11 Couple bucket list ideas that you and partner should try

#YOLO- Clear This Bucket List and Try All as a Couple

By Sarah Potter
11 Couple bucket list ideas that you and partner should try

There is nothing more fulfilling than reaching your goals as an individual, how much more as a couple? Couples (dating or married) are always the most romantic and bonded when they set future goals together, plan towards and support each other’s dreams. But hey, doing all these without creating a bucket list for yourselves wouldn’t be complete, would it?  

Creating an amazingly fun, sexy, thrilling and exciting bucket list would add a lot of fun to your relationship or your marriage and would definitely go a long way in strengthening the bond between you and your partner. Wondering what you’d put in your bucket list? We have just the perfect and ultimately exciting ideas, for you and your partner. This list would give you and your lover, the ideal, romantic experience. You can also create much more exciting ideas using our list.

Dating Couple Bucket List Ideas

You deserve a relationship that is void of monotonous activities but filled new and exciting experiences that would help create lovely and romantic memories. To get this done, you need to call up your boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé/fiancée today, create a bucket list, add some spice to your relationship and create those lovely and romantic memories for your selves. Here are some excellent ideas for your bucket list that would definitely fit into any schedule you both have, as long as you're willing to work towards it:

1. Stargazing is absolutely romantic

The stars are as beautiful as you two. Have you ever tried stargazing from your rooftop? It would be a fantastic way to spend your evening with your lover. Although it doesn’t always have to be a rooftop, it could be a field, your back yard on the roof or bonnet of your car. Looking at the stars, laughing, making wishes, talking and cuddling would make a lovely memory and relishing experience

2. Make love or Make-out Somewhere Exciting

Sounds crazy right? It would definitely be one of the most exciting and memorable experiences for you and your lover. Try out the elevator, an open field, the beach, an airplane, on a rooftop. Get wild and adventurous with your sex life, by making out or making-love in sexy and thrilling locations. Ps. Don't get caught.

3. Ever tried out Tango?

Dancing is fun, exciting and would definitely be an excellent idea for your bucket list. Tango is one of the sexiest and sensual types of dance which originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a partner dance that emphasizes and dwells on passion and close connection between the dancers. This dance makes you feel sexy and also causes an increase in your hormone levels. If you don’t know how to dance the tango, you could attend a few classes with your lover.

4. Music Concerts are Awesome

Take your partner for a music concert of a band he or she admires or you both admire. If you have to travel to the next town, state, take the next flight, just do it. You could even have your own music concert in your room or parlor, or anywhere in your home that would suit you best, sing out loud, play some instruments and have some fun.

5. Try Out Karaoke Duets

You mustn’t be great singers or have great voices to sing and have some fun. Visit that bar down that the street or wherever it is, muster up some courage and sing any song together. It could be a song you both know or not, but make sure you have some fun while doing this.

6. Up the sky

A romantic kiss right when you guys are at the top of the Ferris wheel would be an unforgettable experience with your partner. This would still be possible at a local carnival with your partner. Make sure your partner isn’t too scared of heights; this would ensure a smooth and exciting experience.

Married Couple Bucket List

After a few years of marriage, work and the kids begin to take so much of your time, that you hardly ever have time for your partner. You would definitely need to have something planned out for just you and your spouse to reconnect and relieve you of the stress; here are a few ideas for your bucket list.

7. Go on a Date

With the whole bulk of work in your hands, I bet you’ve not gone on a date for such a long time. You could include this in your list. Visit your favorite restaurant or a new one down the street or a fancy restaurant would also do. Anywhere that would suit you both would be great.

8. Cliff Jumping Sounds Exciting

This sounds pretty scary, but it as exciting as it is scary. If your worry is about safety, there a lot of safe and suitable places that would give you chills. Find out some of these places, go right there with your partner, hold hands, don’t forget to plug your nose and jump while screaming with a mix of excitement and fear.

9. A Couples Massage would be Great

Source: Tara Angkor Hotel

Getting a soothing massage with your lover just lying next to you is fantastic. Go to a spa and have a professional masseur do his magic. You could either do a full body massage or a foot massage, whichever suits you both.

10. Hot Air Balloon Rides

This would be all shades of fun. Pick a date, time and a place. Get a hot air balloon ride, take pictures of yourselves and together, take photos of the city from above. Share a kiss in the sky, this is absolutely romantic.

11. Relive your First Date

What was your first date like? Can you remember how shy you were? The clothes you wore? How much you might have tried to look impressive? You could try that out again, this would definitely bring back warm memories and feelings. Go to the same venue, wear similar clothes, talk about yourselves and recapture each moment.

Best 3 Couple Bucket List Journal

Creating and writing down your bucket list with your partner, helps you both to take note of each other’s priorities and would also ensure that you put into action what you have written.

1. The Bucket List for Couples by Love book

The Bucket List For Couples


The Bucket List for Couples: Lovebook, Kim Chapman: 9781936806416: Amazon.com: Books

The Journal “The Bucket List for Couples by Love book” is a great choice of journal for couples. It comes with spaces for different categories such as travel, adventure and so on and it also some spaces for placing pictures.

2. Our Bucket List

Our Bucket List


Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples: Lux Reads: 9781948209076: Amazon.com: Books

For couples who love to be adventurous and want to try out every exciting thing possible,  try out the perfect journal “Our Bucket List: A Creative and inspirational Journal” which allows you to plan and record all your goals

3. Our Adventures

Our Adventures: A Bucket List Journal For Couples with 101 Ideas for Romantic and Fun Adventures; Checklist pages for 101 adventures and 101 journal pages, Couples or Partners Journal of Adventures: Megan Adams: 9781985720664: Amazon.com: Books

Megan Adams has also created another perfect journal “Our Adventures.” This journal comes with spaces for your goals and checkboxes. It also comes with 101 ideas for you and your partners' list.

Top 3 Couple Bucket List Book

A bucket book list for couples would help you and your partner to come up with fantastic ideas for your bucket list that would help your relationship grow stronger.

1. Because I Love You

Because I Love You: The Couple's Bucket List That Builds Your Relationship: Jeffrey Mason: 9781795276306: Amazon.com: Books

Jeffrey Mason’s book “Because I love you” is a great recommendation especially for newlyweds. It comes with great ideas, quotes and encouragement that would help you out with your bucket list

The Sex Bucket List For Couples

Sex Positions - The Sex Bucket List for Couples: 100 Sexy Positions and Naughty Challenges: Madison West: 9781717567963: Amazon.com: Books

The book, “Sex Positions: The Sex Bucket List” written by Madison West is an exciting book for couples who would set new and adventurous goals for their sex life.

3. 175 Best Date Ideas

175 Best Date Ideas: The Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples: Alida Quittschreiber, Melinda Martin: 9781530220687: Amazon.com: Books

Alida Quittschreiber and Melinda Martin have done an awesome job with the book “175 Best Date Ideas: The Ultimate Bucket List of Dates for Couples” which has new and exciting ideas for a date, movies, and the likes.

Top 3 Couple Bucket List Apps

There are a few apps that can assist you in making a fascinating bucket list. They help you with ideas and also serve as reminders about your plans with your lover.

1. Wunderlist


Wunderlist: this bucket list app is not just suitable for you and your partner but also for you as an individual, it allows you to share your lists with your partner and keep your selves update.

‎SimplyUs - Shared Calendar, ToDo Task List & Organizer for Couples on the App Store

Simply Us: as goofy and cheesy as the name sounds, it is a top rated awesome app. That allows you to share your create and share your lists and even sync your calendars. Thereby always keeping you both informed about your activities. It also allows you to send and share texts and photos.

Just take note that it is for iPhone only.

3. Couple


Couple: this app is totally free and is made just for you and your partner. Not only does it allows you to create and share your bucket lists but also allows you to send and receive messages, photos, calls and the likes.

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Creating a bucket list with your partner is very exciting, but doing everything on that list is more exciting and thrilling and would leave you with beautiful memories. To create a bucket list, you would definitely need a journal, or an app to help you out, and we’ve recommended the best there is. Books are definitely a great source of knowledge; why not get one of the recommended couple bucket list books to get more intriguing ideas for your list.