Signs To Know If He Wants A Relationship

Guys want to be with girls for different reasons. Therefore, knowing whether he wants to be a relationship with you or not is crucial. Here is how:

By Auntrone89
Signs To Know If He Wants A Relationship

Does he want a relationship or not?

When it comes to men, we all are like an open book. From our body language, women can clearly tell whether we are interested in dating them or not if they are careful enough of course. That said, there are some typical signs that a woman could use to tell whether a male wants to be more than friends. Without further ado, here are some signs that might indicate that he does want to be in a relationship with you:

1. If he wants a relationship, he will keep in touch

When it comes to a man wanting to be with a woman, they show different signs depending on who they are. Some might show some and others might not. For instance, you might here a girl asking another girl this question: “He wants to kiss me; does it mean that he does want to be in a relationship with me?” The answer to that isn’t clear because it goes both ways. But signs such as keeping in touch through calls, texting, tagging in funny memes or sending smoke signs her way (especially if you are from a village in Africa like myself), it might show that he is interested in you. Why? Because guys don’t keep in touch with women who they don’t want to be with — period. Even if a girl happens to be his best friend, a man will always pick the girl he is interested in over the one he calls a best friend. So, every time you go to the river to fetch water and you see a smoke signal, you might want to start preparing yourself for some rigorous courtship rituals.

2. He wants a relationship if he is always making time for you

If he makes time for you, even at odd hours especially if you need him, it might be a strong indicator that he wants to be more than friends. Men were created to be protective of women and more so when it comes to those that we want to be in a relationship with. They will always come up with plans for the future and will always include you in it, which makes it more or less special. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt if you took your time and tried to see just how many guys have been dying to spend time with you. If you do so, you might just find prince charming whom you had unknowingly locked up somewhere in the friend zone because you were busy mistaking his availability for just being a good friend.

3. Being patient is a good sign that he wants a relationship

Another one of the very important signs that he wants a relationship is if he is patient. He sure wants to be more than friends if he doesn’t rush into making love or moving in with you. The latter might be so because he wants you to go at your own pace even though he is ready to go on one knee and propose the next second. Being patient also shows that he sees your value and respects your boundaries as well as your decisions. So, the next time your closest girlfriend asks you “why doesn’t he kiss me?”, remind her that he is waiting for the right moment because he values you.

4. He trusts you because you have values he likes

Instead of asking the annoying “why did he not kiss me?” questions, appreciate the fact that he trusts you. Ladies, this is one of the most important values to look out for especially if he is looking to be more than friends. He knows that you have some amazing qualities and would love to see you spend the rest of your life with him. So, whenever he calls you and you don’t pick up, he won’t start overthinking like some needy guys trying to find out whether or not you are cheating. They always think highly of you and will never sweat the small stuff because they know you have value and that is why they want to be in a relationship with you.

5.He introduces you to key people in his life relationship

Another one of the very significant signs that he wants to be in a long-term relationship with you is when he takes times to introduce you to people that matter to him the most. And when he does so, you will most certainly feel the warmth that you receive because chances are that your good qualities have definitely preceded you. And unlike the sneaky ones, he wouldn’t budge whenever you telling him to “kiss me” in public which is what they look forward to. If he wasn’t serious about you, then he will proceed with playing a lot of games, including keeping you a secret.

6. He is your knight and shining armor

When you are having issues, the guy who is eager to be in a relationship with you will always be there for you. When you have a problem that needs fixing, be it a broken sink or you just need someone that you can’t vent and they sit there, quietly listening to every word you say, then they will most certainly be here for you at the end of the day. More often than not, he will sense that you are in need of assistance and needless to say, will be there at your service. The latter is one of the many, sure signs that he wants to be in a relationship with you. If he didn’t want to be around you, he will always come up with excuses as to why he won’t be available. But he won’t do that. More often than not, he will do all in his power to ensure that everything turns out perfectly for you, even at his own expense.

7. Keeps you in the loop about his future plans

So, the guy who is really into you has plans of leaving his job, relocate to Switzerland to become a goat. Guess who will be the first person to hear the news, as crazy and as stupid as it is – it will be you! If a man sees you as a potential life partner, he will always run things by you almost subliminally. It will be as though he wants you to know that he cares and that you are very important to him. More often than not, he will be doing this because he wants to you to be part of it or help with the decision making. If he doesn’t care, well, you’ll only find out when you see his photos on Facebook gracing with the Switzerland goats and wonder what’s up.

8. He will make you his Rihanna

No, not the real Rihanna if you know what I mean. If a guy really wants you to be his better half, he will make you feel like you are the only girl in the world, just like that song by Rihanna. He will spend less time with other guys and make sure that you feel special by putting you on a pedestal. One thing about guys is that we don’t just wake up and put anyone on the pedestal unless they mean something to us. So, if you notice this quality about your man, then the best thing for you to do will be to show appreciation if you are interested. You can also return the favor by not making him jealous when it comes to the other guys so that the both of you can become stronger with time.

9. He will always be ready to be with you

If a guy really wants to be with you, you won’t have to worry about receiving the “can I think about it” speech. The moment you suggest, or he suggests and you say yes, it’s a done deal. One thing about men is that we always know what we want and aren’t afraid to go for it. Even if we are afraid of commitments and then meet up with the girl that makes our hearts go gaga, then we will commit and figure things out as we go. And the good part about this entire thing is that we don’t even need to ask for anything because the writing is already written on the wall. You will know everything about it once the time is tight and from there, you can make your decision as quickly as possible.

10. He might want you if he pays extra attention to you

When a guy notices things about you including the minutest of changes, then chances are that he wants to be more than friends. Why is this the case? Because for generations, men have always been known for their notoriously low attention span especially when it comes to things they have zero interest in. So, if he notices that your hair has been differently coiffured, or that you changed your nail police or you lost some weight or vice versa, chances are that he clearly wants you all for himself. The same also happens when he can’t help but shower you with compliments over and over again. Complementing someone shows that you not only noticed their effort but that you appreciate it. So, if this happens to be the case with that one guy that has been eyeing you, maybe it’s about time that you had a sit-down and talk about having a future or none at all.

Parting short

Women are always smart and are way better at picking up body language than men. That said, it would, therefore, be a very simple thing for them to note all of the above signs that make a sounding conclusion. Once you have done so, it would be a good idea for you to come clean about where you see the relationship going. If you are into the guy, the best thing that you can ever do is telling him upfront and move forward without wasting his time as well as yours. The same should be the case if you aren’t feeling the same way. Always tell him so that you don’t end up making them hate you for wasting your time. Remember to be as polite as possible when telling him that you don’t feel the same way because, well, bruised egos are the cause of many a bad blood. And since we don’t want that, always make sure that you let your crush down as gently as possible and he will respect you for that. You can always look for other smart ways to tell apart from the above and live a life where you are making the right decisions including being with a man that you both have mutual feelings for each other.



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