10 Signs And Symptoms For Hypersexual Disorder And How To Treat It

The hypersexual disorder could be dangerous. It can be treated if detected in time. Here are a few symptoms to recognize the addiction.

By Tanaya Nath
10 Signs And Symptoms For Hypersexual Disorder And How To Treat It

10 Signs And Symptoms For Hypersexual Disorder And How To Treat It

In the year 2010, the American Psychiatric Association released a document on the symptoms of the hypersexual disorder, also called sex addiction. Adults over 18 years old are the only people in whom traits are identifiable. Hypersexuality is an excessive preoccupation with sexual urges, fantasies, and behaviors. They find it difficult to control their urges and behavior, causing them distress and affecting their health negatively. 

The addiction involves many common enjoyable sexual activities like cybersex, masturbation, multiple sexual partners, paying for sex and so on. Anyways, if untreated, sex addiction can take down your relationship, family life, self-esteem, career, health, pretty much everything for that matter. 

Symptoms Of Hypersexual Disorder

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Here are 10 symptoms of the hypersexual disorder. These symptoms are usually not easily noticeable unless you are someone very close to them. You can also use these symptoms for self-assessment. A sex addict often is unaware of the issues. All of these symptoms in one person indicates the severe condition of sex addiction. Presence of symptoms depends on the severity of the addiction in the addict. 

  • Excessive Masturbation - This is one of the most common and early sign of the hypersexual disorder. Hypersexuality can occur in both male and female, and hence both can show this symptom. It doesn't affect their daily life. The person suffering from hypersexuality usually masturbate to escape from daily life.
  • Obsession With Sex- The person with the hypersexual disorder gets obsessed about sex, and so much that it takes over their lives. They spend a lot of time fantasizing about sexual activity and engaging in them.
  • Sexual Planning- The patients with hypersexual disorder takes an extraordinarily long time to plan where and how they are going to get their next fix. To them, sexual activities are above everything else. Just like drug addicts.
  • Frequently Watching Pornography- People with hypersexuality view pornography in many ways like pornography videos, magazines, chat rooms, websites. They also use the dating websites to connect with the ones who are interested in merely sexual relationships.
  • Frequenting Phone Sex Services- Just like pornography, males, and females who are suffering from hypersexuality frequently uses phone sex services for some fun. They can even end up hiring prostitutes and indulge in reckless sexual activities.
  • Multiple Sex Partners And Frequent One Night Stands- Sex addicts need many partners to stay satisfies and they even frequent one night stands. Studies show that there is a relation between the number of partners the addict has and their mental health.
  • Emotional Detachment From Sexual Partners- Sexual addicts have multiple partners, but they are always emotionally detached from them. They are never able to make the connection with their sexual partners and have emotionless and meaningless sex with them.
  • Engaging In Sexual Activities That Conflicts Their Behaviour- Everyone has some sexual values, even the ones with hypersexual disorder. But due to their addiction, they often go off the way, away from their sexual values and indulge in their sexual fantasies. 
  • Frequent Paraphilias- Paraphilia is the condition where someone is very addicted to sex and does outrageous and unusual sexual behaviors like voyeurism, pedophilia, sadism, exhibitionism, and masochism. 
  •  Inability To Stop- The sex addicts are always unable to stop despite knowing the consequences. They know it could affect their health, relationship and daily life. And yet they are not able to stop themselves from indulging in the sexual activities.

Treatments For Hypersexual Disorder

One can test someone for hypersexual disorder. The test can tell you how deep a person is into the addiction and which treatments will work best for that situation. The treatment usually consists of medications, self-help groups, and psychotherapy. The main motive of these treatments is to help them control their urges along with reducing the excessive behaviors. It also helps them maintain healthy sexual habits.  

They might need to be treated for other mental conditions as well. The hypersexual disorder often results in addiction to drugs and alcohol. It can also lead to depression and anxiety. People with sexual addiction could also cause harm to others. These treatments take time but will help them cope with the addiction. 

Sex addiction can cause venereal disease. It can cause a decline in personal relationships, family, and social life. Addicts lose their concentration and become less productive at work. And it can also cause sexually transmitted diseases. 

Hypersexuality also causes dependence on the substance. It can also be the reason for your depression and anxiety along with OCD. So, look out for the symptoms, and if someone you know is having these symptoms, confront them. And of course, take them for the treatment. It will save them from a miserable life, falling self-esteem and health. If they are found out in time, sex addiction can be cured, in time.