The Best Toddler Outdoor Playhouse for the Active Tots

Keep your child young and free in these toddler outdoor playhouse

By Madiha A.
The Best Toddler Outdoor Playhouse for the Active Tots

Toddler Outdoor Playhouse with Slides

Children learn to understand the world around them over time. They observe and comprehend situations and make deductions at their own levels. Parents need to provide learning opportunities for better development of these tiny human beings. Play mostly means child-directed amusing activities that are satisfying and enjoyable. 
Getting your own playhouse is a dream come true for every child. Playhouses improve imagination, promote physical activities and inculcate social skills. Here are a few toddler outdoor playhouses with slides that will make a great addition to your front porch or backyard. 

1.    Hide-N-Slide Playhouse

Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House: Toys & Games

What is better than a little dream house for your child? A house with door and windows and a slide of course that too on your deck. Hide-N-slide playhouse features a 47-inch slide for non-stop fun.

2.    Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Tree house

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

A playhouse offers adventures and ultimate excitement to the young explorers. Step2 Lookout tree house comes with a periscope and fun slide. Kids can have unlimited fun pretending to be a pirate and the slide offers a quick getaway to the newly explored land. 

3. Apollo Rocket Activity Center Playhouse

Starplay Apollo Rocket Activity Center 3.95' x 6.76' Playhouse

Touching the sky and grabbing the stars is a dream every child's dreams. This Apollo Rocket Playhouse will make your child’s dream to ride a rocket come true. Lightweight playhouse is easy to steer and offers endless pretend play of visiting the moon and touching the stars. Slide down once the trip is over.  

Wooden Children Outdoor Playhouse

Designating a special play area for growing kids becomes the need of the time. You don’t want them running after each other around the house because this is what kids do when they have nothing to do. In order to take all this energy outside, you need something fun. Outdoor playhouses are the best solution to engage kids of all ages. Doesn’t matter if it is a toddler or a teen, they can have an equal level of fun with outdoor playhouses. 

Wood being natural and eco-friendly should be the first choice for furniture to playhouses. A few fun wooden children outdoor playhouses are shared below for your consideration.

1.    Backyard Discovery Columbus All Cedar Wood Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Columbus All Cedar Wood Playhouse

A house with door and windows, play sink, stove and flower pot holders will be a source of excitement and joy for every child. Columbus playhouse has it all. The sturdy cedar wood structure is very easy to assemble. Perfect place for children to play house. 

2.    Backyard Discovery Aspen All Cedar Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Aspen All Cedar Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

Playhouses are a great way to boost self-confidence as children get to understand their potential and capabilities. The more exposure and learning aides they get, the better are the chances of wholesome development of children. Backyard Discovery’s Aspen All Cedar Playhouse features an oval split door, a small kitchenette with kitchen accessories with a side serving station, toy lanterns and a working mailbox. This playhouse offers tons of opportunities for the development of diverse aspects of personality. 

3.    Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn All Cedar Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn All Cedar Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

To design a playhouse that, apart from play, imparts basic life skills requires an insight into the basics of human development. Victorian Inn All Cedar Playhouse by Backyard Discovery is designed keeping in mind the elegant Victorian era. Large window and English garden bench, fully stock kitchen with appliances and Velcro food offers a perfect place for hours of fun. The reviews will force you to order it right away for your little ones.   

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 It is no secret that children love to pass their time by playing or doing physical activities. 

Plastic Toddler Outdoor Playhouse

Selecting activities for children that hold their attention for more than a few days is very difficult. One thing that kids never get tired of is a playhouse. No matter how simple or ordinary a playhouse is, children with their creativity will make it interesting and fun. They have the ability to create a whole imaginary world out of nothing. Playhouses come with an unlimited number of features and in a variety of styles and forms. Plastic toddler outdoor playhouses are mostly lightweight and easier to transfer from one place to another. They may not be as sturdy as wooden playhouses but they are definitely less painful if your child runs into them. Find below a selection of plastic toddler outdoor playhouses you can have for your home: 

1.    The Keter WonderFold

The WonderFold – Keter Easy to Fold Children’s Folding Playhouse for Portable Indoor and Outdoor Fun

No matter how big or small your yard is, if your kids aren’t having fun, space is useless. Keter WonderFold is specifically designed for smaller spaces. This smartly designed playhouse can be assembled and folded without much assistance and can be stored in compact spaces. Playhouse gives your child his own little space in between the adult world. 

2.    Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse

Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse

The kitchen is a very fascinating place for every child, especially so when they have been asked to excuse themselves from the actual place everytime mommy is going to cook. Going through kitchen drawers and playing with utensils is quite fun. A playhouse that has a kitchen in it can win every child. Welcome Home Playhouse by Step2 has a detailed kitchen with a sink and pretend stove, a folding play table, skylight and pretend doorbell. Spacious interior can accommodate 2 to 3 kids so they can all have fun at the same time. 

3.    The Cottage Playhouse by Living Better Now

Living Better Now Children Playhouse Plastic Kids Outdoor Garden Log Cabin Fort Cottage Backyard

The best thing you can give your child is a playhouse. The more realistic it looks the more enjoyable it will be. Cottage Playhouse is a mini replica of contemporarily styled cottages. Made out of fade-resistant plastic, this playhouse resembles a real cottage. Working doors and windows with shutters, mail slot and flag holders will be a treat for kids of all ages. Easy mobility and fire resistant body makes it the best among its competitors. 

4.    Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

Not only adults but children too need a home away from home. Vibrant colors, realistic outlook, kitchen elements, fireplace, clock, play-phone and shelves will enrich the imagination and boost creativity. 

5.    Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center

Step2 Neighborhood Fun Center

Having fun with friends is the ultimate joy of childhood. Playhouse is a perfect place to bond with friends and enjoy hours of pretend play. Neighborhood fun center by Step2 has an activity wall, a slide and a built-in picnic table to keep your tots busy. The activity wall features hook and loop ball target and ring toss that not only keeps kids occupied but also improves hand and eye coordination.  

DIY Outdoor Playhouse for Kids

“Give children toys that are powered by their imagination, not by batteries.” ~ H. Jackson Brown

No matter how big, small, expensive or low cost a playhouse is the benefit that your child will receive from having one cannot be described in words. A child who has the ability to amuse himself with his own shadow can make his imagination fly to the sky while playing in the playhouse. Creating playhouse out of cardboard or wooden planks is easier than you imagine. View below how to DIY outdoor playhouse for kids.

1.    Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard playhouses are easier to create and can be evolved into bigger and better ones as your child grows. The video shows how to create a playhouse out of cardboard boxes. All you require is cardboards, duct tapes and lots of crazy imagination. See how simple and fun it is!

2.    Pallet Playhouse

Pallets may look like useless pieces of wood but if you are a little creative and familiar with the use of simple tools, you can create great items of everyday use out of pallets. This video will give you an idea of how to create a sturdy toddler playhouse with pallets. You can fill up the playhouse with whatever your kid likes, use daily items that are already available in your home and make it familiar and cozy. Set it up in your garden or backyard and let your toddler have the best time of his childhood.    

Toddlers are so full of energy that it gets difficult for parents to keep up with their momentum. Finding and creating activities that keep these tiny creatures occupied is tricky but not impossible. With all these playhouses at good affordable pricing and even some DIY options, it's time to bring the play outdoors!

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