8 Awesome Apps to Connect and Meet New Friends

The only 8 Apps you will need to meet new friends digitally

By Kimmy
8 Awesome Apps to Connect and Meet New Friends

2019 Best Android and iOS Apps to Download and Meet New Friends

Meeting new people on the internet these days has more or less been tied to online dating apps like Tinder. Back in the days, meeting new people online means getting a penfriend via email or snail mail! It's the most fun time of my life, to just meet friends from different parts of the world and listen to their stories. I met many different boys and girls, but it's just all about building a genuine friendship. It had nothing to do with dating.

These days the internet is overflooding with different dating apps that it's quite hard to find some pure, friendship-based apps for people to look for some genuine friends. But worry no more, so many people out there are just like you. They just want to make more friends and share some joy and laughter together.

It could be that you just moved to a new city or would like to meet more international people from your own city but just don't know the way. Or you just love meeting new people! It really doesn't matter why you want to meet more friends. We all do! Here we will introduce to you the 8 best apps in 2019 to make some new friends! 

1. Meetup

As literal as the name, Meetup provides opportunities for people to meet up in thousands of cities across the world! With over 1,000 interest groups to choose from, you can easily find thousands of people out there that share your interests.

Meetup has successfully helped users organize and run marathons, hosting career meetings to changing users' career path, and to help people getting in shape by gathering gym enthusiasts together! Right after you sign up, you can immediately see all the fun activities that are going on in your city. All you have to do is just to participate and have fun!

You can also join different interest groups to get people to meetup to do the things you all enjoy. Or if you are in a foreign city and want to learn the local language, you can always join the language exchange group. Meetup provides boundariless access for people from all over the world. You can find some good friends to hang out with in your next travel destination, or to start a La La Land fan club in your own community!

Nearly 60% of users gave it a 5-star rating for its user-friendly interface and it's practical functions to truly focus on helping people to connect from around the globe! All you need to do is to download it today and let it change your world!

Available on App Store and Google Play

2. Bumble

While Bumble is known for bringing romance to all those that seek it, it can be so much more than that. It is also for those that simple desire a platonic friendship and develop a closer and more personal bond with someone that you can have fun and share your stories with. 

All you have to do is to register and then select a few photos of yourself, showing your best features and qualities and then go ahead and write a few sentences about you, preferably about both your interests and what kind of friends you are looking for. After that, you're all set to go.

You will be able to see different people's profiles just like they can see yours. If you see something you like, just simply swipe right, if not, swipe left. It's an instant match if you both swipe right on each other and you can just start talking! This is fun and easy and it's one-to-one so it's perfect for those seeking a deeper and more personal friendship.

Available on App Store and Google Play

3. Nextdoor

Nextdoor gets you closer to people from your neighborhood and gives you the intimate feeling to those that are literally close to you. Some may find it hard to even say hi to their neighbors. This apps gives you the chance to interact with them.

You probably see your neighbors a lot, but sometimes it's just hard to start a conversation with them. With Nextdoor, you can organize some local trips, events and share the local news with your neighbors.

Why try so hard to meet a new friend ten thousand miles away when you can meet one right next door? Get the app today and start learning more about your neighborhood!

Available on App Store and Google Play

4. Meet My Dogs

This app is paradise for dog owners! It's the easiest and fastest way to meet fellow dog owners and organize some bone fetching events together! With this app, you can easily look for a play date for your beloved doggie and meet some new friends at the same time.

Discover new secret spots where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon playing fetch with your dog and exchange tips on how to make your dog even fluffier! 

Available on App Store and Google Play

5. PlusOne Social

Too done with dining alone after a long day of work? PlusOne Social helps you easily find a friend to casually have a meal and chat it. This app is designed for workaholics that love devoting their time for work but at the same time want to have someone to chat with.
It's easy to let your job take over your life. Now you can find fellow intellects to have a good discussion about the future development of your field or simply enjoy the company of someone that loves their job as much as you do!

Available on App Store and Google Play

6. Peanut

We have shown you the app for dog owners, now we will show you the app for moms! Peanut is an app for like-minded moms around the world! Making new friends can be hard for moms as you have to dedicate 100% of your time to the sweet little munchkin that you just can't seem to look away.
Peanut connects moms everywhere. You can exchange baby care tips, start an event together, or simply ask for help when you need someone to babysit! It's a strong community with loving moms that are eager to spread that love to everyone!

Available on App Store and Google Play

7. MeetMe

With over 100+ Million users, MeetMe is definitely the app to get to make new friends. Their features including video calling with local users and live streaming with users from around the world. If you are feeling lonely at night and just want someone to talk to, just open up the app and see who in your area is up for a video chat!

Live streaming is also one of the unique features of this app where you can live stream the fun activity you are doing and let more people see what a fun person you are! MeetMe is great for those that are outgoing and not shy at all to present themselves in front of cameras! Making friends is just that easy!

Available on App Store and Google Play

8. Skout

From the same company as MeetMe, Skout has been around for over a decade now, creating thousands of new friendships every day. A lot of people use this as a dating app. But the original point of this app is to connect people, especially travelers, around the world.
It's the perfect app if you're traveling to a different country for a few days or weeks and want to know the cool local spots or a gym buddy. You can always make some international friends in your hometown and show them around and make them feel like home! This app is easy. As long as you get a match, you can start chatting and making events together!

Available on App Store and Google Play


Everyone wants to meet a new friend every once in a while. It's always interesting to hear new stories and discover new spots to hang out. Our circumstances might make it hard for us to meet new friends in person or sometimes we just feel too tired to filter out those that we don't want to talk to in social events so we just decide to not talk to anyone at all. 

With different social apps these days, we can easily decide who we want to talk to and find our soulmate in a platonic way. Try out the 8 apps we recommend for you and make some new interesting friends for the new year!


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