15 Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Celebration with Spouse

How to celebrate your wedding anniversary with these cool ideas

By Madiha A.
15 Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Celebration with Spouse

Surprise Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Him

Love should be celebrated every day; which is practically not possible after marriage. If it is the first anniversary and you still don’t have a baby, you can do whatever you want or like on the day you tied the knot one year ago. When you have life happening around you in the form of children and responsibilities you definitely need something extra special on the anniversary. No matter how many promises you made before marriage to remain infatuated; something always falls short at the end of the day. Let’s get rid of candlelit dinners and Rose bouquets and surprise him with something special on the next wedding anniversary. 

1. Re-Create the First Date

Whether you met at a friend’s place or a random bar, re-creating the first date will bring back the memories that faded over time. Conspire with his friends and make them bring him to the place where you first met and go with your friends you went in the first place. Try to wear similar clothes and greet him just the way you did for the first time. 

2. Re-Live the Wedding Day

If your wedding had a certain theme, try re-creating the theme on the anniversary. If not exactly, play around the same colors and decorations. Lots of pleasant memories will be refreshed and the evening will be spent in an extremely sentimental and romantic way.

3. He Loves You but His Hobby Too

Every man loves to do something besides the usual husband stuff. It can be any sport, gaming, sailing, or painting may be; taking him out to one of his favorite activity zones will surely surprise him to bits. An anniversary on a sailboat or in an art gallery, at a gaming arena or a stadium, is good enough to make him feel special and surprised. 

4. The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his Stomach

If your man loves food, there is no other good way than to surprise him with a table full of his favorite home-cooked dishes. Cook everything that he loves to eat, all the sweet and savory dishes along with his favorite drinks and wait to see the look on his face when he enters in the home full of lovely aromas. 

5. Celebrate it at Midnight

New day starts at midnight and so does your anniversary. Surprise him with a romantic setup on the roof or backyard at midnight. Use fairy lights and candles for decoration. Put a throw and grab favorite snacks; lie down under the sky full of stars and talk, talk and talk.   

Surprise Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Her

Pleasing a woman isn’t difficult you just need to know which strings to pull and when. The anniversary is a great time to surprise her with something unusual and surprising. Here are some good surprise wedding anniversary ideas that will leave her speechless.

6. Re-Live the Honeymoon

Honeymoon is no doubt the best time of life. You not only get to see different places but also enjoy each other’s company. Whether you chose the Hawaiian Islands as your honeymoon destination or opted for serene beaches of Fiji, re-living those memories would be a great experience. Give her a surprise on the anniversary and take her back in time to enliven the wonderful romantic days and nights of the honeymoon.

7. Cook Her Breakfast

Get up before her on the anniversary day and cook her a good breakfast. If you start earlier, you can collect some simple yet great recipes from the internet and make her a fancy breakfast. Waking up to a romantic breakfast tray will keep her ecstatic the whole day. 

8. Take Her to the Dream Destination

Taking time out of busy schedules and routines isn’t easy but the anniversary is the best time when to put aside all the workloads and think about spending quality time with your loved one. Every couple has a dream destination that they plan on visiting whenever they got a chance in life. Take her to the dream destination this anniversary and make memories to cherish in the years to come.

9. Spend a Fun Day Out

Spending a fun day in each other’s company is something she will always remember especially if she loves romantic movies and has watched “Before Sunset” several times. Start with breakfast at her favorite place and then move on to parks, museums, art galleries, bars, and cafes. Watch a movie in a theatre or plan a movie night at home. Having dinner at a fancy restaurant or in front of the TV at home both will be equally romantic and wonderful for her.

10. Leap of Faith

Arrange something that she wouldn’t be expecting. A ride in the hot air balloon, bungee jumping, scuba diving, paragliding, rafting, and canyoning are some great ideas if you two love adventure but didn’t have time to try. Make this anniversary memorable by taking a leap of faith; for good.     

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21 Best Marriage Anniversary Wishes for your married friends There are probably two days in a year that stand out for most couples on a personal level, one being their partner's birthday and the other the wedding anniversary. 

Best Wedding Anniversary Gift for the Couple

Most couples keep anniversaries to themselves for the first few years. The joy of spending time with each other and enjoying the alone time is unmatched. As the years go by you start liking the company of friends and family more than anything even on the anniversaries. You get to meet people you love and kids can spend some fun time with cousins and friends. 

If you have received an anniversary invitation, the first thing that comes to mind is “gift”. Buying an appropriate gift can be tricky but here are some ideas that will give you a hint about available gift options for a couple who is celebrating their wedding anniversary.

11. "Mr Right & Mrs Always Right" Glass Set

"Mr Right & Mrs Always Right" - 22oz Stemless Wine Glasses Set of 2, Gift for Wedding Married Couple, for Engagement Gifts

Gift for the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary should be either fun or functional but this glass set that says “Mr Right” and “Mrs Always Right” is both fun and functional. Every time the couple drinks from these glasses they will appreciate your wit.

12. Set of Two Matching Stainless Steel Flasks by Unconditional Rosie

Wedding and Anniversary Gift by Unconditional Rosie

If your coffee stays hot in winters and drink stays chilled in summers, you should say thanks to the friend who gave you this flask set on your anniversary. The message printed on flasks will surely put a smile on the faces of the couple.

13. Moon Ambient Light

mamre Moon Ambient Light DIY Anniversary Wedding Valentines Day Gift Ideas Art Décor

Spending a night under the full moon with your loved one sounds very romantic. Giving a gift that brings this romance of cuddling under the moonlight to the inside of the house is extraordinarily creative. Moon ambient light by Mamre is an elegant decorative lamp that mimics a couple sitting under the moonlight. The lamp will not only add warm glow but also an atmosphere that is extremely romantic and one-of-a-kind. The lamp has a wood grain shell is dimmable with a touch sensor. The set comes with six decals with messages like “we still do” and “Love Never Fails” makes it perfect for anniversary couple.

14. Kissing Mug Set by Blue Devil

Kissing Mugs Set, Exquisitely Crafted Two Large Cups, Each with Matching Spoon, For Him and Her on a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Engagement or Anytime a Couple Wishes by Blu Devil

It is important to keep the spark alive throughout the married life. Giving a gift that looks and feels romantic will be well received by the couple. Kissing mug set by blue devil is a perfect combination of utility and romance. Even if it is not in use, face-to-face placement of mugs where face contours perfectly fit in a kiss position makes it perfect for decoration. 

15. T-HAOHUA Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook

T-HAOHUA Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook - Our Adventure Book Wedding Photo Album Scrapping 11.6"x7.5" inches, 80 Pages

With every family vacation, birthday and anniversary, thousands of memories are made. It is difficult to keep those memories safe and fresh. As time passes, memories fade and details are forgotten. Although printed pictures have become obsolete if you get a perfect scrapbook, getting photos printed is inevitable. The sturdy cover will keep your precious memories safe with style and class. The caption on the title is “Our Adventure Book” which perfectly defines the contents of the scrapbook. Buying it as a gift for the anniversary will be considered thoughtful and will be thoroughly appreciated.


A wedding anniversary is not just a day to celebrate the day you tied the knot, it is a time to make promises for an even better and romantic future. Every anniversary brings you closer and makes the bond strengthened. Every couple is different and so are the ways they like to celebrate their anniversaries. Some like to celebrate privately, others like mega parties where they get a chance to have fun with friends and family. Have fun in any way possible. Don’t let your anniversaries go unnoticed and uncelebrated. 

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 You love your spouse, so when your wedding anniversary comes around, it is only natural to want to celebrate the occasion with a gift.  



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