10 Binge-worthy Dating Shows trending around the World

2019 trending and popular dating shows people are watching

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10 Binge-worthy Dating Shows trending around the World

Best Reality Dating Shows in 2019

We all have to admit that we're all once so interested in reality shows, if not still, just because it's so dramatic. We all need a bit of drama in our lives to keep things interesting. Reality dating shows have always been a hot topic. People love seeing other people finding love and some just like to see if it's all fake or a set up for the views. Whatever it is, reality dating shows certainly put some fun factor in our lives.

When The Bachelorette first came out, everyone started going crazy about it and started rooting for and against the show. We live in the 21st century, if people want to show their love life on TV, we love to watch!

Here are the 10 best reality dating shows we found for you. You don't need me to tell you how much fun it is to watch reality shows so make sure you start watching them today!

Reality Dating Shows Showing on TV

1. The Bachelorette

Ever since it's debut in 2003, The Bachelorette has been on everyone's TV guide. It's successful not only because it's one of the first to start the trend of reality dating shows, but of its spicy and juicy content.

Women a few centuries ago were taught that we're a subject of men, a property. Men can have so many different love interests but if we do, it's the ultimate crime. The idea, of course, hasn't been around for a while already, but still, to publicly to it from a women's perspective was still quite a new concept at the time, even in our time.

The Bachelorette tells you that even as a girl, you get to explore different love interests and enjoy life. There's no reason why a guy dating a few girls is a champ but a girl dating a few guys is a whore. We're all free to explore our possibilities and The Bachelorette clearly shows that by matching the bachelorette from each season with at least 25 different love interests to see who would be the one.

2. Love After Lockup

This may sound a little bit disturbing at first but I guarantee you, it's worth watching. Women started getting to know their potential future spouse while the guy's still in prison. They chat and they connect, but how will they get along once the bars are gone?

This show takes us to a few different couples' lives and sees whether they will still feel the same about their soul mate when it's not just writing poems and love letters. They have to live together and understand every bit of each other, for good and for worse.

It takes another look to how we perceive love these days as well. A lot of people have their bias towards prisoners. As long as you've been or are still in jail, you must be a terrible person and whoever falls in love with you must be a psychopath. People are in jail for many many different reasons, some may not be as unforgivable as you'd think. Being with an ex-criminal is hard because when other people challenge your choice, you'd begin to think you're not a good match after all. Words can cause wars and the show will show you exactly how it happens.

3. Seeking Sister Wife

Every reality dating show agrees with polygamy to a certain extent, rarely is there a reality dating show that shows fairy-tale-like love stories. If that's what you're into, Seeking Sister Wife is definitely taking it to the next level. It shows three different unique families in different stages of polygamy trying to incorporate new partners into their lives.

Love is pure, if you believe in one love, that's great. But for these people, loving someone shouldn't be a constraint to loving another. You can love many people at the same time and not lose love for another. Some families want to bring another partner so they can love more people at the same time. It certainly looks fun for them and they enjoy it so much. Take a look at the show and maybe you will understand too!

4. Big Brother

We've all heard just how messy and dramatic Big Brother can be. 12 complete strangers started living together, with their every move recorded on camera, it'd make you think they'd all act civilized for the sake of their own image and reputation, but that's not even close to the truth. When humans desire something, they'd go a long way to get it.

With all the seasons of Big Brother, we've seen just how people can cheat on their partners in front of the camera and trash talk their ex like they're nothing. Some would even frame other people for stuff they didn't do just to isolate them. This show will fit all your definition of craziness and more.

5. Are You the One?

Do you believe love is scientific? What if there's a tool that can calculate the compatibility of you and your partner so you don't have to waste time on each other? We are all composed by chemicals and atoms, some believe that everythings is scientific. Feeling in love is merely a stimulation. So, if you can calculate correctly, you can easily find the perfect guy for you. 

It's up to you to believe whether or not you can explain love, but for sure you will find it interesting to hear what they think about putting love in a formula and maybe you will learn a thing or two from it!

6. The Proposal

It's a new TV show by ABC in 2018. This is definitely not the convetional reality dating shows that you've seen. 10 girls in each episode enter four rounds of contests to showcase their talent and their personality to win over the heart of a mysterious man. They don't know who that man is until they win.

Everyone gives their best to win the competition so they can fall in love with a guy they've never met before. Are they more in love with the idea of love than the person they love? You will have to watch it and find out yourself!

Reality Dating Shows Showing on Netflix

7. Back with the Ex

Ever felt like you wanted to just get back together with that one person that you miss? Maybe you feel like there's more you could've done to save the relationship. This show aims at reuniting ex couple to give them a whole new perspective as to why they broke up.

It's currently trending on Netflix as well! Everyone has that one person that they want to get back together with, they just don't know if they're just being emotional or it's true love.

8. Cheapest Wedding

This maybe a different type of dating show than you'd imagine. Couples are getting married but they're so stressed about all the expenses and how to organise everything. And of course, the family drama that happens at every wedding.

This show is perfect for those of you going through pre-wedding stress. There're plenty out there going through the same, and you would love the bickering scenes!

9. Terrace House

It's a Japanese reality show on Netflix. Six young boy and girls all join together to live in a terrace house for the summer. While drama is expected, it's a great chance to understand the Japanese culture! How dating and social rules influence people on the other side of the world.

Besides, a summer in a terrace house is just visually pleasing on its own. It will ease your mind and soul just watching some beautiful young souls enjoying life.

10. Daniel Sloss: Live Shows (Jigsaw)

Okay, this last one I will have to admit it's not a reality dating show, but it's so, so good that everyone on the internet has been going crazy over it. It's a stand-up comedy that will make you rethink everything you think you know about yourself and your relationship. If you love reality dating shows and are always curious at why people act the way they do when they are in love, you just need to watch this show.

Sloss gave some very truthful insights about people in a relationship. He has successfully broken up more couples than you'd want to know. The truth he spoke will make you rethink about yourself even if you think you're in a perfect, happy relationship. 

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Everyone experiences relationships differently, watching reality dating shows could give you a whole new perspective of things. All is fair in love and war, something that's always true with reality dating shows. And you never know, maybe you will find something very useful that applies to your situation! Get started on the shows we recommended you today!


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