Long Distance Relationship Stories That Will Inspire You

Are you trying to cope with a long distance relationship? Read this insight into a few long distance relationship stories that will inspire you.

By Dagmar Thomson
Long Distance Relationship Stories That Will Inspire You

Long Distance Relationship Stories That Will Inspire You

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Couples who are in a long-distance relationship face many challenges. Many couples do not end up being together after spending months or years apart. You will experience much joy when you are close to your loved one. You will be able to do many memorable activities together and will experience the joy that comes with being in love. As couples living together, you will be able to relish the physical contact, gaze into each other’s eyes, as well as enjoy each other’s presence. Most of the long-distance relationships weaken with time due to lack of each other’s presence. However, some couples become stronger in a long-distance relationship. They can develop consistency and individual strength. A long-distance relationship story comes with its own share of good things such as inner strength, trust, respect, good communication skills to mention the least. Long- distance couples develop personal strength, and they can learn how to commit even when things turn out to be difficult in their relationship. They can overcome all obstacles in their relationship hence, emerging stronger than before. If you are struggling much in your long-distance relationship, here are some real stories for some of the couples who have made it in their long-distance relationships. Perhaps, one true relationship story will inspire you, and you will realize how lucky you are to have someone who loves you unconditionally.

The Long Distance Relationship of Izabella from Montreal

Izabella’s long distance relationship story is a true story that will inspire you. Izabella tells her story how she met her husband while she was on a flight to Yerevan, Armenia. She was on her way to visit her extended family. Coincidentally, her husband was traveling from Switzerland to Armenia on the very same flight. Initially, Izabella’s husband was to visit Armenia three days before, but he lost his passport. Therefore, he took the subsequent flight, which happened to be the same flight with hers. The two lovebirds sat next to each, and they had time to be acquainted. Izabella spent a year apart from her newfound love. However, the couple was fortunate to spend six months together. They are currently married, but they still live apart. Her husband works in Switzerland, and Izabella lives in Armenia. The couple is in the process of completing the immigration process. The couple has learned how to keep in touch amidst the long-distance. Their story inspires many who are in a similar situation. Such a long-distance relationship requires a lot of communication and trust to become successful. Her story inspires many who do not believe that long-distance relationship cannot work.

The Long Distance Story of Breanna from Orillia

This long-distance successful relationship story is about Breanna and her husband, Jamie. Breanna met her now husband ten and a half years ago on an online dating platform called MySpace. The two hit off immediately. They communicated when they had a chance. Their constant communication turned into a long- distance relationship. They made sure to keep in touch on a daily basis. Breanna’s husband lived in England while she lived in Orillia. She went to visit him for a year in England after three months in their relationship. After she came back, her husband took a work permit for a year to live with her too. After spending the two years together, they ended up practicing long-distance relationship for several years. They eventually got married, but before that, they took time off from work to travel all over the world before getting married. They are now undergoing the immigration process. The couple has a newborn baby girl who they both adore. Their long-distance relationship became successful due to excellent communication and personal strength. Their relationship story has a happy ending.

The Long-Distance Relationship Story of Carla and Her Husband

This story encourages all those women married to military men. Carla and her husband have kept their long-distance relationship tight. Carla narrates in her love story how she first met her husband when they were on deployment in Cold Lake. They later saw each other again in Alberta. They kept seeing each other whenever they were deployed. This opportunity gave Carla and her husband to become acquainted. The two lovebirds had been married for over ten years, and they have two children. Their work makes it tough to be together all the time, but they manage it just fine. Their relationship story is inspiring, and it has become quite successful. They have managed to overcome obstacles by keeping in touch with each other often by the use of email, love letters, care packages, and quick phone calls. Carla has gotten used to the long-distance relationship. The long-distance between them makes their relationship stronger each time they meet.

The Love Relationship of Alison and Morgan

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Alison’s long-distance relationship began when she was in her final year at University. Alison met her husband through a mutual ally. Her husband Morgan was doing an exchange program. They started dating after their first encounter and this continued for three months. After three months, Morgan went back to the UK. The couple was left with no other choice than to maintain their love relationship in a long-distance manner. They did it for three and a half years. Both of them had not anticipated how challenging it would be to be far from each other. However, their relationship story became successful by keeping in touch often. Alison and Morgan got married eventually, and they are undergoing immigration process to enable them to live together. They have endured a lot, and it was worth the long wait. Alison’s relationship story motivates the broken hearts and soul who are in a long-distance relationship that there is hope.

Gabrielle’s Long Distance Relationship Story

Gabrielle is from a French-Canadian ancestry, while her husband is a Moroccan Muslim. The two met online. The relationship story started on a mutual friendly basis. However, this changed after several years of online chatting. Gabrielle made the first move to visit her Moroccan boyfriend in Morocco. Her family and friends were against her going to Morocco. However, she did not listen to them. Gabrielle decided to follow her heart, and it never failed her. Her long-distance relationship story turned out to be successful because of her leap of faith. Her true story will inspire many who are in similar situation. The duo is happily married, and they are trying to have their first-born.

Maricel Facebook Request

Most people do not believe Facebook romance is possible. Well, Maricel true love long-distance story tells otherwise. Maricel is a Facebook user who met her husband from Canada in a game that was featured on Facebook named Flirtable. The two started chatting in 2008, and many phone calls followed after that. The more they chatted online, the more they fell in love with each other. After four months of online chatting, her husband decided to visit her in the Philippines. Their love grew stronger in person, and they spent three weeks together exploring the Philippine. The duo practiced long-distance relationship until they got married. Right now, Maricel celebrates ten years of successful marriage with her Canadian husband. Her true story inspires many hearts and souls. At times, it takes a leap of faith to get your most significant achievement. Her story seems impossible since she met her husband online; this does not mean that you cannot have a true love relationship story as well.

Amanda's Long Distance Relationship Story

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Amanda’s long-distance relationship true story inspires many who think that online dating is not possible. Amanda went for a vacation in Nicaragua. It was during this time that she met her boyfriend from Norway. In her story, Amanda tells her story how they spent several days together at surf camp. However, she had to go back to work in Calgary. Amanda started chatting a lot with her newfound love on Facebook. Three months later the two met in Cuba for a date. They have been planning their dates over long-distance, and so far, they have successfully maintained their long-distance relationship. Amanda and her boyfriend are still going strong, and their future looks promising together.

Jasmine from Canada

Jasmine and her husband, met while they were studying at the University of Glasgow in 2014. Her husband is Brazilian, and she is a Canadian. Their long-distance relationship blossomed over the few months they spent together at the University. When the exchange program ended, Jasmine flew back home. The couples spent seven months while online chatting. In her story, she narrates how she finally arranged to visit him in Brazil. After that, they visited each other after every six to seven months. Their relationship story over long-distance inspires many since the couples got married in 2016 and they are living together now. They were able to conquer many obstacles together.

Megan and Mike’s Love Relationship

Megan true love relationship story over a long-distance began when she went traveling to Tanzania in Africa. The couple had climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Afterward, a mutual traveler introduced them to each other. Megan narrates her story how she and Mike spent that evening talking and this was the beginning of their long-distance relationship. Megan was from Australia and Mike is an American native. The couple parted ways after a few days in Tanzania. They exchanged their contacts and promised to keep in touch. Megan and Mike spent 18 months on long-distance while chatting online, emails, and love letters. Mike would further buy her boxes of chocolates and roses over a long-distance. He would order them to be delivered to her house. The couple did their best to keep the romance alive by communicating more and being romantic through online chats. Mike and Megan are now happily married, and they are living together. Megan believes that long-distance relationship is possible only if both parties are willing to make it work. There are many negative emotions while couples are in a long-distance relationship. The best way to get rid of negativity is to communicate and establish trust and respect for each other. Her relationship story is very touching. Her long-distance relationship story encourages all those couples who do not believe in long-distance relationships.

Susan and Scott’s Relationship

Susan has been married to Scott for 13 years now. The couples have three children, and they are happily married. Susan and her husband maintain a long-distance relationship to date. Scott works in the military. Hence, he keeps on being deployed. The couples have learned how to maintain their long-distance relationship, and their love grows stronger each time Scott comes home. The long-distance couples write to each other love letters. They also have quick phone calls a few times in a week. With the long-distance between them, Susan has created her own life. She has learned to become independent, and she does not rely on Scott completely. Experiencing the long-distance relationship for many years has made Susan strong. She has never regretted her choice of getting married to Scott despite the long-distance.

Tia and Josh Story

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After Tia moved on from her previous relationship, she started living her life in solitude. She tells her story how she met Josh when she was least expecting it in Los Angeles. The two became friends, and the friendship grew into romance. Her long-distance relationship story began when she had to move away from Los Angeles to Chicago because of her work. The couple spent two years on a long-distance relationship. They communicated more on the phone and did a lot of skyping. They would occasionally meet in Los Angeles. After two years, Tia shifted back to Los Angeles, and their relationship was back in order. Tia believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. She considers herself lucky to have met Josh. Her long-distance relationship story was successful because they were both willing parties.

John and Cathy

John and Cathy met in Wales. John had gone for business in wales from America. They became fast friends. Their relationship story did not stop even after John went back to America. They kept online chatting and video talking all the time. Their long-distance relationship blossomed over the years, and they became romantically involved. The long-distance couples started meeting in London or Melbourne at times. Their long-distance relationship story continued for a few years. Eventually, John and Cathy decided to live together in Melbourne in 2014. Their long-distance relationship paid off after a few years being apart. It takes two to tango. John and Cathy were in love with each other, and they made sure their long-distance relationship was successful. Their long-distance relationship story touches many souls. The long-distance does not matter, what matters most is how strong your love is.

Mark and Melinda

Melinda and Mark’s long-distance relationship story is a moving one. The two of them started on casual friendly terms in 2006. They were both married at the time. Melinda and Mark first met at a National Tournament chess play for an elementary school. Both their sons were chess players in the tournament. The parents were acquainted with each other while they were waiting for their sons to finish playing. A few years later, while Melinda and Mark were undergoing a divorce, they reconnected again on Facebook. Melinda explains in her story how their conversation became intense as they became familiar with each other. They met again in 2013 during a school tournament. This time around a love relationship began. They have maintained a long-distance relationship for over four years. They have learned to communicate and trust each other. During the four years of their long-distance relationship, Melinda has had numerous trust issues, but they were able to resolve them. It takes personal strength, trust, respect and a lot of good communication to be in a successful long-distance relationship.

Rose from New York City

Rose and Ryan's long-distance story began on a friendly basis. Rose and her boyfriend decided to have a long-distance relationship after years of being friends. They had met ten years earlier while in college. Rose lives in New York City, while her boyfriend lives in Los Angeles. The long-distance couples have maintained their long-distance relationship story for over a year. The two communicate regularly and they video chat often. Rose and Ryan have learned to trust each other despite the long-distance. Their relationship grows stronger every time they meet. Their relationship story is an inspiring one to all those who are in a similar situation.

Margaux and Yoel

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Margaux and Yoel long- distance relationship began when they first met in Israel. Margaux lived in Canada and Yoel was from Paris. They had a strong connection, and before her flight back to Canada, they exchanged contacts. Margaux narrates in her story how they started often communicating over a long-distance, and after a few weeks, they decided to meet. They met in Barcelona, Spain, Paris, and France. Their long-distance relationship grew stronger the more they met. They were committed to making their long-distance relationship story successful. The first time Margaux met her now husband, she knew she had found her life partner. She believes in a true love story.

Kelly and Marcus

Kelly and Marcus are celebrating four years of long-distance relationship. They live miles apart from each other, and they have been able to maintain their long-distance relationship for long. Kelly is an international house sitter while Marcus is based in London. Kelly travels all over the world to housesit. Due to their work, they hardly have time for each other. Kelly explains in her story how they keep in touch by communicating through Facebook, Skype, and love letters. The long-distance couples also visit each other often to maintain their romance. Her husband would at times join her in housesitting. The duos are not yet married, and their future seems to be based on a long-distance relationship.


To maintain a long-distance relationship is challenging. For the relationship story to work, both parties should be willing to make it work. Being in a long-distance relationship, you have to trust, respect and communicate with your significant other. You both have to become flexible with your schedule to meet up often. A long-distance relationship can be good for the soul at times.



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