35 Special And Intimate First Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

So, it's one year already that you've been with your boyfriend or husband? Celebrate this feat with him with any of these 35 first year anniversary gifts.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
35 Special And Intimate First Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

First Year Anniversary Gifts for Him: Make It Epic!

Keeping a marriage or relationship for just a year these days without having any faceoff as to warrant a divorce or breakup is no longer a rule. For many reasons, compatibility is fast becoming an issue among couples, and as such, if by a special grace, you both made it through those first and usually turbulent 365 days, it is something worth celebrating.

But wait a minute; have you any idea of what gifts might be appropriate for this anniversary? Of course, you would want to make the anniversary count because there won't be another first-year anniversary again. So, for your sake, we have sat down to compile some beautiful ideas about the intimate first-year anniversary gifts you can give to that your darling boyfriend or husband.

First Year Gifts Ideas #1: "100 Reasons I Love You"

For your first-anniversary surprise gifts for your husband or boyfriend, you could list 100 things you love and cherish about him. Get some nice ideas on how to do this online, so it leaves him speechless at least for the first few minutes. You could print it out and put in a frame or find a convenient spot to read those beautifully-crafted words into his ears.

First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas #2: Work Survival Kit

This anniversary gift is apt in case he's been working during those anniversary days. What you would simply do is to pack something together for him in a box. Surprise him with his favorite food and coffee. His favorite pizza can be added to the pack also. If possible, you could include his crew as part of those that would benefit from what you intend to give him.

First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas #3: Land In Scotland

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Okay. Everyone knows just how expensive this can be; but, hey! He's your man, isn't it? Make your first anniversary great by buying him a square foot of land in Scotland if you have the means. He's surely going to appreciate it.

First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas #4: Love Coupons

Yes, it can be common in most first-year anniversary celebrations, but this can be made special for him by packaging it nicely. A day specially planned for a romantic affair with your boyfriend or husband isn't a bad idea, or is it?

First Year Anniversary Gifts #4: A Shadow Box

It can be handmade or purchased from an arts and crafts shop. Make the shadow box look great by including pictures that are pleasant to the eye on it. By the time you are presenting the shadow box to him, a favorite picture of your excellent times together can be used as the background too.

Anniversary Gifts For Him #5: Best Husband Certificate

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You could take your time to design a certificate for your boyfriend or husband as a unique way to mark your first-year anniversary. If you are not gifted in graphics, you could employ a professional to do this for you. However, ensure that the words are completely yours.

First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas #6: Passport to Love

This first-year anniversary gift entails the use of a DIY craft. The DIY craft is a free platform that allows any interested individual to pick a project from their store and present it to their loved ones. This is cool if you are the busy type and has no time to make a gift for your man personally.

First Year Anniversary Gifts For Him #7: Hot Tamale

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Just imagine how warmed up in heart your boyfriend would be handing him a bag full of hot tamales for your first year anniversary! And you know what? It isn't among those gifts you would have to empty your pocket for.

First Anniversary Gifts #8: Card for No Special Reason

What about stepping your feet into a store and getting your boo some beautiful cards that he would love to keep for a while? Since you already know his likes and dislikes, look for a card blows his ego on this first anniversary of yours. We surely think you would come to thank us later!

First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas #9: A Special Lunch

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Hmm, food. Now, you are knocking at the door of his heart. How shall he not open it when right before him is a nicely prepared lunch? And, of course, this special lunch can be eaten right inside your home.

Since the celebration is about your first year anniversary, it would be good to prepare a homemade lunch for him. Learn some culinary skills if you have to because for him to see it as an anniversary gift, it has to be special.

First Anniversary Gifts Ideas #10: A Balloon Message

Pink Balloons #pinkballoons #balloondecor #balloonmessage #believe

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For your first year anniversary, you can get enough balloons with different colors to send some coded messages to the love of your life. It's fun having him spend some time trying to decode those messages. Of course, remember it's an anniversary and not an exam, so, keep it simple.

First Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas #11: Indoor Picnic

This is another great gift that can be presented to him on your first year anniversary. Make the picnic hangout count by changing the location from the usual outdoor thing.

You can do this by creating a romantic atmosphere right within your house. For instance, you could spread a blanket on the floor, light some candles with some foods and chops alongside, while having cool and romantic music playing in the background.

First Year Anniversary Gifts For Him #12: A Scrapbook

Of course, apart from knowing a bit of how to write, to present a scrapbook as an anniversary gift to your boyfriend or husband, you would have to have been preparing for it from the very first day of your relationship because it would contain your major events backed with photos. It's such an excellent anniversary package for a man you care about and love.

First Year Anniversary Gifts #13: Love Jar

It's such a lovely anniversary gift your man would love to have. Buy a jar that looks cute; make sure it has a lid and decorate it with colorful strip papers. Write different lovely messages on each paper attached to the jar and in a gorgeous outfit, present this anniversary to him.

Anniversary Gifts #14: Year of Dates in a Basket

This one is a special and an intimate gift perfect for a year anniversary. The way it is done is that cardboard is divided into about 12 separate papers. Give that to him and make him open each of the papers with each containing a special message. It can be arranged according to the twelve months in a year.

First Year Anniversary Gifts #15: Seven Days of Love

With this anniversary gift, you would be going on a seven-day show of love and affection for your boyfriend or husband. During those moments, you would ensure that you make yourself available for him by suspending every activity that might compete with your time. What a sweet anniversary gift!

First Year Anniversary Gifts #16: Bacon Bouquet

This is an anniversary gift idea presented by Pratt Tanya. It sounds great just like the part of Duck Dynasty. The uniqueness of using this gift on your first year anniversary is that many men prefer bacon to a bunch of flowers.

Anniversary Gifts #17: Giant Candy Love Letter

When words of affirmation is your love language... well, this happens! #candyloveletter

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This anniversary gift should be made like a big poster to show how much you love this man. The candy part of this gift is what you would use to substitute the words you wish to write with a pen.

Anniversary Gifts #18: "Works Almost Every Time"

Aquino Dossantoss advises couples that in case they do not have time for presenting a gift on their first year anniversary, they can simply wrap themselves in a bow. This theory is confirmed and regarded as a method that works every time.

First Year Anniversary Gifts #19: Love This Bar

According to Angela Lopez, "It is not necessary for you to have a great and nice voice before you can sing for your spouse." This gift on the first year anniversary of you being together is a perfect one. Look for a lovely song and sing it for him on that special day.

Anniversary Gifts Ideas #20: Nature walk

Perhaps no other first year anniversary gifts compare to this in price. The two of you are all lost in the ever beautiful work or nature. You can schedule a visit to nice gardens where you would both have time not just to walk but to share heart-to-heart discussions. A perfect first-year anniversary gift it is.

Anniversary Gifts #21: Slideshow of Pictures

For your anniversary celebrations, a slideshow of pictures wouldn’t be a bad choice. That’s especially true if you have been keeping a photo record of all the wonderful moments you both have had together.

Anniversary Gifts #22: A Deal worth Waiting For

Sometimes, the paparazzi around a gift can make it weightier than its actual price. You can make your darling anticipate a special anniversary gift that he doesn’t have to know, but you keep advertising.

Anniversary Gifts #23: One of a Kind Gift

How about coming up with a lovely poem you would recite on your first year anniversary night to your man? Remember, men are moved more by what they hear.

Anniversary Gifts #24: Turning of Old into New

What you are simply doing here on your first anniversary is to replace every old item in your house with a new one. It’s a cool anniversary gift that would leave his mouth ajar, but it would have to depend on your paycheck though.

Anniversary Gifts #25: Floating Memories

Again, what you are doing with this anniversary package is to bring back to his memory the good times you both have had together in the past one year. It can be in the form of a book, journal, picture, or what have you.

Other First Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

26. Customize an anniversary Portrait for him.

27. Make of paper flowers to celebrate your first year anniversary.

28. Giving your home new life by adding a new art print or another gorgeous anniversary gift.

29. For your anniversary, buy him books that he would love reading if he is the book type.

30. Grab a ticket to watch a show outside your country; it’s a unique first year anniversary gift.

31. An Exploding love box isn’t a bad first year anniversary gift either.

32. You can search online to get an insight on how to make treasure chest of love gift. It’s a way of telling him on your anniversary that he is your treasure.

33. Joe Stash is another beautiful first year anniversary gift to package for him.

34. Wash and iron all his clothes as a special first year anniversary gift for him

35. Attend a special thanksgiving service at your religious center as a way to mark your first year anniversary.

First Year Anniversary Gifts For Him - Conclusion

Now you have many ideas as to the kind of anniversary gifts you can present to your boyfriend or husband to show that indeed, you care. Go ahead to make your first year anniversary pleasant by presenting any five of the 35 gifts here presented and you can surely come to thank us later.


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