10 Signs that shows that you're in a Tumultuous Relationship

Are you stressed in your own relationship? Is it torturing you?

By Caren M
10 Signs that shows that you're in a Tumultuous Relationship

The meaning of a Tumultuous Relationship

A romantic relationship is probably one of the best experiences a human being can go through. It’s a strong connection built on love that two people share and brings them together in a way that is just beautiful. Many lovers in relationships share this mutual feeling and you’ll notice how they are just in their own world and are sickeningly happy all the time no matter what. 

However, this is not always the case. Some relationships go through so much upheaval and negativity from one or both partners, leading to a bad relationship that is ridden with lack of trust, fear of what might happen and sometimes alienation from the ones you love. 

A tumultuous relationship is not a happy one. There is constant fighting and arguments, lack of trust and general insecurity when it comes to trust in the relationship. Sometimes, things might turn physical where your partner is capable of hurting you physically. 

If you are here wondering what signs there are to show that your relationship may not be healthy at all, in fact tumultuous even, we’ve compiled a list that will hopefully help you clear out the clatter and show you what’s really going on. 

10 Signs that shows that you are dating in a Tumultuous relationship

Sometimes you don’t want to accept it but if there’s smoke, there’s fire. Here are the 10 signs to look out for if you think your relationship might be on the rocks. 

1. You are cut off from your friends and family

This is one of the trickiest signs because you think you’re doing the right thing by standing by your partner while those around you tear down your relationship. If you find that you are alienated from your support group then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and look a bit keenly on where the problem lies. 

2. There’s a general lack of trust

If you find yourself and your partner constantly unable to trust each other, then there’s cause for alarm. Trust is one of the major building blocks of a long healthy relationship and if that flies out the window, expect vicious storms in your relationship. 

3. Increased arguments and disagreements

Every healthy relationship has its fair share of fights but in a tumultuous relationship, the fights are more frequent and even on really small issues. There’s a lack of peace and you find yourself happier when you’re not around your partner. 

4. Your partner does not respect your opinion

If your partner is constantly undermining your opinion and does not value what you have to say, undervalues you or outright ignores you, especially in front of other people, then that’s a sign of a tumultuous relationship right there. 

5. There are more negative influences than positive ones

Relationships come with influence from each partner. Healthy relationships will impact you in a positive way and encourage positive behavior. Bad relationships will influence the partners negatively like the acquired habits of violence, recklessness and drug use.  

6. Your partner constantly brings you down

While relationships are about growth and being the number one support-system for your bae, sometimes some partners are the exact opposite. Making you feel inferior by implying that you are stupid or dense, shaming your body and certain behaviors are not what a healthy relationship is made of. 

7. Your partner has abusive tendencies

Sometimes the arguments and disrespect get to a whole new and disturbing level of abuse. Whether emotional, psychological or physical. If you find yourself afraid or cowering whenever your partner is around even if they are not being physically abusive, then that’s a real cause for concern. 

8. If you feel less than worth it with your partner

Weak people work by bringing strong ones down as they can feel powerful. Over the course of your relationship if your partner undermines and undervalues you and makes snide remarks about you physically or otherwise your self-esteem will go down and you won’t appreciate yourself as much as you used to.  

9. They don’t share in your successes

By working to bring you down, your partner doesn’t take time to share in your happiness and success. They find ways to turn this moment of joy into a shaming contest and reminding you how you’ll mess it up. 

10. You don’t feel secure in your relationship

People in tumultuous relationships find themselves in constant upheavals and breakups in the relationship. If you find yourself frequently ending things or coming close to it, then dear love, it’s time to reconsider some things and make the necessary changes needed to better you.  

How to end a Tumultuous Relationship with your partner

After discovering that you are in a tumultuous relationship, you want to find ways to fix it but sometimes when it’s too broken, there’s nothing to be done except walk away. It’s not an easy task and will probably break your heart into tiny pieces but eventually, it will be good for you. 

1. Talk to someone about it

The first step is to talk to someone about it. It may be a friend or someone you trust or you can seek out a professional depending on what you feel you need. Talking about the relationship will help you see more clearly all the reasons to end it and leaning on someone will give you the strength to do what needs to be done. 

Talking to someone always helps

2. Formulate a lasting plan

Research suggests if/then plans that lead towards focusing on yourself. If you feel like calling them when you get lonely, call up your friends instead or do something to positively impact your life. 

Don't talk to them, look for a friend instead

3. Break free, stop justifying bad actions

Cognitive dissonance is a situation where we find ourselves making excuses for staying in bad situations because we suffered through it. Come to terms that the relationship is bad and you can’t stay any longer. Stop justifying reasons for being in a tumultuous relationship or expecting it to change. If it hasn’t happened, then it mostly won’t change. 

4. Let your partner know that it’s really over

After you’ve made the decision to leave, let your partner know that you’ve made the decision and outline the reasons why. Let them know that you won’t continue to be a victim of a bad relationship and there’s no going back. Own your decision too, stick to it because if you keep going back, they’ll think they've won. 

Famous Celebrities who are in a Tumultuous Relationship

Celebrities are no more human than you and I and some of them have gone through some very tumultuous relationships publicly. Here are some of the worst celebrity relationships that weren’t all that good and ended badly or worse. 

1. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

Whitney and Bobby Brown, source:@throwbackera/Instagram

Whitney Houston thought she was marrying the prince of her dreams when she got together with fellow musician Bobby Brown. They had a daughter Bobi Christina but that didn’t stop their relationship from going down the drain. It is said that Bobby helped Whitney go down the road of drug use and even physical violence. Things were so bad that even their daughter joined in on the parents' wagon of drug use.  

Whitney said later that she wished she had gotten out earlier. Whitney died of an apparent drug overdose and a few years later, so did her daughter Bobi Christina Brown. 

2. Chris Brown and Rihanna

Chris Brown and Rihanna, source:@saphira_sakurazuka/Instagram

This is one of the most publicized tumultuous celebrity relationships. Chris Brown attacked his then-girlfriend, our beloved Rihanna in a pre-Grammy’s incident in 2009 and the pop princess’s battered face was news everywhere. Rihanna says in an interview that she should have seen it coming and Chris Brown has paid for his crimes. They got together then broke up and moved on with their lives.    

3. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty

kate Moss and Pete Doherty, source:@thenoughties/Instagram

This was a rocky relationship that ended with Kate losing lucrative contracts after photos of her images of sniffing cocaine surfaced. The relationship is now over - thank the heavens - but the damage was already done.  


A tumultuous relationship is one thing that can ruin you or poison your heart against relationships. If you’re not looking for the signs, you may not even know you’re in one. Don’t live in denial if you’re in one. Take the necessary steps toward fixing the situation and you in the process. Mind you, if you are doing research on it, you might already be in one. Take that leap of faith in yourself before the relationship destroys you, as your own happiness is way more important. 


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