How To Effortlessly Charm A Girl And Leave Her Craving For More

In order for a man to woo the girl of his dreams, he has no other option but to learn to be suave. Below are some tips you can use to charm any girl:

By Auntrone89
How To Effortlessly Charm A Girl And Leave Her Craving For More

Why is it important for a man to master the art of charm?

If you want to charm the girl of your dreams, there are a number of things that you need to work on first. One of the most important things you have to do is make sure that your first impression leaves a lasting mark on the girl (in a good way, of course!). Here's how you can go about achieving it:

1. Being direct will charm the hell out of that girl

The first thing you need to understand is that girls hate it when men beat around the bush. So, if you want to charm the panties off of that girl you’ve been eyeing, then you better be direct and get straight to the point. Any girl, including one who doesn’t have any intention of being with you romantically, will be more interested in you when you are confident and direct with your approach. Apart from not wasting both your time and money, being direct will show that you have strong alpha male qualities and that you are a go-getter. But you also need to understand boundaries and not ask for sex when you just met a minute ago, unless you want to come off as a jerk. You can show your intention through being flirtatious and letting your body language do the rest. It’s no wonder charming a girl is called an art. It takes practice before you can charm any girl right off the bat so always be patient and direct. It will pay off with time. For practice, you can get any female friend and ask her to help you master the skill of being direct without being too forward for comfort.

2. Charm that girl with your passion

Someone very wise once said that women want passionate, ambitious men. Take the chance to tell her all of your dreams. Okay, maybe not everything, because you also want a little mystery to complete your charm. Select the one dream that you are actively chasing and then make sure that you are working towards it. Girls love guys who are actively chasing their dreams and are not just daydreamers. If you want to be a bestselling author, show her some manuscripts you are working on. Don’t just sit there and try to look all hot and passionate but have nothing to show for it. Doing the latter will only show her that you are a good for nothing person with no real goals. Even worse, she might end up thinking that you just do things for the sake of getting laid and that will kill every chance of getting with the girl you are trying to charm. So, before you start talking about your passions to a girl you are intending to charm, make sure that you are working tirelessly towards achieving those ambitions. That is how charming works. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, keep reading this post on the art of charming and you will learn a thing or two about it.

3. Use compliments to charm a girl

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Complimenting women is a necessary part of charming them. These things have gone hand in hand since time immemorial. A girl always takes time to look good and complimenting her just shows that as a man, you have noticed the effort she put in her overall look. If you make a habit of complimenting women, it will definitely be an amazing thing because they will love you for it, including that one girl that you like. But when it comes to giving out compliments, the most important thing for you to do is avoid exaggeration. Women are hot-wired to notice when you are overdoing something. So if you make a habit of doing so, your goal of charming the girl will backfire, terribly. Also, make sure that you are complimenting something that is for real. Don’t compliment her outfit when you know she's wearing sweatpants and an old shirt. You’ll look like a fraud and that is exactly what we want to avoid. Every girl has at least one part of her body and personality that she loves. Focus on complimenting that bit of her and she will love you for it.

4. Be a little mysterious

If you are an open book, then you will fail to charm the girl who has tickled your fancy. Girls love thinking about the man who is wooing them and if they know everything about you, then there is nothing mysterious about you. That said, you can only charm a girl if you let her into your life step by step. If you are a rock star, just ask her for a casual date and then avoid talking about your career and fame. Then ask her out to a concert you are playing only for her to see you moving a crowd of sixty thousand in a stadium! Just take a moment and picture her reaction afterward. Get the drift? And that is exactly why you need a little mystery to charm the girl. Don’t talk about how successful your business is or how good you are at karate. Bragging is a huge turn off. Rather, let these qualities and achievements roll out slowly and it will do your work as far as charming the girl of your dreams goes. And that is exactly why James Bond never tells a girl his full names at once. You know the famous line: "My name is Bond, James Bond."

5. Charm that girl by associating her with positive emotions

Have you ever sat down and imagined why it's difficult for you to forget your ex-girlfriend who left you for the old, unattractive guy who drove a Mercedes? Probably not. But I’ll tell you why. It’s because she caused you a lot of pain. That just shows you how important it is to leave a lasting impression on a girl because she will never forget you if you do so, ever! The same thing happens when someone makes you feel happy, special or important. If you do your work properly, then that girl will always associate you with amazingly hot emotions, meaning that she will always look forward to being with you all the time. So, if you want to charm a girl the right way, you can start by making sure that you flirt with her without crossing boundaries. Touch her in a very gentle, respectful way, make her feel like a princess, and watch her fall head over heels for you. f you don’t know how to go about this, you have nothing to worry about. Just like with everything else, charm is one thing that you can learn and master. All you need is sheer dedication and you will be good to go.

6. Humor is effective and can charm any girl

Just like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is through laughter. Make her ribs tickle and she will most certainly fall in love with you. And the good thing about being humorous is that you don’t have to pull an Eddy Griffin for her to like you or laugh. You can start by sharing a couple of funny memes with her. If you do this on a regular basis, she will know you as the funny guy because you make her laugh so much. You can also learn a couple of universally funny jokes and share them with her. Unless she doesn’t respond to funny things, she will always find you funny and that will make it a tad easier for you to charm her. Remember, you don’t have to try too hard to charm that girl. All you need to do is give it your best without trying too hard with humor that is clearly not working. And if she doesn’t respond to your humor or advances, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can always charm the next girl using the same techniques. Besides, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you shouldn’t beat yourself up just because one girl doesn’t find you attractive.

7. You’ll charm that girl by letting her chase you

Nice guys will always lose because they deny women that one thing that they always crave for – the excitement that comes with chasing a man. And for this to happen, then it means that you would have mastered the art of charm before the hottest girl in town starts chasing you desperately. First, you can show interest in the girl and show her a good time, maybe take her out on a date. Then cut off communication with the girl for a while and let her wonder what's going. This technique isn’t meant to make her lose confidence but to question the kind of man you are. Most men always want to follow-up immediately after having a good time. But if you want a unique approach, move on with your life as if the girl doesn’t exist. Let her be the one to make the calls and texts for a change and that will make the chase exciting. Be vague about plans because you are genuinely busy but then after a while, organize another date. If you do this right, she will jump at the opportunity to meet up with you even if she had plans. And that, my dear gentlemen, is how powerful the art of charm is when used on any girl.

8. Let your touch charm your girl of choice

Using a girl's sense of touch to your advantage is a very important aspect of the art of charm that can be mastered over time. If you are meeting up with a girl you like for the very first time, it is imperative for you to start touching her as soon as possible. It might be a handshake, a hug, a gentle touch on the small of her back and so forth. It's easy to come up with excuses to casually touch her to make her more open to you. Even though most people think touch isn't effective, it shows that you mean well and that you find her adorable. Strategic and very gentle touches should suffice, especially if you are intending on charming a girl that you just met. You also need to understand that the kind of touch you give a woman depends on the level of relationship. If you just met, it would be a good idea to reserve your touches for her hands, the small of her back, or her shoulders, unless you want to get pepper spray in your face. Move on to other areas like her waist when you're more comfortable with each other. Be strategic, patient and most importantly, respectful and you will master the art of touch, which is very important when charming a girl.

9. Charm a girl you like by flirting with other girls

When you aren’t officially dating the girl you like, always make sure that you are hanging out with other hot, high-quality girls. You will most certainly charm the girl you like if she sees that other girls are literally dying for your attention. Nothing shows high social value than a lot of hot girls being around you. So, if things between you and the girl you want to charm aren’t official, don’t hesitate to go out with hot women in your life. And make sure that you post the photos on social media so that she can see how many good things are happening in your life without her. That way, she knows that she wants someone that will make other girls envy her, simply because she has something that they can’t have. That way, she will start chasing you even more and it will be easier to get with her. You can also get to interact with other girls once you have asked her out. Don’t hesitate to have a good time. It will most certainly charm the girl you want without even a single effort from you.

10. Flirting is a charm that’ll definitely get you the girl

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You can never charm any girl without flirtation. Flirting is an art that you have no other choice but to master. You can compliment her sweetly and then flip it around by saying something suggestive out of nowhere to make her blush. Being comfortable talking about sex and other "taboo" topics is also a very important bit of flirtation because it shows that you are comfortable in your skin, which is a big turn on for women. Never have a problem giving your opinion on just about anything. However, try not to seem like a know-it-all. If you can do that perfectly, then you will most certainly be able to charm that girl effectively. Always make sure that you also tease her from time to time because teasing and flirting always go hand in hand if you want to successfully charm a girl. You can also combine other elements of the art of charm with flirtation. Some of these elements might include eye contact, gentle touches, and so on. And if you do this the right way, then you will most certainly have success in your sights.

11. Go for it, Mr. Charming!

Confidence is key if you want to charm a girl. If a girl sees that you're nervous and sweating bullets while talking to her, she'll feel awkward or turned off. You need to project confidence if you want to win a girl over. Just take a deep breath and go for it. Overthinking is the enemy here.

12. Read her verbal and body language

In your quest to charm the most beautiful girl in your world, you will also find just how important it is to read her body language. Girls are very different and that means you can’t use the same approach on every girl you meet. Some girls are bold, others aren’t. Some are wild and outgoing while others are quiet and reserved. That said, you will need to read her body language because it will decide how to charm the girl. If she is shy, try pulling back a bit because too much aggression will push her away, even if she likes you. So always make sure that you tread very carefully especially when you go out with her for the very first time. If reading her verbal as well as body language is proving a little difficult, just come clean and tell her to tell you how she feels. Admitting that she is hard to read is a charm of its own. You can ask her about things she likes and those she doesn’t, and you can use that information to charm her. Always customize your approach while depending on the girl and you will definitely be successful. Just make sure that you are practicing as much as you can so that you can succeed. This is a great excuse to flirt with different girls for "practice"!

13. Work on your body language

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In order to charm the girl of your dreams into being yours forever, you need to show interest. That is why your words should complement your body language. If you are talking to her and telling her just how much you find her attractive, always make sure that you are looking right in her eyes with a lot of desire. Your body needs to face her and not away from her. That way, you will most certainly draw her in because girls always pay attention to body language, especially if she is really interested in you too. Make sure that you practice especially how to place your body when in her presence. Crossing your arms shows you aren’t comfortable and that can push her away. Instead of that, you can spread your legs and push your chest out. Keep your body calm and confident and she will feel relaxed too. It not only shows your interest in her but it also shows that you are an alpha male who has his life together. It would also be a good idea if you took the time to update your wardrobe because being stylish will definitely put you on the map as a man who knows how to carry himself well.

14. Groom yourself a little!

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A very big part of being able of charm your way into a girl’s heart is by grooming yourself well. You just won’t get her attention if you look ashy. Dressing or grooming yourself properly doesn’t mean that you have to invest in very expensive attire. Wearing Gucci from head to toe isn't going to guarantee that you'll get a girl's number. You can find very affordable outfits from your local thrift shop. Tip: make friends with the “thrift guy” so that he can help you find the best items in store. Make sure that all your outfits fit you perfectly and your clothes are always clean and pressed. Trim that beard because it's not always November! And even if you love your facial hair, at least try to brush it up and comb it once in a while. If you aren’t great in the grooming department, your female friends can always come through for you. Since women know a thing or two about the men that they find attractive, they can give you some tips on how to improve by using you as a human Ken Doll. If they don’t like your shoes, get rid of them. Yes, men can get attached to shoes but damn bro, that pair of Air Jordan’s is ten years old. Let them go, just let them go.

15. Being the alpha in a group of men is charming

A girl wants the best man possible. So, when you and your buddies are out, always take the lead. Not to say that you start ordering your boys around! That will make you look like a prick instead of charming. Just make sure that you are calm and collected and even offer to take care of a couple of rounds. Always be there for your friends and take good care of them when drunk. Now that's charming! Doing that will give her the idea that you are an alpha male who isn’t scared of taking care of the pack. And she will want the “she-alpha” position by all means necessary. You see how that won you the girl even without flirting with her? So, the next time you are out with your boys, it isn’t going to kill you if you take care of them as well. Because that is what charming men do!

16. Maintaining eye contact is charming

It takes a very strong, confident, and charming man to hold eye contact with the woman that he wants. Just make sure that you aren’t overdoing it because when it comes to eye contact, there is a very thin line between charming and creepy. Just try to hold it long enough to show that you find her super hot and everything will work out in the end. You can couple eye contact with very gentle touches and strategic flirting. Watch this combo workout some magic because it's super charming. Just make sure that you are doing everything respectfully. Don't force anything. Some girls might be shy and look away while others might hold your gaze for a while. Either way, keep your confidence high because confidence has a charm of its own. Again, if it doesn’t work, there is no need to be too hard on yourself. Maybe she just isn’t that into you and you should find someone else who is.


When all is said and done, it is imperative for a man to learn the above tips if he wants to charm the girl of his dreams. The good thing is that charm is something that can be easily learned. That means that you will have to be patient and motivated if you are to become successful when it comes to charming the girl you want. Thanks to the internet as well as other avenues that are available, you can easily find articles on how to charm a girl like a pro. Even better, find a coach or a good buddy to help you. And once you have learned a thing or two about how to successfully charm a girl, remember to keep on practicing and not stop working hard once you've won her heart. Wooing the girl of your dream is a fulltime job. The good news is that it’s never too late for you to start. At the end of the day, you will not only be more attractive to classy, high-quality women but you will also improve your self-esteem while you are at it. It's a win-win situation for you!