15 Innovative and Hot Flirting tips to get that dream date

Learn how to land that dream date with these useful flirting tips

By Sylvia Epie
15 Innovative and Hot Flirting tips to get that dream date

15 Best but subtle flirting tips for guys to land that first date

Flirting is an art, it’s a subtle form of communication between two people who like each other. Flirting comes naturally to some people while others freeze at the thought of it especially with someone they have a crush on. If you struggle with flirting, we’ve lots of tips to help you master this art and get your crush to ask you out on a date in no time. 

1. Say something cheesy to break the ice

We’ve all probably been on the receiving end of some cheesy and lame pick-up lines. Sometimes as lame and recycled as they may sound, they do a good job breaking the ice. It may even steal a smile from your crush and you’re off to a good start.

2. Use Original Compliments

You may be tempted to use the usual ‘’ You have a beautiful smile’’ but stay away from cliched compliments because she has heard it all. The best way to go is to observe her for a minute and find something original and unique to her to compliment.

3. Remember The Little Things

A man who pays attention to details and remembers the little things will always impress the ladies. Repeating what a person tells you back to them in your own words shows that you understand them and connect with them on a deeper level that cannot be ignored.


4. Have A Sense Of Humor

It’s no news to anyone that women find funny men more attractive, this does not mean that you should be a stand-up comedian or crack jokes all day but rather that you should have a good sense of humor. This means that you shouldn’t take everything so seriously all the time, it’s about showing her that you can see the lighter side of situations.

5. Make and Hold eye contact

One sure way to flirt with a woman is to make eye contact and hold it. This may seem scary especially for a shy person but it’s a great way to make your interest clear and see if the other person is also interested. According to psychologists, this is usually a signal of availability. If the other person looks back and holds your gaze, it means they’re flirting back and giving you the green light.

6. Use the power of touch

Research shows that a light touch on the arm makes it more likely for you to get her number. Just make sure it’s a soft and non-sensual touch, like on the hand, wrist, shoulder, waist. Nothing too familiar that will make her uncomfortable.


7. Portray confidence

The most important aspect of flirting is self-confidence, without this every technique you apply is futile. To successfully flirt your body language must portray that you’re comfortable and relaxed. For your flirting to be effective you have to appear in control of your environment, no fidgeting or awkward movements.

8. Be playful

Keep it light and playful, think of flirting as a game, there’s a flirting technique called ‘’push-pull’’ this requires that you show her a little bit of interest and then playfully draw back and let her come to you. You’re guaranteed she won’t goet bored and she’ll keep coming back.

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9. Listen Up

Don’t try to get too witty, or talk too much to beef up the conversation, give her room to speak and listen to what she has to say. Try not to get caught up in yourself and she’ll definitely like you enough to go on a date with you.

10. Use props

You can use props as conversation starters, a prop is an accessory that says something personal about you. You could wear a T-shirt with a cute picture or a message or maybe a hat with the name of a place you visited. Other forms of props could be your dog, a kid, unusual jewelry or a cool book.


11. Master the smile

Practice your best smile in front of the mirror until you have your best smile locked down. Find out if your smile is mysterious, confident, shy, cute, heart-warming and use the one that is right for the situation.

12. Suggestive jokes

Humor makes it easier to say things you won’t normally say without feeling creepy. Use slightly suggestive jokes to get your point across, but nothing too overboard. How far you take it will depend on what’s acceptable in your cultural context. 

13. Take the lead on making plans.

Women like men that take initiative and are decisive about certain things, take the lead and ask her out, decide where you’re taking her or propose date ideas and plans for both of you. 

14. Sweetness and Light

Flirting is all about a sense of lightness, it’s not intense or demanding, create a sweet atmosphere that is not awkward, nervous or painful. Have fun with the situation, don’t think too much about what you’ll do or say next, just go with the natural flow.

15. When In Doubt, Be Direct

At the end of the day if you don’t know what strategy suits you best or fits the situation you find yourself in or you’ve exhausted all your subtle flirting techniques, bite the bullet. Be direct tell her upfront how you feel without any drama or grand gesture. This option is not an as low risk as the others but it has been known to work.

15 Best but subtle flirting tips for women to land that first date


16. Let a hottie catch you looking at them.

Usually, when someone catches you staring you look away, but next time your love interest is in the same room as you, stare at them and maintain the look when they catch you, smile back and wink at them if you’re courageous enough. This tells them that you’re confident and they’ll find an excuse to come and talk to you. 

17. Ignore your crush... but not for long

This tip may sound counter productive but it actually works, it will strike your crush’ interest if you start a conversation with someone next to him without including him. Just smile at him but pay attention to the person next to him especially if it’s a mutual friend and how he’ll fight for your attention.

18. Smile and say hi

To be on your crush’ radar if he hasn’t noticed you yet, smile and wave or say hi when walking past them and they’ll start noticing and paying attention you.

19. Show Off Your Neck and Shoulders

It’s not a secret that men are visual creatures, they’re attracted to bare skin, so do not hesitate to show a little cleavage, pop an extra button or flaunt your shoulders and curves as long as you keep it discreet and classy. This will send a sexy and confident vibe that will not go unnoticed.


20. Use Your Drink as a Seduction Prop

If handled correctly a drink or a glass can be an excellent prop, you can play with your drink sensually or hold your glass playfully in your hands and it will attract attention. As long as you’re not fidgeting or using your glass as a barrier or shield you’re fine.

21. Asking their opinion

Letting someone know you value their opinion is not only flattering but also makes them feel important. A good way to flirt is to ask your crush for his advice on something, nothing serious though, you want to keep it casual, don’t go asking for financial advice. Instead, you could ask which ice cream flavor in your local shop will they recommend. 

22. Sharing

Sharing is a way of showing that you care, we were all taught this basic lesson back in kindergarten. So why not use this to your advantage? If you happen to be eating cookies or even fries next to your crush, offer him some. This encourages camaraderie after all sharing is caring.

23. Whisper in his ear like you have a secret to tell him

This may sound bold but if properly executed, it works wonders. When you’re both in a crowded and noisy place, use the opportunity to whisper something in his ear and let your lips ‘’accidentally’’ touch his ear.


24. Lean on him

Use every excuse to lean on him, try leaning on him while adjusting your heel or losing your balance in a crowded place and holding onto him for support.

25. Flip your hair

Guys love this move, take your hair with one hand and flip it to the other side slowly while talking to him. Do it in a sensual but unconscious manner, like it’s second nature to you.

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26. Hug him when saying goodbye

When saying goodbye, lean and give him a soft hug but make sure you lift your chest high enough for him to feel your breasts against his chest. This will leave a lingering feeling he won’t forget too quickly.

27. Ask him to sniff your new perfume on your hand

Don’t use perfume on your wrist but ask him what he thinks about your new fragrance, when he said he doesn’t get any smell, propose your neck for him to sniff. Then when he’s sniffing accidentally nudge so he plants a kiss on your neck.

28. Place your hand on his thigh while talking to him.

Place your hand on his thigh when telling him a story or explaining something, let your finger linger for a minute and then move it away

29. Wear red lipstick

Red is considered the most sensual of colors, use red lipstick or a red dress to get your point across. A red dress or lipstick is attention-grabbing, it makes a woman appear more open to sexual advances so be ready when you opt for this route.

30. Copy his body language

Mirroring a person’s body language leaves the impression that you’re both in sync if he sips his drink do the same, when he leans in, lean in too. Just be subtle about it so it seems natural because if he notices, he’ll think you’re creepy.



The best way to flirt is to do it for fun and not for what comes next, the moment you start thinking about what will happen next, anxiety and nerves kick in and it’s no longer natural. Go with the flow and don’t think things too much, stay in the moment and enjoy the banter, playfulness, and laughter that all come with an instant connection.