30 Signs Proving He's The Jealous Type

A little bit of jealousy is always there in a relationship, but you can tell whether the guy is a jealous type or not by looking at his activities.

By Sanchari
30 Signs Proving He's The Jealous Type

The green little monster – Jealousy!

Yes, I agree sometimes it really feels nice when your boyfriend turns all jealous. He somewhat looks cute and you can’t help but fall in love with him all over again. But, if this happens on a regular basis and your boyfriend turns into a possessive guy, then it is a thing of concern. Generally, guys won’t tell you that he is feeling jealous. You will have to look into his body language to know whether he is jealous or not. He will give out signs, rather than making it obvious. While texting also you will have to look for signs. He would write double meaning sentences to give out signs that he is jealous. Now, if you look back and think hard, then you will know why he is feeling jealous. Maybe, you have been hanging out with some of your boyfriends quite frequently and your partner is jealous about that. He thinks that you are giving more importance to your friends and neglecting him. Sometimes, your guy can get very sensitive and emotional about certain matters that you feel is not that serious. Therefore, if you feel that there is a sudden change of behavior in your guy, then look out for signs that will confirm whether your guy is jealous or not. If you have just started out, then there are chances of being jealous because he is not sure about your feelings yet. Initially, you will enjoy all these extra attention that your boyfriend is pouring on you by his act of jealousness, but if it continues this way, then you will feel suffocated in the relationship and you might feel the urge of ending your relationship abruptly.

Jealous boyfriend – Yay or Nay?

Jealousy to an extent is a sign that proves your guy is completely into you and he cannot stand anybody else by your side. But, possessiveness is a completely different matter and it should never be entertained in any relationship. You can tell that your boyfriend is jealous by having a glance at his body language. Last night in the party when you were talking to a cute guy, you noticed that all of a sudden the behavior of your boyfriend changed. Why do you think that happened? You must be wondering, he seems to be a confident person otherwise, then why he is acting strangely these days? He is not replying properly to your texts also. Surprised? Yes, you have guessed it right, your guy is secretly feeling jealous and he just doesn’t want to make it obvious and that is why there is a change in his body language and texting style as well. You must be confused and worried about the way things are unfolding. There is no need to stress out; we are here to help you out. We have listed 30 signs to let you know that your boyfriend is simply jealous and there is no other development in his life.

1. Start stalking you

During the initial phase of your relationship, you will feel nice to see your boyfriend dropping in every place you visit. It is those initial phase of a relationship where we want to stay with our guy every single moment. But, if your boyfriend is taking it to the extreme level by stalking you everywhere, then it might get intimidating. He is tracking you over your phone and in person. You are being followed by him everywhere. He is actually stalking you and keeping an eye on everybody you meet and every place you visit. You are enjoying your party with your girlfriends and all of a sudden you receive a call from your boyfriend saying that he wants to meet you as he is missing you. What do you do now? You choose not to reply, so you put your phone on silent mode and start enjoying your time. When your party is over and you finally look at our phone you see that there are 50 messages and 100 missed calls from your boyfriend. If this is how your boyfriend is, then he is stalking you because he is basically a jealous type.

2. Inquisitive nature of your guy tells a tale of jealousy

He wants to know every minute details about your life and how you have spent your day. In case, you forget about something trivial, then he starts thinking that you must be hiding something and start complaining and sulking. You can pacify him only by disclosing every detail round the clock. This is another sign of a jealous guy.

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3. Giving out passwords to your jealous guy

You will have to tell all your passwords to your guy, otherwise, he will start having doubts about your intentions and feelings towards him. He will keep on coercing you to give out all the important details to him as a proof of your love towards him.

4. Your guy will suddenly be too affectionate

All these time, you thought that your guy was not that expressive and would always keep his feelings to himself only. But for the last few days, he started showing affection towards you and is extremely protective of you. Thinking what’s wrong with him? He is actually jealous, but he doesn’t want to tell you that, so he is acting weird. He is scared to lose you because there is this new friend in your life who is managing to win you over. He thinks that he is losing out to him, so he is taking extra care of you and trying to impress you all over again. He won’t tell you about his feelings because he is not sure how you will react, so he thinks it is better to be the romantic and charming guy any girl would love to have.

5. Jealous guy would stop texting

If you guys don’t get much time to interact face to face and texting is your only way to communicate, then your boyfriend might use it against you by not engaging in any kind of texting. He would completely cut off from the texting arena and would also avoid your calls. These are the signs of him being jealous about something that you have done recently. Just tell him that there is nothing to worry about and you are completely madly, and deeply in love with him only, then you will see him texting back again.

6. You can tell whether a guy is jealous

His body language will give away signs proving that he is jealous, no matter how much he tries to keep it under wraps. He is walking around with his chest puffed up and showing the world that he is a tough guy when in reality he is far from that, then it is a clear sign that your guy is jealous.

7. Jealous guy engages in flirting

You have been dating this guy for a while now but you have never seen him too friendly with other girls. But, now all of a sudden he is flirting with your girlfriends and other girls. You must be thinking to yourself that he is trying to move on, but in reality, he is actually trying to attract you towards him secretly. He is suppressing his jealous nature secretly by making you feel jealous instead. You have to look for this sign in his body language to know that your guy is actually feeling jealous.

8. You can tell it from his anger

If he is feeling jealous secretly, then he will react irately about everything around him. He won’t let you explain your act and at the end, both of you will end up having a major fight. If this is happening to you quite often nowadays, then it is a sign that he is feeling jealous secretly.

9. Tell him about other guy and see him jealous

He won’t appreciate the fact that you are mentioning some other guy’s name in front of him. He would be visibly uncomfortable the moment you tell him something good about any random guy. This is a sign that your guy is jealous.

10. Possessiveness of your guy tells the story

Your guy’s possessiveness tells the story of his jealousy. He wants to keep you for himself only. He doesn’t want to share your time with anybody else. If you are with your girlfriends, then also he will call you and speak to you about some silly stuff. He is seeking your attention and nothing else.

11. Tell him about your ex

If you are talking about your ex or you have the photo of your ex, then you will notice that he is totally uncomfortable and is trying to avoid the conversation altogether. You will notice that he is drifting away from you secretly and he is getting all upset about the whole issue.

12. Your guy decides for you

If your guy jumps into every single thing of yours and gets involved in every decision of yours, then it means he is the jealous type. He just wants to ensure that he is part of your life in every single way. If he advises you against going out with other guys, then it is a surefire sign to understand that your guy is the jealous type.

13. Holds you back from new ventures

He is scared that something will happen to you if you are going to try something new for the first time. He wouldn’t let you try something new on your own. He wants to be with you to take care of you while you are venturing into something new. It seems to be very sweet of him and anybody would love to have a guy like this in their life, but these also tell that he is feeling jealous secretly.

14. Control freak guy

He starts dictating terms about whom you should meet and you should avoid. A jealous guy loves to have a control over his girlfriend’s life.

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15. Giving space is an alien thing

A jealous guy detests the idea of giving space in a relationship. He would tell his girlfriend that both the partners should know about each other’s life completely and if that means being a part of each other’s activities, then so be it. A jealous guy always seeks attention from his partner and starts complaining at the drop of the hat.

16. Tagging along

Your insecure jealous boyfriend will follow you around the town. You won’t be able to get rid of his insecurities and jealous nature even if you make every effort to prove your love towards him. To make the matter worse, he would always bring up something to make you feel guilty of the act.

17. Happy to see you being ditched by others

If his body languages tell you that he is happy because your friends have ditched you at the last moment, then actually he is. He would grab the opportunity to let you know that he is the only one who cares about your feelings and is the trustworthy one. You should listen to him and ask him before deciding about something. He will make you believe that everybody other than him is unreliable.

18. He can’t stand your praise

He would get all jealous if some guy is appreciating you. He should feel proud of his choice, but he takes it otherwise and gets upset instead.

19. Envious of other people

A jealous guy always has negative thoughts in his mind about others. He doesn’t feel happy when others around him are happy. If your guy is always sulking about someone else’s happy life, then it is a tell-tale sign of a guy who is jealous.

20. Demeaning your friends

Has it ever happened that your guy is saying bad things about your friends, even when they haven’t done anything wrong? If that has happened to you, then you are surely dating a jealous guy. A guy who is jealous would always make it a point to demean your friends without any rhymes or reason.

21. His eyes tell-tale of his jealous nature

His eyes keep following you in a crowded place. He is keeping a tab on how you are talking to others and meeting others. He wants to know whether you are acting overtly friendly with someone and neglecting him or not. This body language is a surefire sign of his jealous nature.

22. Pouting like a baby

If you just told him that you are going out for a party at night and he is behaving like a kid, then it is because he is feeling jealous. He is thinking in his mind that someone else is more important than him in your life. It is not at all a good idea to stay behind just because he is sulking like that. If you do so, then you are in a way encouraging his immature behavior. If you know what you are doing is not bad and you are not cheating on him, then let him make peace with his mind on his own while you go out and have fun.

23. He will tell nothing is wrong

If you get a reply like this when you ask him whether something is wrong with him or not, then it is a sign of his jealous nature. His body language will tell you that something is wrong and that is why he is behaving strangely, but he won’t accept the fact. Probe him, but if he is not ready to give in, then let him be.

24. Questions your friends about your whereabouts

Lately, he started questioning your friends about your whereabouts just to verify where you have been and whom you were hanging with? This is a tell-tale sign of your guy being jealous who wants to make sure that he is the only guy in your life.

25. Tests your love

It might seem a stupid idea to you, but he is avoiding you to make you feel insecure. He won’t take your call, won’t engage in texting, and won’t show interest in making plans with you and will always be busy with his friends. If he is doing these things to you, then don’t think he is showing you signs that he has moved on in his life. Instead, he is trying to make you feel jealous and unwanted. It is his way of letting you know that he is jealous and wants your attention even more than before.

26. Using technology to track you

If you have come across a new app that is being installed on your mobile phone, then it is hundred percent your guy who has done that. Technology nowadays provides you ample of opportunities to stay connected. There are several apps that tell you the location of your friends and families and keep you posted about their move. In a way it is good, but if your boyfriend is using that to track every movement of yours, then it is not cool at all.

27. He would isolate you

Your guy wants to pull down your self-esteem by making you think that nobody loves you other than him. It is an act of jealousy that you should not encourage. If he is trying to prove that nobody loves you, then don’t give in to his logic and have faith in yourself.

28. Involving friends and families

In case, your jealous guy feels threatened by his existence in your life, he will involve your friends and families and tell them to ask you about your feelings towards him. This is one sign that shows off his jealous behavior.

29. Acting as a bodyguard

If you have a boyfriend who is more like a bodyguard than a boyfriend, then you have landed yourself a jealous boyfriend.

30. Seeking attention

In a party, when you start enjoying with others and don’t give him too much attention, he would make excuses to leave the party right away. It is nothing, but his insecurities that are taking a toll on him. He is feeling left out and jealous about the fact that you are attending others more than him.

Final thoughts

It is human nature to feel jealous about something, but if it is happening every time, then it is a concern for you. If you come across any of these above-mentioned signs in your boyfriend, then girl you are dating a jealous guy.