and enticed. She does not just make attempts to look good for self-esteem alone but most importantly, because she loves you. Recall she's always asking you what hairstyle she should make and what clothing she should wear? That's because the motivating factor (love) was still there. Now that she doesn't love you anymore, it simply makes no sense for her to continue pleasing you.

29. If She Doesn't Love You Anymore, She Will Start Flirting With Other Men

It's also good to define flirting here, so you know how it relates to a girl not loving you anymore. Every exciting and sexually stimulating act constitutes flirting. Now, you get the gist? Do you think a girl that is still in love with you would be this involved with another guy? The answer is obvious.

30. From Flirting, She Starts Cheating On You

At the height of your wife or girlfriend not loving you anymore is her cheating on you. No other explanation can account for cheating other than a damaged love. Thank your lucky stars if you can detect this in time because as it is, the other love interest can connive with your girl to get rid of you if the affair continues.

31. She Has Becomes Secretive

Gone are those times when you could access her phones and computers without going through the hurdles of supplying passwords; that probably was when she was in love with you and considered you as part of herself. Now that she doesn't love you anymore, she'll start having secrets that she considers you unworthy of knowing. If she knows you have her password to her phone or PC, she'll change them straightaway to restrict your access.

32. Her Attitude Towards Your Family Becomes Cold

There is a way the feelings the female folks have for their male partners extending to his family members. When she is still in love with you, you are not the only one to feel it; even your parents and siblings feel her love too. However, if the reverse is the case, she'll extend her disconnection to them too. If she's not feeling obligated to you again, why should she be to your family members? So, check this out when you're beginning to suspect she is losing interest in you

33. She Wants To Pull Out Of A Joint Venture

This is prominent in marriages where love no longer reigns. In a simple definition, a joint venture is a business that you and your female partner co-own or something you two have been planning for a long period - a vacation, plans, etc. Originally, the plan may have been that it should forever have the two of you as its owner, but now that she doesn't love you anymore, she may be pushing that the asset should be shared. Or she cancels all the plans for the future.

34. She Talks About You In An Unhealthy Manner To Her Friends

Unfortunately, one of the things that happen when a woman has stopped loving you is to start speaking badly about you to her friends. Before, she'll defend you in public if and when issues that can damage your personality are raised. But now that she is losing interest (or should we say has lost interest?), she may even be the one to first begin such defamatory discussions about you in public.

35. If She Doesn't Love You Anymore, She'll Stop Accepting Your Gifts

Most times when a lady accepts a man's gift, she's accepting more than the item; it's also a sign she recognizes the man too. When she has stopped accepting your gifts particularly those you know she would ordinarily have jumped at, you've got every reason to think she might be done with you.

36. She's Mostly Unhappy When Around You

Being unhappy or looking gloomy is a natural response of most girls to unpalatable events or relationships. When they don't like you, all their body will communicate so. So, have you noticed she becomes unnecessarily quiet when you're around her lately? That may be an indication she's no longer into you especially if it is uncharacteristic of her. You would have to watch this attitude for a while before arriving at your conclusions though because several other things apart from she not loving you anymore too can warrant this kind of behavior.

37. She Craves Being Alone

If she's done with you, she would rather be alone than be with you. Although loneliness is something most females hate, they'll prefer it to being with a man they've lost interest in.

38. If She Has Stopped Loving You, She'll Abandon Her Roles At Home

In every marriage, women play critical roles in making sure things keep going well. Their definition or description as homemakers is by no means an accident. However, this crucial role of theirs is only possible in the atmosphere of love. Where a woman has said bye to you in her heart, several things would lie unfixed in your home, and you can feel it.

39. Part Of The Signs Is She Keeping A Distance With You

Here is a girl who used to be all over you at a time; now, she avoids you like the plague. She reduces the number of times you see in a day and where she knows you can meet, she'll rather avoid going to such places.

40. She No Longer Needs Your Help

When a girl you're in a relationship with starts turning down your offer to help her with a chore, you are not unreasonable to think she might not love you anymore. Where your love is still in her heart, even if you don't offer to help her, she is going to ask that you should do so because she knows that by so doing, she's winning your commitment to her.


There you have the signs a girl may have stopped loving you. As noted throughout the points, some are not absolute as they are signs that could as well point to psychological or emotional trauma in a lady. Nonetheless, if the issue is not about you, you would know, and you can take necessary steps to help her. But where she has refused to communicate with you on what the matter is, there's no other definition or interpretation you can give to her action than she does not love you anymore. Suffice to say is the fact that love cannot be bought or sold; in the heart of its definition lies this fact. If you have tried time after time and she still doesn't want to continue with you, better let her be, as she closed her heart to you.



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