Best 15 inspiring and binge-worthy children movies 2018

Make family time for these children movies trending in 2018

By Rosemary Zenith
Best 15 inspiring and binge-worthy children movies 2018

Movie time as a family

We all grew up with movies that have played an important role in helping us dream from the young days. For some it was Pixar and for others, it was mainly because of the beautiful classic animation movies of Disney or Studio Ghibli's world of magic and wonder. 

When you are arranging a movie night with the whole house, nothing ruins the fun like fighting over which movie to watch. When there are people of different ages in the group, it is only wise to give the little ones a chance to choose something that they would like to watch. It is not necessary that you have to watch cartoons only. There are several movies that are perfect for family movie nights which will make your child happy as well. So, from now on, let your little ones pick the film for the following family movie night. With these children-friendly movies, the children and guardians will be in for a night of excitement. 

Best children movies trending on Netflix right now

Life can be full of chaos, and being a parent can make it even more stressful. Although you cannot get away from this chaotic life, some of the time you simply need to have a night of unwinding with your little ones. These children movies on Netflix are trending plots that everybody in the family will appreciate and enjoy. 

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1. Kung Fu Panda

Source: DreamWorks

Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American comedy-action animated film created by Dream Works Animation. Po, the panda, may not be a normally skilled kung fu warrior, but rather when his valley is under attack, he unleashes his strength and concentration to be the first panda to do kung fu to defeat Tai Lung, the antagonist in the show. The action-comedy is a good way to relax with the children and enjoy the true meaning of power and friendship. Sequels named Kung Fu Panda 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3 were released seeing the great demand of the movie. 

2. Moana


Destined to lead and ensure a safe life for the people on her local island named Polynesia, young Moana sets off to find the demigod Maui who stole the heart of the earth to persuade him to return the stone and spare the lives of her loved ones. Simple plot with a twist of a brave warrior girl gives the children a new perspective to look at the world from. 

3. Finding Dory

Source: Disney Pixar

Dory's back and she's prepared to find her long lost family in this Finding Nemo sequel named Finding Dory. Dory, a magnificent bluefish, gets isolated from her parents as a child who has a short-term memory issue and keeps on searching for her parents but gets distracted every time. In the flashback of the past film, Finding Nemo, she joins Marlin, a clownfish searching for his missing child Nemo, and this movie showcases these beautiful fishes along with some old casts as well, perfect to keep your babies glued to the television during movie night. 

4. Zootopia

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Source: Disney

This new concept of addressing discrimination and biases of different social classes has been beautifully visualized by Walt Disney Pictures in an animated movie named Zootopia. All the serious ideas will go over children's heads until they are old enough, yet the narrative of bunny Judy Hopps and her time in the Zootropolis Police Department is appropriate for all ages. 

5. The Jungle Book

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The most recent adaptation of Disney follows Mowgli as he experiences the jungle world with his two friends, a bear named Baloo and a puma named Bagheera. Inspired by Walt Disney's 1967 original film The Jungle Book, this movie shares the story of Mowgli, a child’s most loved character. 

Classic children movies for summer 2018

When school is off for summer vacation, what can be a better chilling activity than watching movies with the whole family? Here are some of the classic kid-friendly movies to choose from.

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1. Toy Story

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This movie projects a reality where toys are living things however put on a show to be dead when people are around. The film shows how the toys connect to their owner and fight for his love. Toy Story was the first ever completely computer-animated film. This movie allows children to connect with the toys and adore them with everything that is in them.

2. Shrek

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In a satisfied life of loneliness and isolation, Shrek is an ogre was happy until the point when he meets a feisty donkey and a princess who needs to be saved. This comedy-adventure animated film is an all-time favorite of children and even parents.

3. Hercules

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Hercules does not have any idea, but there is a reason behind why he does not fit in with his human friends. When he falls in love with the delightful Meg, who has been caught by malice Hades, Hercules adventures out to save her and finds why he is so extraordinary. This movie allows children to connect to history and understand the true meaning of bravery.

4. Pocahontas

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Seeking after far beyond the basic life her dad has decided for her, Pocahontas conflicts with her dad's desires to clear her own specific manner as she tries to shield her kin from greedy pioneers out to overcome their local land. Based on the true story of Pocahontas, the movie will motivate your children to bravery and understand the value of kinship.

5. Mulan

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Not fitting with other young ladies in her residential community, Mulan camouflages herself as a boy in the battle to secure her town when warriors are called to battle the shrewd Hun armed force. This movie ignites gender equality and every child should watch this movie.

Children movies suitable for the Christmas season

It is holiday season and what can be better than curling up on the sofa with the full family to watch some Christmas season family movies. Here are some choices for you.

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1. Home Alone

Source: 20th Century Fox

Who does not know the classic Home Alone story where a little boy named Kevin is left alone by his family and turns out the most frightful time of his life to a total comedy. Your child will love to see this movie for the first time.

2. Elf

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Another interesting movie plot for Christmas where Santa’s little help turns out to be not so little. The elf learns he is a human and the funny struggles he faces will surely please your child and family while watching it on the holidays.

3. Frozen

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An inspiring story about sisterhood and love. The movie explores the idea of a snow land with a snow princess and a normal princess who are sisters. Children adore this movie as it also has a cute snowman character named Olaf.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Source: NBC Chicago

Who says Christmas is all about comedy and joyous movies? Why not chill out with your family in the holiday movie night and watch a classic animated movie that claims to be both a Halloween and Christmas movie. It will give your children the creeps but all for good reasons.

5. Rise of the Guardians

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The film projects a tale about Guardians including Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman, who welcomes Jack Frost to prevent Pitch Black from taking over the world by darkness. It is a classic story that helps children to start dreaming about the guardians again and get them in Christmas spirit.


Are you ready to hit the night with your family and children to enjoy a good time watching movies? Go for the classic family movies, animated or original. Either way, it will be an experience your family and children will enjoy this Christmas or any other holiday.

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Have fun and entertain yourself with a bunch of amazing movies with your family!