Win His Heart: How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Found your special someone and are you trying to win over his heart? Here are a few ways you can tell your guy you like him and win over his heart.

By Janani
Win His Heart: How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Win Over Your Guy's Heart

Expressing your feelings for your loved one is complicated. The fear of being rejected and getting hurt makes it hard for you to express. This is the scary and also the fun part of being in love. Feeling nervous and those throbbing heartbeats when he is around you are all those romantic feelings in the initial stags of being in love. But when you tell him how you feel, all those feelings will slowly fade away. It is because your first touches and first kisses can never always be the same. You will get used to your guy being around you eventually and telling him your love will be easy. But those initial stages are always worthwhile. So, enjoy while it lasts. Here are a few ways you can win over your guy's heart and tell him that you like him.

1. Use your Body Language to tell him You Like Him

Eyes are powerful communicators when it comes to expressing your love. Checking him out when he is not looking at you, prolonged stares and looking away when he notices will give him the message that you like him. Being all angled towards him even when he is at a distance, smiling a lot around him all these will secretly tell him that you like him. Observe very careful how he reacts so you will know if he likes you back.

2. Share your Common Interests

The best way to win your guy's heart is by sharing your mutual interests. Talk to him about your childhood passion, hobbies if you have the same one. Talking about your interests over text are always good conversation starters. Having same interests might send your guy a message that you have a lot in common with each other and that is a good sign. It might help you to get closer.

3. Be Supportive to tell your guy You like Him

Guy's are easy to impress, just be supportive at all times. Whenever you feel your guy is broke or down, make sure you are there for him. Encourage him when he truly is lost make sure you bring out your guy's best side. Be the supportive person you have always wanted your guy to be. It is a sure way to tell him that you like your guy. Notice his behavior towards you to know for sure whether he likes you or not.

4. Tell Him Sorry when you are Wrong

It is not easy to apologize when you are wrong. Only when you truly value your relationship more than your ego it gets a little simpler. So, saying sorry gets easier only when it is for the people you actually like. By telling your guy that you are sorry you are telling him that you like him. It is a great way to win over your guy's heart. Observe how he reacts when you tell him you are sorry, it is a great way to know if he likes you. He might feel special when you apologize, so he might go bragging to all his friends about what happened.

5. Respect His Personal Space

Never be too much available but respect that even your guy needs some time alone. Don't go around clinging around him he might never learn to respect that. But give him his space; when you like someone, it is really important to value their time as well. So make sure you don't indulge into his affairs and make him dread you. Acknowledging the fact that your guy needs some time for his friends and family and that he has a life of his own will make him understand that you like him.

6. Compliment Him to tell Your Guy You Like Him

Make sure to shower him with a lot of compliments. Everybody loves to be appreciated so does your guy. Appreciate him for his looks, for his career growth, or simply for how awesome he is. Make sure that you acknowledge your guy for being truly incredible. Let your guy know that you like him just by the way you compliment him. Never overdo it, as he might easily figure it out. Never fake a compliment be genuine whenever you compliment him. If you feel a little shy to compliment him when he is around his friends you can send it over text. Even if it is a text, you can easily tell it is going to make his day when you appreciate him.

7. Surprise with Gifts

To win over your guy's heart it is important to know what he really cares about, his important dates and stuff like that. You need to make him feel special and treasured by showering him with gifts, even if it is for a silly reason. This clearly sends a message to your guy that you like him. Now, to save some future embarrassment notice how he reacts when you gift him and how your guy treasures your gifts. If he does value them simply because it was your gift chances are your guy likes you.

8. Flirt with Him

Flirting with him is the easiest way to tell your guy that you like him. Try to flirt with him even if he is with his friends and wait to notice if he picks the message that you like him. As we all know, guys are really bad with picking up signals even though when they are truly obvious. So, it is your job to take extra care and be a little more obvious by flirting even through text. Don't overdo it, as it might scare your guy away. Never miss to notice how he reacts, obviously, he is also going to flirt back but is there any depth to it that is what you need to observe. This will tell you if he likes you back.

9. Initiate Conversations With Him

When you like your guy, you need to keep his attention all to yourself, at least when he is around you. You can try and start a conversation with your guy, like his favorite music, sport, celebrity and so on. Communication is the basis for all relationships, so you need to know about your guy. These friendly conversations will help you to learn more about him and might make you like him even more. This is one way to tell him that you like him and win his heart.

10. Be a Great Listener

Your guy might want to be heard, so when you show up and be a great listener for him, it is going to impress him. Don't just be a listener but be an active listener and remember all his stories even though if they are really boring ones. You need to tell him secretly that you are there for him. Even when you are texting make sure all his long never-ending stories are valued and also acknowledge the small details that he mentioned. This will tell him that you like him.

11. Hug Him

To tell a guy that you like him means it needs to get a little physical. Guys are little dull and not very good at with picking between the lines. So, this will send him a pretty clear message that you like him. Hug him when he is depressed or sad to make him feel better, or simply hug him because you want to, your guy is never going to say NO to that. This will clearly tell him that you like him and who knows you might win over his heart.

12. Be a Bit Jealous

Be a little jealous and tell him that you like him. Jealousy never creeps into relationships unless there is a little bit of love in it. So, act a little jealous, tell him that it makes uncomfortable for you when he is around other girls. This should tell him that you like him. Observe his behavior when you act jealous; if he seems to console you, then chances are he likes you back.

13. Compromise to Make Him Happy

In your everyday life, the small little gestures that we do for the ones we like make a big impression on them. If you have to make a few compromises just to make him smile, then compromise. Nothing is more lovely than finding balance with someone you like. You need to be ready to give a part of yourself to your guy. When you make compromises for him it will clearly tell him that you like him.

14. Tell Him That You Like Him

What is the point in waiting for him to make the first move when you are clearly into him? Be brave, be polite and tell him how you feel about him. Make sure your guy understands how you feel about him. Face him in person and tell him and save yourself from all the drama in finding out if he likes you or not.

15. Ask Him Out On a Date

If you really want your guy to know you like him then you need to ask him out on a date. You can plan for a movie or go for a romantic dinner this way you can easily tell him that you like him. When you ask a guy out he will be even more excited that you like him. It is normal to get excited when someone tells you that they like you. So, go ahead take the next big step and ask him out.

If you like your guy tell him what is the point in waiting for him to realize when guys are always clueless. Never wait for him to make the first move. You are interested in him — let him know how you feel about him. Never let your dear one from getting friend-zoned. If your guy is not interested in you, accept it gracefully and try to move on. Sometimes you need to face the bitter truth to let go. So, even if you are getting rejected have respect for your guy for letting you know the truth. But, if he reciprocates your feelings then you are in great luck. Have a fun-filled love life. All the Best!