30 Sweet and Adorable Couple Nicknames for Him and Her

What unique couple nicknames do you like to call each other

By Michele
30 Sweet and Adorable Couple Nicknames for Him and Her

Being in a healthy relationship, with someone special, is one of the best feelings and blessings. When you love each other, you also care about each other and make sure that everything is done in a romantic manner. During that course you also choose a special name for your girlfriend or boyfriend to grab attention.

Why do we use nicknames instead of original names? Well according to my opinion, the original name gives a formal or you can say a sophisticated touch to informal communication. Romantic and friendly couples do not prefer the original names and replace them with some funny nicknames.

Aren’t you tired of hearing ‘baby’, ‘bae’, etc.? It is about time that we focus on some creative and interesting couple nicknames. In this article, I have put 30 most adorable and sweet couple nicknames that you can choose from for: her/ him and couples too.

By giving a nickname to your loved one, you initiate a spontaneous and an affectionate bond. The nickname can be silly or funny, but not a disrespectful one at all. Don’t worry, I haven’t chosen any lowly nicknames. So let’s explore a bit.

Unique Couple Nicknames for Him

Source: http://jettlife.org

So you don’t find it interesting at all, calling your guy with his original name. Alright, I get it; after being in a relationship for some time there are several things that get boring. Keep the spark alive and choose a nickname for ‘him’, which is unique and sweet with a hope that your guy will also love the new informal method of addressing each other.

1. Ace

Doesn’t it sound cool and sexy? Calling your guy - Ace! Well, this nickname is perfect for those men, who are genius and dependable.

2. Dāngjiāde (当家的)

It is a Chinese word, which means – the in charge of the home. While not commonly used, it’s a perfect unique name for a guy, who feels like home. Such a distinct name for your special one!

3. Mon Homme

Source: http://sorayalni.s.o.pic.centerblog.net

Got a strong and significant boyfriend in your life? Then this nickname is the perfect option. These are basically French words that mean ‘my man’.

4. Bellissimo

Is your man very good-looking? Then you can give him this Italian nickname it means ‘very handsome/beautiful. Relating beauty is a different criterion for everyone out there.  Just imagine pronouncing this nickname and making him feel special and of course loved too.

5. Caramelito

Isn’t it a really different name for a guy? Well it will go very well with one who is sweet, innocent and caring. Totally a romantic nickname! 

6. Yankee

Is your guy a pure American? Well to be honest it doesn’t even matter. I just found this very sweet and kind of informal. Call your guy Yankee and make him feel cool and special.

7. Zorro

Source: https://www.grittv.com

A perfect name for a guy who is both: mentally and physically strong. This strength enables him to defend you and protect you always. So do you have a Zorro in your life?

8. Valentine

If you are lucky enough and have a man, who is always in the romantic mood then call him your Valentine – forever. There are some, I repeat ‘some’, guys who never get tired of showing some extra care and respect to their girlfriends.

9. Sexy Dork

Got a sexy plus nerdy guy? Well call him a sexy dork and I am sure he won’t get offended.

10. Nibbles

Your boyfriend/partner/husband always drives you crazy? If yes, then call him nibbles, a perfect name for those who get you all worked up. 

Unique Couple Nicknames for Her

Won't it be too boring to save your girlfriend's number with her original name over the phone? Guys are actually too carefree about this nickname thing. But to tell you honestly, the girl in your life deserves to feel special and respected. I am going to help you guys out over here so that, you can choose an adorable and a sweet nickname for your special girl.

11. Wang Hou (王后)

Got a woman, who makes you feel like a king? Then you need to award her this Chinese nick name, which literally means a queen.

12. Chérie

Make your women feel loved by calling her chérie, the French word for – sweetheart.

13. Fiore

A girl beautiful like a flower needs to be called a ‘fiore’. It is an Italian word for flower. I find this word very sweet.

14. Bonita

So got a girlfriend, who is extremely attractive and pretty? Call her Bonita! It’s a perfect word for adoring your woman.

15. Tigress

There are some girls, who are: passionate, energetic and daring. If your girl falls on these attributes, don’t get amazed when she gets fierce when you, call her a tigress.

16. Sweetie Pie

It is a perfect nickname for a girl who is helpful, understanding and loving. Simple yet equally sweet and adorable!

17. Moonshine

Well it is a special nickname meant for those girls, who have been there with you through the darkest hours. Make your girl feel special by calling her moonshine – bright, hopeful and supportive.

18. Lil Missy

Well it’s more of a funny nickname but still sweet. This nick is right perfect for those girls who have an attitude of a celeb.

19. First Lady

Treat your woman the right way. It is one of the most respectful and adorable nicknames out there. Call her your first lady, as she is the most important person in your life.

20. Dreamboat

Every man has some sort of sketch in his mind related to the girl he likes. What’s better than getting all that you could have thought of in your girl? Ain’t less than a dreamboat!

Interesting Couple Nicknames Adapted From Movies

If you have a look at some famous movies, you will come to know that are exciting couple nicknames to choose from. I have chosen a few movies that focus around couples. Let’s have a look at some interesting couple nicknames adapted from movies.

21. Gomez And Morticia – The Addams Family

Source: https://nypdecider.files.wordpress.com

From ‘The Addams Family’, this couple has often been seen calling each other affectionately. Gomez calls her ‘Cara Mia’ or ‘Cara Bella’ while Morticia calls him ‘Mon Cherie’ or ‘Darling’.

22. Rose And Jack – Titanic

Source: https://thumbs-prod.si-cdn.com

It is probably the most famous and loving couple. The names ‘Jack’ and ‘Rose’ are still being used as a nickname to depict love, loyalty and sacrifice.

23. Allie And Noah – The Notebook

Source: http://images2.fanpop.com

This couple name has been around for quite a while. Couples use this name to depict love, commitment and a strong relationship.

24. Baby And Johnny – Dirty Dancing

Source: https://www.flare.com

Such a sweet couple name! Quite an old pair, but the names have been used as a nick by couples to portray their faithfulness, togetherness and hope.

25. Katie And Hubbell – The Way We Were

Source: http://i.cdn.turner.com

Not all love stories are complete. It’s a bittersweet experience. This couple nickname is ideal for those, who lost love while finding it.

Find out What These Celebrities Call Their Other Halves

Source: https://hips.hearstapps.com

Well it is quite difficult to find how different celebrity couples address each other. But all thanks to paparazzi and social media too. I have managed to fish a few interesting names. Let’s find out what different celebrities call their other halves.

26. Tyga Used To Call Kylie Jenner “Captain Ron”

Source: https://assets.capitalxtra.com

Probably teased her as she didn’t watch his favorite movie! No longer together but it was quite a sweet nickname for Kylie.

27. Jennifer Aniston quite often Calls Justin Theroux only “Hey”

Source: https://media.wmagazine.com

Justin does the same, calls Jennifer ‘hey’! That’s the way you stay simple yet adorable.

28. Demi Lovato willingly Calls Wilmer Valderrama as “Jesus Christ”

Source: https://akns-images.eonline.com

Probably it’s used more privately! Let’s not go into the details.

29. Kim Kardashian has called Kanye West a “Ned”

Source: https://i1.wp.com

Kanye doesn’t find it funny at all! But as we know Kim loves teasing her man.

30. Sofia Vergara since 2015 has been calling Joe Manganiello all “Muscles, Muscles, Muscles!!!!”

Source: https://akns-images.eonline.com

Probably due to Magic Mike XXL! You need to see this film to have an idea behind this nickname.

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I hope you are thrilled after seeing all the unique and interesting nicknames. It has been quite a work, fishing all those nicknames for you.

While giving a nickname to your loved one it must be made sure that you don’t hurt his/her sentiments. Love and care need to be retained while addressing your partner.

The good thing is that you can change the pet name whenever you want – depending on the ups and downs of life. Make sure that your loved one approves of the nickname that you chose or at least likes it secretly – even if he/she shows some frustration trust me it’s a hit!

You can use the nick during private conversations, for sending love notes, exchanging cards and anywhere else where you think it’s suitable and adorable. Spread the love.