Is He Serious About Me? 10 Signs He Is Looking To Commit

Are you asking yourself "is he serious about me?" Does he give you signs that he wants to commit? Read this guide to figure it out!

By Dorothy
Is He Serious About Me? 10 Signs He Is Looking To Commit

Is He Serious About Me? 10 Signs He Is Looking To Commit

Trying to figure out if a boy is serious about your relationship can be some of the most confusing stuff ever. The male species is a confusing one in general; most of them don’t even know what they want. “Are you serious about me?” If may seem like an easy question buy this situation is trickier than it seems. Asking yours to commit might set off something inside of him that may make him scared or want to run away. Men are stereotypically scared of commitment; this is because their masculinity is so fragile that they can’t admit what they want. Men make fun of each other for having feelings and caring. This is why the only way they can express their feelings and compassion for each other is through calling each other names and doing strangely homoerotic things like slapping each other on the ass. Women on the other hand are taught that talking about feelings are good. When they aren’t being held back by their male counterparts, women can be seen using discourse as a way to solve problems and get on with life. This is where you step in. Finding out this question, because men are so scared of commitment, may seem like a doozy. The best advice is to find a man that can fulfil your needs and desires. Do you really need to be asking yourself if he is serious about you? Shouldn’t your man telling you honestly if he can commit to you be more worth than his fragile ego? Think about it. If you, however, still have the desire to play the game after all this, there are ways to see if he is interested in committing to you. Small signs and signals may be shown from a man who wants to commit. Here are 10 Signs He is Looking To Commit.

1. He Wants Me So Bad

“Does he want me?” Isn’t a question you should be asking at this point in the relationship. The questions you should be asking are “does he want me to commit?” or “Is he ready to commit to me?’ This is because at this point he should be crazy about you and your body. The words, “I want you, do you want me?” Should have come out of his mouth at some point in this relationship. He wanting you physically is part of the package of him wanting you and your life as a whole. If he doesn’t want you, he probably doesn’t want to commit to you. This may be even more intense during a long distance relationship.

2. He Has Brought Up Serious Relationships

“He has brought up a serious relationship to me. He did brush it off though, or joked about it.” If you are saying this to yourself, than he has thought about making you his girlfriend. It may differ in the ways that he hinted, but even joking about a serious relationship means something is different about the way you guys interact. You may say “Oh, but there’s no way that he is into me. He can’t be serious.” If you are looking for commitment in particular, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. If he hadn’t thought about it before, he wouldn’t have brought it up. This is a good way to read the signs of men.

3. He Is Serious About Your Feelings

“He shows signs that he cares about me and my feelings. He asks me what I think and the question of what I think about commitment has been brought up before.” If he is serious about how you feel and how you treat him, than he might be looking for a girl who is willing to commit. He knows that its not all “me, me, me.” He respects you enough to take your input and apply it to his life. Commitment may not be too far around the corner. Don’t put too much pressure, sometimes he may just be asking because he is curious.

4. He Is Honest with His Feelings and Takes Me Seriously

“When he talks about his feelings with me, its honest and transparent.” Another sign that he is looking to commit is when he is honest with his feelings. Being vulnerable and honest is difficult for a man because they are socialized to bottle their emotions. If he can be honest when talking about himself, than he is showing signs that he cares about what you think. Men who respect women usually want to be with the one that they respect. If you are in a long distance relationship, this may be a huge sign overall.

5. He Thinks About You Constantly.

“When he’s away from me, he buys me gifts or talks about me to his friends.” This is true, especially in a long distance relationship. Men looking to commit will change their mindset from “me” to “we”. When he is serious, he will start changing without realizing it. He will always talk about you or buy you small treats or gifts. His demeanor towards you will be one of doting. This can trap people in relationships, but it is extremely cute when you are looking for the signs. This is definitely a tell-tale sign that he wants to get serious.

6. He Sticks With His Plans

“He is always loyal about his plans with me. He may flake sometimes, but it is rare and few in between.” When men are looking to get serious or treat you with respect, they will stick to their plans religiously. Why would they miss out on seeing the one person they want to see the most? This is a sign of someone wanting to get serious. If he is willing to show up no matter where or when, he is definitely looking to move into the serious relationship territory. This is more amazing if the relationship is long distance. In long distance relationships showing up to events and plans are a huge sign of him taking your feelings seriously.

7. He Looks Single On Social Media

“I don’t see a woman present in his social media that isn’t his family member.” Men who are in serious relationships usually let it be known in their social media accounts. Pictures with the girlfriend on dates or family events are prevalent on their feeds. Men looking to get serious will usually vacate their media pages in anticipation for a new player. Serious dates will turn into serious pictures on social media. This is a sign that he is looking to get serious. Social media is such a big deal in today’s world. He may be sending a message that only you can get on there. Long distance relationships sometimes start on social media.

8. He Brings Up The Future

“He brings up his future with me occasionally. We’ll talk about where he plans on going and if he plans on going with me.” A good sign that a man is looking to commit is the words coming out of his mouth. If he is serious about the relationship he will bring up the future with you in mind. Plans for a home or moving in may pop up here and there. Even small decisions such as choosing classes for school will have you in it. If he doesn’t bring up the future, than he probably is not that serious.

9. You Know All Of His Friends

“He has let me meet his friends. Even the ones that do not like me know who I am.” If you know his friends and his friends know you, it may be a sign that he is more serious about the relationship than he lets on. Letting people into friend groups may be extremely personal because friends can get messy. If he is willing to risk you or your friends meeting each other and letting relationships form naturally, than he is most likely serious about you and your future together.

10. You Have Met His Family

“His family has met me, even though some of them do not like me.” If you have met his family, that is a huge sign that he is serious. Family members can change the dynamic of the relationship because family is so personal. If his mom doesn’t like you, he may seriously break up with you. If he is at least willing to risk this, then he is serious about your relationship to a certain extent. If his family has accepted you, than he is for sure ready to get more serious.

These hints and clues will not get you the answer you want with the accuracy that you want it; however, these are just tools to see if you’re man is willing to be more serious or commit to what you want. To be fair, if he isn’t giving you what you need, than you need to leave. It is unhealthy and unattractive to force someone who doesn’t want a committed relationship to be in one. Recognize when he is lying to you to get sex or something that you have. Men may say they love you, but unless they are showing signs of respect they probably don’t. The best way to see if a man is willing to commit is to ask. If he isn’t willing to give you what you want, it isn’t the end of the world. There are millions of men out in the world who can provide and take care of the expectations that you have or want. You don't need one man to fulfill all of your desires either. Recognize when your unhealthy relationship expectations are taking over your love life.

Until then, these clues may help you see if the man you are infatuated with or is serious about your love. They may not solve all of your problems, but they may give you context on where you stand with your man. Good luck, and don’t put too much pressure on your relationships until both of you are ready!