8 Most Essential Rules When Dating Younger Women

The official rules, pros and cons, tips of dating younger women

By Diana Nadim
8 Most Essential Rules When Dating Younger Women

Pros And Cons Of Dating Younger Women

There are a lot of things that people usually consider when dating and one of them is age. So does age really matter? This is a question that you will never get a uniform answer to as it usually varies from one person to another. The most common answer to this question is that age is just but a number. 

Matters of the heart are truly complicated. Tastes and preferences also differ from one person to the other. In our society, it’s widely accepted that women like dating men who are older and men prefer being with younger women. Relationships do not always work as they should which is why people get divorced or separate even after getting married.

In some instances there are children are involved and when parents separate the women are left as single mothers. Being a single mother does not mean that life is over as we all need love in our lives. So what happens if you were to date a woman who is in such a situation? The following are some of the pros and cons of dating women with a child and also in her 20s.

Dating a Woman In Her 20s

Pro: She has less emotional baggage

A woman in her 20s has less emotional baggage compared to older women. This is because at that age she has not really experienced much in life as a woman. When you get older you go through a lot of ups and downs which wears you out both physically and emotionally. A woman in her 20s is much fun as she is a free soul.

Con: She lacks maturity and wisdom

Unfortunately, this statement applies not only to young women but also for young men. As we grow older we experience a lot of things and with this experience, comes wisdom and maturity. Majority of women in their 20s usually lack maturity and wisdom.

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Pro: She helps you see things differently

A young woman will, without doubt, help you to look at things from a totally different angle as you are from different generations. Even though you are older than her, she will introduce to things that you did not know or have never done. Trends keep on changing and with her influence, you will find yourself developing a fresh outlook on life.

Con: Starting a family and settling down is not her priority

This is one of the challenges you must be prepared to face when dating a woman who is in her 20s. At this age, most women and men all they think about is making lots of money,  enjoying their life and think about their careers. This might be a challenge for you if you are older than her and want to settle down.

Pro: She is hot

This is not to say that older women are not hot and beautiful because they are. A woman in her 20s is, however, much hotter and juicier! Everything about her at this age is usually perfect starting from her skin to her shape. She is usually a sight to behold.

Dating a Woman With A Child

Pro: She’s not clingy

This is one of the best aspects of dating a woman with a child. She gives you the space you want and she will not insist you be with her every time you are free. This means that unlike other women, a lady with a kid will understand when your plans change because it’s also common in her life.

Con: There is a probability that you might not get along with her kid

This is something that you cannot control and even though it’s easy to get along with younger children, you can find yourself in a situation where the child is not impressed by you. In this kind of a situation, women will always choose her child over you and rightly so.

Pro: She is ready for a serious relationship

Most of the times, a woman who has a child will date with expectations of settling down once again. The reason why a woman with a child avoids having casual relationships is that the kind of life she lives also affects her child and her priority is providing a stable family environment for her child.

Con: Her ex

If she is not a widow, then you should be prepared to deal with the father of her child as he will always be in her life. This is, however, not a big issue if her ex is a reasonable and respectful man. Challenge comes when her ex is the kind of person who doesn’t respect boundaries and keeps trying to win her back.

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8 Important Rules When Dating Younger Women

There are rules that you have to keep in mind when you are dating younger women and some of them are such as:

1. Be honest with her at all times

Honesty is usually the best policy in all types of relationships. This means that you should always be honest about things such as to why you are attracted to her. Talk openly about things that you like and don’t like about her and your relationship will be healthy.

2. Always act your age

You should not try to act her age, instead; you should continue acting your age as your maturity is one of the things that attract her to you. Being mature also assures her that you know what you want in life and also makes you someone she can learn from.

3. Do not treat her like a fling

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Even though she is young, when you are dating you should always treat her like a girlfriend. This shows her that you are serious and not just playing games like other men her age.

4. Give her the freedom to live her life

Young women are free spirits so you should not pressure her to live in a way that suits your life as you will fail miserably. You should instead let her live her own life and she will settle down when she is ready. Things such as marriage and having children are big life-changing decisions and will require her to be ready.

5. Avoid making the relationship all about sex

No matter how breathtaking having sex with a young woman can be, you should avoid making sex the most essential thing in your relationship. For the relationship to be a success, you will also need to be connected intellectually and romantically.

6. Try your best to keep up with her

Young women are active and you should make an effort of keeping up with her on every occasion. This can be a challenge but you have to make an effort and that means being ready to do fun things such as clubbing once in a while.

7. Be ready to be judged

This is one of the things you cannot escape when you are dating a younger woman. Everyone usually has his or her opinion, and unfortunately, not all people will have good opinions when they see you two. Some might automatically assume you are her sugar daddy while others might assume you are her dad.

8. Be calm and collected when meeting her parents

If you want your relationship to be serious then you will have to meet her parents. You can easily find yourself being almost as old as her dad which can be very weird. No matter what happens, you need to remain calm throughout.

Tips And Advice When Dating Women Who Are A Lot Younger Than You

Some of the tricks and tips to consider when dating a woman who is a lot younger than you include being mysterious at all times. Note that this does not mean you lie to her, this means that you keep her guessing as it will make her be more interested in knowing more about you.

You should also keep your energy high as this is the only way you can be able to keep up with her. Young women are full of energy and this applies even when it comes to sex and their social life. Being alive to current trends is also a good thing as it will make you be interesting, this, however, is not as easy since you will have to go out of your comfort zone.  

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Age is just but a number! So you should not hesitate to be with someone because they are older or in this case younger than you are. What matters most is that you love each other and you are both happy. As Woody Allen rightly said, “the heart wants what it wants.” So don’t be afraid to go for it.