Not Sure? 20 Signs He Wants You Back But Is Too Scared

Ever suspect if your ex might want you back after your breakup but he is simply too scared to admit it? Look for these signs to find out!

By Rebecca L
Not Sure? 20 Signs He Wants You Back But Is Too Scared

You have to play a part

Your ex is giving you signs that he wants to get back but he is too scared. It is up to you to step up and help him cross the finish line.

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Deciding to not continue with a relationship is one of those decisions that might turn back and hunt you. If your boyfriend broke up with you it is certain that he will feel bad sometimes and it has not been an entirely easy journey for him. He might have been thinking about it every night of every day. You can only be reading this post if you also want him back and you are looking for signs that tells you so. If you want him back you will always pay attention to him and if you do then you are likely to notice these signs. This is a very long list of signs your boy friend wants you back, more reason you should grab a cup of coffee or some chips (don’t if you are on a weight diet) and slowly read so it sinks into your head and stays in your mind.

1. Your ex texts you back

He still calls, texts and message you on social media, and he always wants to know how you are doing and say hi (that’s what they always say). The truth is he wants to hear your voice and let you know he still cares about you but doesn't want to admit it; he will always try to keep the conversation simple and short because he is scared that discussing some certain things will get you angry and this is a sign he wants you back. If your Ex boyfriend has moved on with his love life after breaking up with you, he will not bother calling or contacting you. For your ex to contact you it means he is showing remorse and wants to come back to you.

2. You frequently bump into each other

Have you bumped into you Ex more than once and you have lost count on how many times you both have unexpectedly met each other. It might be in a coffee shop, groceries store, park or the subway. In this case, do not think he is stalking you; he just wants to see you. You always meet at the coffee shop because he knows the time you get your coffee, he knows when you board a train and he can’t resist meeting you there. This is a good sign because he is not stalking you; he just wants your attention, for you to notice and see that he wants you back and can say it.

3. He is scared to let go of your things

After break up, you and your ex boyfriend are not comfortable seeing each other and it is a tradition that you both return each other’s belongings and gifts or so. You do this to show you do not need each other anymore and nothing belonging to any of you matters anymore. But in his case it is different; he has not returned your stuff and is still holding valuable and more significant items and he won’t give it back if you do not agree to meet him. The reason why he wants to meet with you might be to admit his unwise decision to break up with you and apologize to you. This is a very good sign and if you want him back you should try seeing him and listen to whatever he has to say.

4. He shows signs of improvement

If your Ex has given up all his bad habits or you find it difficult seeing his old bad habits when you used to be with him. You cannot see these habits because you have talked to him about it before and he wants to win you back by behaving the way you have always wanted him to behave.

5. You always catch him staring

Another sign that he wants you back is you always catch him staring at you, he always makes eye contact. The moment you catch him staring, he takes his face away and tries to still a glance at you at the slightest of opportunities. This is a very good sign, making direct eye contact.

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6. He talks about you with your friends

At this point, he is closer to your friends than he was before, and he talks about you with them; though basically, he doesn’t ask them to talk to you. He always finds about your welfare from them and you see your friends telling you they saw him and he said they should say hi.

7. He always looks back into the memories

How often does he talk about the memories he shared with you, how often does he remind you the day he met you or funny things you did together. The memories he discusses with you are only the good ones. Another sign is that he recounts the time you were together, the only reason he hangs on to these memories is he wants you to remember the good old days. Sometimes, it is hard for a man to admit his mistakes, and they feel very strong about this when they talk about the things the memories you guys share.

8. He gets back to you immediately

If your ex-boyfriend wants you back another sign is he answers most of your SOS calls and help requests very fast and almost whenever you need it. You should at least recognize his efforts and you can give him a sign you want him back too. Appreciating what he is doing will send him signals you are also ready to accept him back.

9. He shows signs of interest in your love life

The reason why an ex-boyfriend that wants you back, will want to know about your relationship status is that he is jealous and is scared. He is interested in knowing your relationship status because he hopes you are not in any. If he talks about this with you, try answering the question honestly and do not tell him you are in a relationship when you aren’t. it is a major sign that he is still into you and wants you back.

10. His friends have held a rendezvous with you

The only reason why his friends will talk to you, about your Ex is when they start getting worried about him and can’t see him lose his mental state. His friends tell you how depressed he is losing you and how desperate he is of getting back to into a relationship with you, but he is scared to tell you in person.

11. You are in his long term plans

Has he talked about how he will not like to miss your omelet and how he will love to have kids like you and so on and so forth? He is including you in his future and long term plans. Indirectly, he is suggesting he will love to spend his life with you but he is directly giving you a sign that he is serious about you and wants you back.

12. He or his friends call you when he gets drunk

Despite the fact that he is your ex-boyfriend, his friends still think you have a huge influence on him. They think he would do whatever you want him to do which includes stopping the drinking habit. They know he still likes you and that you alone can help him in the situation he is in. Though this might not be a very strong sign as he will certainly not admit it, there is a possibility that he wants you back.

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13. He is still single since the breakup

Most people that break up in relationships easily find themselves in another relationship, hoping that it would help them forget the memories of their last relationship. So, if your ex-boyfriend has not been in any relationship since the breakup that is a sign that suggests he hasn’t found someone he loves and wants you back.


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14. He is eager to start conversing

He sees every moment you are with him as an opportunity to win you back, so he always tries to initiate conversations and keep you occupied with him. He does this hoping you will start getting comfortable around him and make you closer to each other.

15. He solicits for your presence

This is one of the strongest signs he wants you back because if he doesn’t care he won’t value your company. If he just wants to spend few minutes with you and just talk, it means he still enjoys your company and still has emotions and feelings for you deep down and it means only one thing, he wants you back.

16. He shows signs of admiration for you

If he compliments your beauty it is not much of a deal, but when he starts noticing very small things like you did not apply your eye shadow and notices your favorite color in what you are wearing at the time, then he is definitely paying attention to you. Not everyone will notice small details like that, and if he keeps noticing things like that then he is so into you, and the least you can do is make it easy for him.

17. He is overly cautious, almost scared of you

The 17th sign on this post is very common among guys that just broke up with their girlfriends, but are looking to get them back. They instantly turn gentlemen, they pick your pen for you and try as much as possible to avoid body contact when giving it to you. They are scared of holding your hands and they avoid eye contact when you both are together.

18. He shares a lot about himself with you

He is depressed and disappointed in himself and he feels you are the only one that can lift his spirit. He shares his private life with you and is very okay telling you what is going on with him. You should see this as a sign he wants you back because he doesn’t see you as an Ex girlfriend, rather he sees you as a companion he can trust.

19. He engages you on social media

If a guy likes a girl whatever the girl posts on social media is interesting even if it seems boring. Your Ex will always like your posts on social media and will have you on all his social media accounts. He will also try to pass messages to you indirectly by posting how he is single and how he has not been okay since he left you. This is a very strong sign that he wants you back and this is one of the most obvious signs.

20. He takes the blame for the breakup

Even if the reason for the break up was yours, he doesn’t even care because it makes no point. The last sign is he takes the blame and keeps trying to make you understand why he broke-up with you. And if you were the one that broke up with him he will press you to tell him why you made the decision. He will claim to understand you better and has learned from his mistakes and is ready to make it up. He takes all the blame and asks you to take him back as your boyfriend. If he does this, this is the sign that fully tells you he wants you back so badly.

He is scared to tell you the truth... are you?

These are signs he wants you back but is not bold enough to say it to your face because he knows he has wronged you, but every night he cries and longs for you, his eyes bleed for the love you both shared but he is clueless how to pour out his heart to you. So watch out for this signs if you are unsure your boyfriend wants you back