How To Seduce & Satisfy A Capricorn Woman In Bed

It is not quite tough to satisfy and seduce a Capricorn woman in bed. Find out in detail about her sexual traits if you have your heart set on one.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Seduce & Satisfy A Capricorn Woman In Bed

Sexual Traits of a Capricorn Woman

If you are a Capricorn woman or a guy in love with a Capricorn woman then you will definitely agree to the staunch sexual traits of a Capricorn woman as penned below.

A Capricorn woman appears passionate and loving but will never agree to have sex on the first date. She is a strong-headed woman who has the capability of separating sex from love and believes that sex is only for pleasure. She finds it very tough to combine love and sex and the moment she does it then do consider yourself very lucky. 

She might enjoy the initial sexual encounters with her partner in a relationship but after a few months, she will need more than sex to satisfy her. After a point of time, she will start craving for a deep sense of belonging in a relationship which cannot be satisfied by love. 

After a few months of being in a relationship, it is her nature to think about the various gains from the relationship apart from sex. She needs to bond with her partner on a different level which is much beyond sex. 

When it comes to plain and pure sex for both, she is very passionate and adventurous in bed. She is always willing to try out newer stuff while in bed. 

Your first sexual encounter with a Capricorn woman could turn out to be not very satisfying, but it is just because she takes time to open up. Do not give up now and continue further in the relationship because your sexual reward is yet to come. The longer you get to know a Capricorn woman, the better your sex life will get. 

She needs a strong man in bed because she is a strong woman herself. She likes being chased for sex. She is also very patient. But once you get into bed with her, she is a tough one to get satisfied sexually. She desires to be swept off her feet and will soon shove you away if she finds you incompetent.

Capricorn Women in Bed

It is tough to get a Capricorn woman to bed on the first date. It is often said about a Capricorn woman that she does not enjoy sex in a marriage and indulges in sex only for the sake of her bodily pleasures. It is rare when a Capricorn woman is capable of combining sex with love. 

You might be trying to seduce her to bed but she will agree only when she finds something impressive in you. If she agrees to go to bed with you, then you have already crossed half of the way. While in bed, you need to be patient because she can get very dominating. She will tell you exactly what she wants and how she wants it. She also gives equal importance to her partner's satisfaction and will do anything to satisfy you. 

While in bed, she can be very restrained. She loves to scream loudly. She is also very inventive about her ways. Her ideal bed partner should have a lot of intensity and passion. A Capricorn woman also loves to be cuddled. Her partner should give her passionate kisses and touch her often. 

They also have huge sexual libidos. They might not come across as passionate as Scorpios but would always want their encounter to end with a satisfactory orgasm. When it comes to choosing their partners for sex, they crave for intellectual stimulation. Any man who is capable of arousing her intellect can bed her rather too quickly.

Do not try to be too talkative or expressive before or during sex. They might get very impatient and almost force you to just do it. To make speak about their sexual fantasies, you need to have oodles of patience and time in the relationship. 

A Capricorn might appear as cold and aloof but they like humor a lot. You can also be funny with her but not in a foolish way but in a witty way to seduce her. 

If you are thinking about buying fancy sexual lingerie or sex toys to seduce her, then it won't be necessary. She does not want any of such stuff to get aroused. For them, sex is all in the mind and if she likes you, she will agree to go to bed with you. It is as simple as that.

Capricorn Woman Compatibility in Bed with Different Zodiac Signs

Let us read about the sexual traits of a Capricorn woman with all the Zodiac signs:

* Aries Man: She will show a very strong and cold guard in bed against this man. She will be constantly battling with her own mind to let her guard down and enjoy sex with this fiery man. If the Aries man is patient enough to bed her the third time, then it will slowly start to get interesting. 

* Taurus Man: A Taurus man is very sensual in bed. Sexually, this one is an ideal match because the Taurus man will be able to make her relate sex with love. She will respect her in the bedroom which is her highest requirement. 

* Gemini Man: While in bed, a Gemini man can bring a lot of liveliness and fun. A Capricorn woman will teach the dreamy Gemini man to stay grounded and have deep and meaningful sex. 

* Cancer Man: A Cancer man can make his Capricorn woman feel very special and she, in turn, brings a lot of brightness in his life. He satisfies her thirst for sex and she stays with him always. 

* Leo Man: This is not an ideal match as the Capricorn woman will often smirk at his boastful and sunny disposition. She will appear too cold for him. 

* Virgo Man: Together, these two will be very happy with their sex life. As they spend more and more time with each other, they will deeply get tuned. Slowly, they will sync beautifully in each other's lives and in the matters of sex also. 

* Libra Man: Together these two will get along very well in bed. She will teach him new ways in bed and he will readily learn. He might want her to be more verbally expressive while making love, a trait, she will take some time to learn. 

* Scorpio Man: The sex between these two would be very clear. Eventually, she gives in to his sexual hypnotism and lets herself lose in front of his sexuality. 

* Sagittarius Man: A Sagittarius man needs to control his tongue while in bed with a Capricorn man. His comments might make the emotions of a Capricorn woman freeze. If he scorns her even playfully, she will get very freaky and eventually shut off completely from him. 

* Capricorn Man: They find their sex life very satisfying because both of them tend to keep their emotions shut. With sex, they find contentment and peace. 

* Aquarius Man: Sex with an Aquarius man will be like a dream every time. Sex with him will be very interesting and if they adjust to minor differences, they can enjoy their sex life. 

* Pisces Man: A Capricorn woman is at first shy with her Pisces man. She only knows clarity and directness while having sex but he adds a certain mystical element while lovemaking. Together, they will each teach other different forms of life and adjust to each other quickly. 

Be Prepared for a Lot of Hard-Work in Bed

A Capricorn woman has Saturn as her ruling planet which is all about hard work. She can be very demanding when it comes to bed but is capable of taking to a level you never knew you were capable of. Sex with a Capricorn woman can be deeply satisfying in the later stages of your relationship when you both know each other really well. 

A Capricorn Woman is Easily Misunderstood

Capricorn women are easily misunderstood because of their hard outer shell. They are career-oriented, honest and generally do not care about emotions. They take time to open up to people and because of this nature, they appear as cold and indifferent. But once they open up in bed, they can be a lot of fun. 

When in bed, a Capricorn woman tends to let go of her determination and appears quite relaxed. People assume that they are most boring of the Zodiac signs, but the fact is that you should have that special quality to make them open up to you. Once a Capricorn woman shows interest in you, your sex life can be very rewarding.

Although they appear to be calm and cool from outside, they can be very freaky from inside. They can get real freaky beneath the sheets. 

A Capricorn Woman Thinks Too Much

Before jumping into anything, Capricorns are known for over-analyze and think too much. Before you go to bed with them, it is quite possible that a Capricorn woman must have planned your sexual encounter step by step. Although they prefer things going their way, when it comes to bed, they do not mind being thrown off-guard by her partner. 

They are too good at hiding their emotions. From the outside, they might seem like someone not at all interested in ripping your clothes off, but on the inside, they might be getting all wet and freaky. They think a lot and it is this over-thinking that can get them quite freaky at times. 

They Don't Like a Lot of Romantic Hullaballoo in Bed

Some words of caution here! If you think you should plan a surprise candlelit dinner with chocolate and a bunch of roses for your Capricorn lady, you better know that these women do not like all this garbage. They are against all the romantic hullabaloo.

If you try to seduce her with such romantic gifts, she will get uncomfortable or even disinterested. A Capricorn woman believes in and appreciates straight talk. For them negotiating for sex could be the same as a business deal. 

Be realistic and also ready to let go of your romantic fluff if you want to seduce a Capricorn woman. Also, be ready to take rejection! You could even tell a Capricorn woman that you just want to sleep with her and are not interested in a relationship. If she is interested too, she might oblige. She doesn't mind being 'Friends with Benefits'. 

If you present her with a ring, she might get too freaky and run away. She needs time in any relationship. You have to look for subtle signs before taking such a huge step. 

Speak Clearly About Your Sexual Fantasies in Bed

You can easily talk about your sexual fantasies with her while in bed. Your sexual reward will come when you clearly tell your Capricorn woman about how to seduce you. Remember, they like clear talk. Do not expect them to read your minds. 

Also, let the Capricorn woman show you her sexual expertise. She loves teaching sexual techniques to anyone who is willing to learn. Tell her that you will be a good student and she will happily oblige. 

A Capricorn Woman Loves Privacy

Never try to seduce your darling Capricorn woman in front of someone. They get easily uncomfortable. If you seduce her behind closed doors, she might readily agree as a Capricorn woman loves privacy. They can be a completely different person when alone. 

So next time, you invite her home, make sure you have fresh linen on your bed and not a soul around you. 

“You turn your back on yourself when you allow every closed door to stop you from moving on to the next one. Sometimes we choose to stand at a closed door and hope that it will somehow open, although that may defy logic and although we may know deep down that no goodness will come from it. We wait. We choose to wait. We choose to have hope, and we're always scared that the door will open the second we walk away. We claim ownership over what we do not have and fear losing it, although it really never was ours.” - Najwa Zebian @najwazebian . . Photo: Mark Boss @unsplash . . #closeddoor #closeddoors #door #doors #closed #waiting #hoping #expecting #fear #loss #holdingback #stuck #opportunity #opportunities #moveon #loveyourself #honoryourself #respectyourself #believeinyourself #havefaith #havefearanddoitanyway #dontsettle #dontholdyourselfback #knowyourworth #selfrespect #selflove #whatyoudeserve

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Turn-offs for a Capricorn Woman

Since you are trying to learn how to seduce and satisfy a Capricorn women for sex, you have to be aware of their turnoffs. Capricorn women are very hard to over as they are very stubborn and it is easier to drive them away than pulling them towards you. They will not settle for less when it comes to investing their time and emotions. If you manage to create a bad first impression, they will not take any risks. 

You should also know that Capricorns have a very shrewd eye and look for the minutest details. They also have a knack for finding out fake gemstones or replicas of luxury brands. So do not try to lure them with trickery or you will have them disgusted with you forever. If you want to lure them with money, at least make sure it's real and not fake. 

Speaking of brands, Capricorns are also quite keen on someone's sartorial sensibilities. You may not wear a Prada but you need to appear properly groomed in front of them. Capricorns get extremely put off by people wearing unclean, disheveled and mismatched clothes. A Capricorn literally judges people by their appearances and public impressions. You need to dress to impress your Capricorn women because she might be thinking about introducing you to her family and if you present a bad impression, she will drive you away sooner than you could imagine. Also, make sure your house is clean if you plan to invite her home. A messy personal space can be a huge turn off for a Capricorn woman. 

When you are out with her, be sensible with your spending and finances. Capricorns are practical people. They find anyone who is not mindful of his money as very incompatible. Also, give her full attention when you are out with her. A cold attitude or aloofness will put them off immediately. To seduce them you need to first cast a good impression on them. A guy who does not value security and does not come across as dependable are also huge turnoffs for them. 

When a little further into the relationship, never groan about the money you are spending on her and also never ask her about her money. A Capricorn woman can be very conservative with the financial matters. 

Don't ever try to be too pushy especially when you are trying to seduce them. They will be gone within no time. When it comes to sex, it has to be their own decision. You have to look for subtle signs first to talk to them directly about sex. And also be prepared for rejection even when you least expect it. Handle it well too as if you appear all sissy and like a crybaby on refusal, it will put her off all the more. 

Check for all these turnoffs if you really have your heart set on a Capricorn woman. 

A Capricorn woman is a strong woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. When trying to seduce her, remember that it will take a month before you make her laugh and two months for your first kiss. Sex will come much later, but it will be definitely rewarding. Scroll above and remember all the important points before you try to seduce and satisfy a Capricorn woman in bed. 



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