30 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

Every little girl dreams of the day they will get married and they don’t take the matter lightly. We plan all the details, right down to the wedding cake topper. We dream of what we will wear, what our cake will look like and what kind of flowers we will hold. We imagine our father’s walking us down the aisle as the wedding march plays and our friends and family look on. When we are little, we may wonder who we will marry and what they will be like, but it isn’t until we’ve grown up a little that we start to really give thought to who that person will be. Will they be kind? Will they be handsome? Will they be our high school sweetheart? After growing up even more, still, we begin to hope for the person we marry. We hope that they are kind. We hope that they are respectful. We hope that they are honest and funny. We hope that they become someone we can call our best friend, and grow old with. Here are 30 reasons why marrying your best friend will bring you both happiness in your future together.

By Katie Jenison
30 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

30. If you marry your best friend, they will remember what foods you hate

One of the perks about marrying your best friend is that they always remember which foods you love and which foods you can’t stand. They won’t order a veggie lover’s pizza with green olives because they know you don’t like them. On the flipside, they’ll also remember your favorite foods so you can always count on them to order you an extra side of pickles with your burger and fries.

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29. They remember the things you have allergies to

You’re best will always remember what you’re allergic to and you can trust them to make sure you avoid contact with as many allergens as possible. If they can’t help you avoid an allergen, such as pollen, they will do their very best to make you feel better

28. They know what you are thinking without you having to say anything

Marrying your best friend will ensure that they always understand what you are trying to say, without you actually having to say it. This could be understanding a certain look from all the way across the room, or even guessing the title of a movie from a simple hand gesture. One thing is for sure, the two of you probably rock at charades!

27. You are able to reminisce on the “good ol' days” together

Sometimes, marrying your best friend means the two of you have been together for a long time. Some might think that means things get boring but the two of you will disagree. Knowing each other for a long period of time just means that you have made more memories together. You’ll be able to look back on them and laugh with each other.

26. You can be gross in front of each other

Remember that book, Everyone Poops? Well, they’re not wrong! A benefit of marrying your best friend is that you can be gross in front of each other and not have to be embarrassed about it. Rather than feeling ashamed about that fart you’ve been trying to hold in until they’ve left the room, the two of you can just laugh it off. Sure, everyone has their limits but as best friends, you’ll both know what those limits are.

25. They will let you vent when you need to complain

Every once in awhile, you have a rough day that requires copious amounts of wine and a vent session. Marrying your best friend ensure that you will always have someone listen to you go on and on for twenty minutes about that coworker from hell. They won’t even have to say anything because they know you just need to get it all out of your system.

24. You’ll always have someone to make you laugh

When you’re all done raving like a lunatic, your best friend will be there to make you laugh. Before you know it, you’ll have mostly forgotten about whatever it was that upset you in the first place and you will be able to relax with your partner.

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23. When you marry your best friend, you always find ways to have fun

Having fun together is expected when you are married to your best friend. The two of you could be stranded on the side of the road in the pouring rain but you’ll find a way to make it fun. When most people would be miserable, the two of you make the best of a less than desirable situation and jump in puddles or dance in the rain.

22. You don’t mind spending a weekend at home because you’re together

After a long week, sometimes you just want to spend the weekend at home. Your best friend doesn’t mind staying in for the weekend and relaxing together. As a bonus, your partner probably doesn’t even mind if you spend the weekend makeup free and in your pajamas as long as the two of you are together.

21. They ease your anxiety

A lot of people deal with anxiety but not everyone has someone in their life that can help them take control of it. When you marry your best friend, they will understand what your anxiety entails and they will know how to help you through it. Just knowing you have someone who will help you work through it, can ease that burden.

20. You feel comfortable around one another

Even married people aren’t 100% comfortable around their partner at all times but if you marry someone who is your best friend, you are more likely to be. Don’t take that relationship lightly, because life is a lot easier when you can just be yourself.

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19. Marry your best friend because they won’t care if you get fat

It is said that people often let themselves go when after they get married. Whether that is true or not, your partner won’t care what you look like because they love you for you.

18. But if you do get fat, they’ll probably get fat with you

Just like they love everything about you, you feel the exact same way. So, if you both start gaining weight, neither of you is going to put the other down. However, you can always count on each other to be the other’s motivator so if one of you decides it’s time to get into shape, they’ll be with you every step of the way.

17. They will do random little things to surprise you

Your best friend loves to see you smile, so don’t be surprised when they surprise you in little ways. Surprising you at work with lunch from your favorite restaurant or tickets to your favorite band are worth the effort to them, as long as you’re happy.

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16. Your best friend will take care of you when you are sick

A best friend does not take their duties lightly when you are sick. They go above and beyond to help you get well again. Whether it be running to the pharmacy to pick up cold medicine or making you chicken noodle soup, they will be by your side until you’re back to normal.

15. They will encourage you to try new things

People get stuck in a rut, every once in awhile. We like things that are familiar and when it comes to stepping outside of our comfort zone, we can be a little hesitant. Marry your best friend and you can guarantee that they will be there to encourage you to try the things that frighten you. No matter how daunting the activity may seem, you can rely on them to help you through it.

14. They take it lightly when you say you need alone time

Your best friend understands when you need some time to yourself to decompress. You don’t have to worry about offending them or making them feel insecure when you say you feel like taking some time to yourself. They’ll always be there when you’re ready to spend all your time together again.

13. They won’t lie to you to spare your feelings

People tend to omit things that they feel could hurt their partner’s feelings. Marry your best friend and you won’t have to worry about them keeping things from you. They will do their best to deliver the news as gently as possible but they understand that you have a right to know what is going on and they don’t want you to be left out of the loop.

12. You don’t have to worry about feeling judged for your decisions

You best friend isn’t going to make you feel bad for thinking or doing something they don’t agree with. Even though you don’t see eye to eye, they’re going to support you no matter what.

11. You share friends

When you marry someone that is your best friend, you often have the same friends. This is great because you everyone gets along and you don’t have to worry about how two groups of friends are going to mesh with one another. Your best friend also understands wanting to spend time with your friends, without them and vice versus. They'll always encourage girl time!

10. They make an effort to be part of your family

These days, relationships can be complicated because your significant other may not like spending time with your family, or even like them at all. Your best friend will make sure that they spend as much time with your family as possible (no matter how weird they can be) because they think of them as an extension of you. Plus, how else would they get to see all those embarrassing baby pictures?


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9. They will stick up for you when you’re being treated unfairly

Your best friend’s goal is to protect you so if someone is treating you unkindly, your best friend will now handle that lightly. They won’t have a problem sticking up for you or your rights. Marry your best friend and you will always have someone in your corner, ready to tag into the fight when necessary.

8. Your best friend understands you

When people get married, it generally means that they understand their partner on a deeper level and have taken the time to get to know them. If you marry your best friend, you both have a deep knowledge about how the other person lives. You understand each other’s wants, needs, and desires. You also understand the reason they behave the way that they do. If you marry your best friend, they'll grant you the luxury of knowing when you need time to yourself to do the things you enjoy, such as reading or soaking in a hot bubble bath.

7. They give the best advice

Because your best friend knows you so well, they are able to offer up the best advice. Whatever suggestions they have are going to be tailored to what they know about you. If they know you aren’t an outgoing person, they will help you figure out how to handle that wedding party dance your cousin sprung on you at the last minute.

6. You can sit in silence with each other and just be

One of the nicest feelings in the world is being able to sit quietly with another human being and not feel like you need to fill the silence. Best friends feel comfortable relaxing with each other and don’t try to fill the quiet with awkward small talk.

5. They won’t get jealous when you talk to other people

You best friend trusts you to not cheat on them, so they don’t get jealous when you are talking to other people. You never have to prepare yourself for an impending argument with your partner because they know that they have no reason to be worried.

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4. They will be there for you in your time of crisis

Life has a way of hitting curveballs in our direction when we least expect it. When that happens, we need someone on our side to help us navigate the mess and get our lives back on track. Your best friend is going to be that someone for you. They will be there to pick you up when you fall, no matter how many times it happens.

3. They will be your biggest cheerleader

Your best friend will be your biggest supporter and you can always rely on them to give you a pep talk or motivational speech. They’ll be there for all your big events, offering words of encouragement. When you accomplish great things, they will be the first one to offer you a pat on the back.

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2. They make you a priority

Your best friend will have your back at all times and they be there for you without hesitation. They prioritize your needs with their own and they think of you as a teammate, so you never have to worry about feeling taken for granted.

1. You trust each other

Trusting one another in a marriage is key. Without trust, what do you really have? By pledging your love to your best friend, you are both committing to a life of total trust and security. Neither will be willing to jeopardize the wonderful relationship you have together.

Marrying your best friend is the way to go

While marrying your best friend will ensure total happiness, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Marriage is still a commitment and hard work. That being said, the best part about marrying your best friend is that you both love and respect each other enough to put in the effort required to make your marriage successful.

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