Alicia Silverstone: The kind life and The kind diet

Alicia Silverstone wiki: about the celebrity and The Kind Life

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Alicia Silverstone: The kind life and The kind diet

Who is Alicia Silverstone?


If you’re born in the 90s like me, you would probably know her as the Batgirl from Batman & Robin, or the pretty but evil reporter from Scooby-Doo 2. If you’ve never heard of her name just yet, this article will explain to you why you really should take a look at her and her work now.

Born in San Francisco in 1976, Silverstone started her modeling career at the age of six. She was cast in a few TV commercials before making her film debut The Crush (1993). Whether it’s a goofy girl that just wants to do her job, or a vengeful ex-lover looking for trouble, Silverstone is always able to live her character out in the films.

What makes her stands out even more amongst the sea of elegant Hollywood actresses is the level of dedication she makes for animal welfare and the environment. She became vegan in 1998 and has continued to fight for animal rights since. In 2009, she published a book, The Kind Diet, focusing on the benefits of and how to commit to a strict vegan diet.

The Kind Life and the reviews


The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet: Alicia Silverstone, Victoria Pearson, Neal D. Barnard: 9781609611354: Books

As an extension of The Kind Diet, Silverstone created the website The Kind Life to share more of her insights on veganism and how to live a healthy life. She started a new way of living, by being kind to the animals and the environment, you are also being kind to your own body.

The Kind Life caters all your needs. Whether you are new to this whole vegan idea or have been a hardcore animal activist for over a decade, there’s something for you on this website. If you are a newbie in veganism, Silverstone surely makes sure you will be convinced to stay one.


Her book became a best-seller and her website was well-received because she presented the benefits of going vegan in a scientific manner. Playing on guilt isn’t what she wants. People can tell you how sad that little piglet on the farm is all they want, but what if people just simply don’t find a piglet cute enough to want to stop eating meat?

Silverstone completely understood this when she started writing her book and created her website. Her argument of going vegan isn’t because there are many cute piggies out there that need saving, but because going vegan can’t better for your health, both physically and mentally. Just that at the same time, you are also saving those little piglets. Two birds one stone, yay! That’s how she managed to convince more people to go vegan.

Source: gave this book a 4.4 out of 5 with over 60% giving it a 5, based on nearly 800 votes. Most people find it useful for its simplicity. Creating a healthy life shouldn’t be a complicated progress that takes up most of your time. Silverstone proves to you how it can as simple as when you were still eating meat.

Just like what every famous person in the world goes through when they get the fame, Silverstone’s The Kind Diet and The Kind Life are loved by fellow vegan and animal lovers for making their life easier. However, there are quite some critics that are skeptical for her way of living, calling it “too extreme” on Goodreads.


Some readers believe Silverstone is trying to hard to promote her vegan way of living by saying it’s the only way to live a healthy life, ignoring other important factors, such as the nutrients that you can’t argue are missing in plants but can only be found in meat etc. But when it comes down to it, she wrote this book because this way of living worked for her and she wanted to share it with the world. This is a book about her, and her story.

Here are the diet plans that will make your life easier and healthier! Get started on your healthy life today!

Diet plans, recipes and Cookbook


Silverstone outlined three major steps of going vegan. First, there’s the flirting stage, this is when you first lay off meat and sometimes just can’t seem to stop thinking about it. Then, there’s the going vegan stage, where you are feeling stronger now about staying away from meat. Finally, there will be the superhero stage, where you feel the life and benefits of going vegan and not regret a single step to get here!

The start is always the hardest, so what Silverstone recommends to make this transition easier? First, you just need to stay away from all the man-made sugary and fatty food that make you addicted. Try switching to sweet potato hash, veggie burgers and soya milk. A veggie burger might help with your cravings for a Big Mac’ and allow yourself to transition into a stricter vegan diet that’s about to come.

Silverstone recommends the almond butter banana smoothie, sweet in nature and easy to make, anywhere in your vegan stage! Her website is constantly updating new recipes to make your vegan life more interesting than any other diets!


The second step is about committing yourself to the vegan life, knowing that you will never go back to consuming animal products. At this stage, you try to consume more and more unprocessed vegan food and fewer fruits that contain high amount of sugar. Sweets are off the table, of course. Also try your best to stay away from drinks with caffeine. A cup of coffee might keep you awake but it surely does no good to your skin if you drink it everyday.

After this stage, you should feel pretty strong about going vegan and can already see the good results! Your skin is getting brighter, your moods lighter and your thoughts clearer! Isn’t it amazing how it all relates to what you eat? At this point, Silverstone would probably say you deserve some healthy oatmeal raisin cookies to reward yourself before we go to the next and final stage!


The final stage is called superhero because by then you will already know what is good for your health and will never consider going back! You are laying off more nightshades, such as tomatoes, peppers, sweeter bell peppers and eggplants. Watch your consumption on nuts and fruits as well to avoid consuming too much sugar and salt in the system.

If you are worried about the difficulty of committing to a vegan life, this diet might just be what you need. Silverstone already did the hard part for you, to break down your process baby step by baby step so even the least committed person in the room will be able to follow. All you need to do is to stop looking for excuses to start a healthy life and start reading her book to see how you can make your life a lot healthier just by changing what you eat!

Alicia Silverstone on Instagram


With over 786k followers, Silverstone is her own brand on Instagram. You will get to see a more personal side of her. After all, underneath all that kindness for animals and staying strong on her vegan diets, she is also a loving mother and a girl that enjoys going on a hike every now and then. She shares her life on Instagram, also in a way, proving her diet works because she does seem to be living in the happiest dreams with love and laughters around her!

Silverstone often posts photos of her close-up face, maybe it’s not intentional but it surely shows how flawless her skin is in her 40s! Yes she is 42, and yes, even people in their 20s would be scared of not being able to live up to that standard. She contributes all that to her diets, so I guess there’s a chance for all of us!

You can see her often cooking vegan food with her besties and trying out new recipes on Instagram. Did that just give you a new idea on the next hang-out with your friends? Challenge yourself to see who can come up with the best vegan dish!

Silverstone on Instagram



Going vegan has always seemed to be too time-consuming, your grocery list gets longer, you have to pay more attention to every food you buy etc, Silverstone isn’t saying those aren’t legit concerns, but there’s no price on health. It’s never too time-consuming to construct a healthy life.

You are not sticking to vegan diets for the animals. You are sticking to vegan diets for yourself! By helping yourself, you are also helping the animals and the environment. That’s the best way to go! Get a copy of her book or start wandering around on her website now to see what new vegan gems you can find!

The Kind Diet is available on and The Kind Life