Top 25 Signs You've Fallen Deeply In Love

Love, especially the deep kind, isn’t the easiest to understand. Here are 25 signs to help you understand if you’re head over heels for someone!

By Monalisa Murmu
Top 25 Signs You've Fallen Deeply In Love

That beautiful feeling called Love

That beautiful AND confusing feeling called Love. How many legendary poets and songwriters have been inspired by the nuances of this emotion, to have composed pages after pages of epic poems and songs? Heck, how many times have we, the commoners been entrapped within its myriad folds, trying to work our way through the maze, figuring out if all the signs of restlessness is love or indigestion! We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. The person of interest might have been a classmate, a teacher, a colleague or just an out-of-reach celebrity (Channing Tatum? David Beckham?) Falling in love is like falling in a beautiful spell that has you both in pleasure and pain at the same time. Pleasure as an aftermath of all things beautiful, and pain because it is so damned difficult to figure the signs out! There’s the crush, then there’s the infatuation and the one-night-stand type lust. And then there’s the deep, intense love that makes you feel like you’re falling into a bottomless pit of happiness but it’s still scary because you’re still falling and have no control over it. On top of that, there are decisions to make! To be or not to be. In love that is. Is it worth it? Is it that kind of love that will stay forever?

What is deep love anyway?

How do you differentiate between love that will vanish as soon as you watch a new movie or move to a new city, and love that will cast its spell on you no matter where you are in this world? If it really is love that you feel throbbing in your chest, how deep is that love? What are the signs to decode this mystery? If you’ve dating someone for a while now, and know it in your heart that you kinda sorta like him, you’re probably asking yourself this question. Because decisions need to be made. Commitments need to be made. And without seeing the signs and being completely sure of at least your end of the story, a step taken forward could likely result in heartbreaks. So what are the signs that identify deep love? How do you know he is your soulmate? The answer is in the intensity you feel. How deep you love is, is characterized by how deep your feelings run into your heart. In a world of swiping left and right and an instant date-hunting system, it is really easy to replace and get replaced. How deep your love is, is characterized by the signs of how irreplaceable that one person is. That no matter how easy it gets in today’s age to move on in life, you still want to stick around this person. Deep love is characterized by the longevity of it. It doesn’t fade with time. It might change its form as it passes through the various stages, but it only gets richer and more intense with time.

Love is in the tiny signs

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The moment you understand what deep love is, is the moment you start looking for signs that reveal the same. Because love might be an abstract concept but the signs with which it manifests itself is very real. It is hidden in those tiny signs that you either miss or choose to overlook because you think they’re unimportant. It is common to often mistake love as that crazy, passionate craving you have for someone that makes you want to rip their clothes off every time you see them. Yes. But also, no. There are millions of other signs that give away your love for someone. All you have to do to understand these signs is to be a little mindful of your thoughts and actions on a daily basis. If you’re in love, it’s probably going to be the most difficult thing to do right now, because you’re floating with the clouds ATM and logical thinking is the last thing your brain wants to do right now, what with dopamine and oxtocin playing havoc with your mind. But if you really want to be sure you’re in love and not simply under the spell of a crush that could fade over time (because it really is difficult to tell them apart), you need to get your thinking hat on. You need to observe how you feel and act around the man. Therein lies all the signs you need to tell you if you’re indeed in love.

Signs are in the things you feel

There are various types of signs too, while we’re on the subject. Some of the signs are manifested through the things you feel for your man. Because feelings are everything. Feelings are the roots of the plant that is love. Falling in love isn’t an act, it is a feeling. Which inspires many a great actions, like the aforementioned epic poems and songs. Here are some signs that are associated with the feeling of love:

You can’t wait to see him everyday

You’re absolutely in the desperate need of seeing him every single day. Because it feels like the most natural thing to happen in life right now. Meeting him isn’t just about fancy dates that need to be planned well in advance. Meeting him can be in your PJs ACTUALLY Netflix-and-chilling, but it needs to happen without fail.

You can't seem to get enough of him

You miss him even when he’s right beside you. If he’s sitting on the couch, you need to snuggle closer to him. If you’re both busy doing your own thing, you still need to maintain contact, like maybe rest a leg on his thigh. Any amount of closeness doesn’t seem to be close enough for you anymore, that’s how much you want him around you.

The thought of meeting him excites you every time

Dating him isn’t a chore any longer. It doesn’t bring anxiety; it brings peace and excitement. You don’t need to particularly prepare for the date. You KNOW you’ll have fun no matter what the itinerary is. He’s not one of the million guys in this world you casually hang out with. He’s one IN the million guys you look forward to seeing every day.

You remember his favorites

You’re so into him, you almost know him inside out. If you are able to easily order for him at the restaurant because you know his favorites, it is a sign you love him. If you subconsciously find yourself wearing his favorite color because you remember it from the last time he told you, it is a sign you’re falling in love.

And you remember details about his life

You remember the name of his dog that died 4 years back. You’re totally at ease meeting his family at the Thanksgiving dinner because you know all of his family members, and can even tell the twin cousins apart. You're more excited about his birthday than you are about your own! Every minute detail about him matters to you now.

Signs are in the things you do

From the deep taverns of your feelings rise the need to do ordinary and extraordinary things for him that are sure signs of your love for him. The important thing is not how big or small the act is, the important thing is that he’s on your mind frequently enough for you to remember doing these things for him. Check these signs out to see if you're doing the same for your man:

You text him at every opportunity

Remember that feature on your smartphone where you can preview messages on Whatsapp so you don’t actually have to read it and therefore not feel obligated to reply? Well, you don’t use it anymore. You’re either waiting for his texts or texting him whenever you get a break, because he’s always on your mind.

You dress up according to his liking

No one tells you to do this. You do it on your own. You remember what he said about backless dresses and red lipsticks and proceed to wear them on the next date. You don’t hate moss green color anymore because he said he loved it. It’s a spell and you’re under it.

You pay attention to every detail concerning him

You’re not in the big picture anymore. You’re down to the minutest details about your relationship. Paying attention to details is the sign of your deeper affection for him. You notice how he pronounces ever word, how he frequently runs his fingers through his hair when he’s working intently on a presentation and how he does that lopsided smirk when he wins a level on dungeon master. You really do know him inside out.

You try to own his hobbies

You’re not big on video games but you’re now his regular in-house opponent. You’ve never hit a ball without bruising your nose first but you now regularly accompany him to his baseball practices. It doesn’t matter to you what you’re doing as long as you’re doing it with him.

You look for ways to make him happy

This sounds like a cliché but is a genuine sign that what you feel for him is true love. And the sign is, his happiness makes you happy. Simply. Yes, you have your own life too, and you have your own hobbies and interests that make you happy. But additionally, you’re ready to indulge in everything that makes him happy because that is also a big part of life right now.

Signs of togetherness

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A tell-tale sign of deep love is when you want to be together forever. It’s like you’ve found a potential soulmate you never want to lose even a single moment without. And steps that you take to make that happen are also signs that your love for him is profound.

You always ask him about his day

This isn’t superficial dating anymore. You’re genuinely concerned about his wellbeing. You ask about his day because you care. He feels like a significant part of your life and inquiring after his whereabouts come naturally to you. Your deep levels of care are, of course, signs of a deeper love.

You make efforts to get along with his friends

One sign that you’re in love is that you’re making constructive efforts to make his life a part of yours, and all that belongs to it. Bonding with his friends is a crucial aspect of this and you’re more than willing to overlook a few differences you might have with one of them, so all of you can be this one big happy family.

You have or you’re thinking of moving in

The need for staying close to him is such that you’re extending it to the physical realm now. Either you’ve already moved in with him, or you’re planning to or at least thinking about it. You’re ready to take the relationship with him to the next level, which is a clear sign that you’re deep in love with him.

He’s the one you run to for everything in life

You might have a lot of friends in life who have stood by you through thick and thin. But in spite of that, the one person you want to share all major or minor happenings in life right now is him. Sure you cherish all of your friends, but he is more important than anyone else now.

You feel emotionally closer to him than anyone else

The spell of love is such that even though you’re not distanced from others, you find yourself exceptionally close to this one person. The closeness you feel is not just physical, it has tunneled down to the depths of your emotions.

Signs, both physical and emotional

The depth of love is measured by a combination of the intense physical attraction you feel for him and a profound emotional connection you have with him. If either of the two is missing, it is likely not the deep love we’re talking about here. These signs are dead giveaways of an intense love:

You’re incredibly attracted to him…physically

Of course, there is something called platonic love, but the stronger, deeper kind of love is characterized by a powerful, can’t-fight-it sexual tension. A physical relationship isn’t probably THE biggest part of love, but if you don’t feel even an iota of attraction towards his body, the love is lacking for sure. If he's a potential soulmate, you'll feel an uncontrollable attraction towards him that you won’t feel for even the most good looking men in the world.

Lovemaking has never felt better

Because there is so much emotion involved along with the physical attraction, lovemaking with him is fulfilling in a way casual flings have never been for you. Even if he is not the most handsome or the most skilled in bed, you’re still the most content with him because it is love that makes you feel that way.

But he also means much more than that

As discussed earlier, even with all the physical chemistry, the bigger factor is that it is not just about the physicality. His importance has transcended well beyond a skillful lover in the bedroom and even the thought of having to let go of him scares you. A very potent sign of love.

You even like his annoying habits

One of the common signs of love is that you’re impressed with him even when he’s not trying. You don’t just like him because he holds the door for you or gets you flowers, but you now like him because he makes a weird grunting noise when he laughs or low key snores when he sleeps. What seems like bad habits to others is incredibly endearing to you!

He feels like the safest haven you’ve got

Being in true love is about letting your guards down in each other’s presence. And that happens when you trust each other so much you feel the safest around them. Whether you’re able to tell him anything without the fear of being judged or just feel oh-so-comfortable with his arms wrapped around you, it is love you’re falling in.

Signs that stand the test of time

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All said and done, true love can be called so only when it can stand the test of time. Often, the initial intensity fades with time and you become a burden to each other. But if you’ve been lately feeling like you are ready to commit for the long haul, it is definitely deep love for you. And the following signs are reflective of that:

You’re often caught looking at him lovingly

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with him. You still like to look at his beautiful face, and at the weirdest times too, like when he’s shaving or frowning over a crossword puzzle. If you’re in the spell of love, this is the most natural thing for you to do, because you feel a sense of bliss every time you look at him.

You do all those “wifey” things for him

No matter the formalities, in your head, you’re already married to him. You often cook his favorite meals before he comes back home from work or voluntarily take care of his laundry or check with his folks on his behalf because you love doing so. It doesn’t feel like duty, it feels like (you got it) love!

You’ve started having your own “rituals” with him

You’re so deep into the relationship in your heart that you consciously or subconsciously have your own rituals with him. Maybe you like to watch your favorite TV series together and wouldn’t watch a new episode unless he’s with you. Or maybe you religiously do a monthly Saturday night-in with candles and wine, even if your friends have been planning nights out.

You dream of a future together

You might have had it all planned from when you were a little girl, or you might be just considering a blissful future life with your soulmate. Either ways, he is a part of it now. If you visualize a dream house by the beach, you dream of sitting with him on the porch.

You realize he’s your dream man

And suddenly it dawns upon you that the reason you can include him in your dreams so easily is because he is your dream man, the soulmate you’ve always been looking for! This is probably the most important of all the signs you need to see.

Deep, intense love is a gift

If the above 25 signs resonate with the way you feel, you’re possibly truly, deeply, madly in love. In which case, don’t fight it. That kind of feeling and that kind of love is hard to come by and even harder to keep. If you’re convinced you’ve found your soulmate, maybe it’s time to think about the next step. Good luck!



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