Top 10 2nd Anniversary Gifts To Get For Your Partner

The list of 10 best 2nd anniversary gifts to give your other half

By Linda F.
Top 10 2nd Anniversary Gifts To Get For Your Partner

Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated. Although there are no hard and fast rules, some people tend to stick to being traditional in things that are important to them, gifts included. As per the Chicago Public library, traditionally in the US, the second-anniversary gift is cotton and in the UK is paper. The modern gift is China. The second-anniversary flower is the ‘Lily of the Valley’ and the gemstone to mark this milestone is ‘Garnet’. 

While these are great starting points, it takes a great deal of creativity and imagination to romanticize gifts made out of simple materials such as cotton, paper or China.

Give wings to it and you will find the perfect anniversary gift for your sweetheart.

Top 10 Best 2nd Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Your Husband

Traditional Gifts

Your husband is your soul-mate, your friend, your lover and the person you consciously chose to spend your life with. What better way to show that to him than on an anniversary?

Pick any one of these ten gifts to make him feel cherished:

Since the garnet is the traditional gemstone, why not give him something he can keep forever to remind him of your love? There are several options when gifting a gemstone to a man. These could be cuff-links, or a pendant if he loves wearing one, the following are some options and places you could buy them from. 

1. Cuff links

Antique Garnet Cufflinks

Cuff-links are a great gift idea as they can be used whenever your husband needs to dress ‘up’ for a special occasion.

2. Rings

Men's rings

Another great option if your partner loves jewelry such as rings. Check out some great ones here.

3. Desk clock made from China

Another possible traditional gift for your husband could be a desk clock made of China. This should stay with your husband on account of its utility and aesthetic value on his desk or bedside table for a long time to come.

Modern gifts

4. A cotton bath robe

Luxury robes from Plush Necessities.

A bathrobe is always a great gift idea, for incidentally both men and women. It is something that everyone uses and all of us have a favorite one. You know you will not go wrong when you do pick this option.

5. A Cotton Shirt

Some men just love their cotton shirts. Thankfully, these days there is no dearth of styling in cotton shirts. Find the best one for your down-to-earth husband and watch him break out into the most dazzling smile ever.

6. Necklaces

Men's garnet necklace

These necklaces are good for men who prefer wearing chains and rustic looking jewelry. If your guy prefers the polished look then there are classing pendant to choose from too.

7. A Cotton Scarf

A scarf is a great accessory to up the oomph factor for both men and women. In recent times, this traditional and practical piece of clothing has stormed the fashion industry. It has become the must-have item in any metrosexual's wardrobe.

8. Cotton Organic Socks

Men love their socks. The right pair makes for a great addition or stand-alone gift to your man who loves anything practical. There are some great cotton organic socks available these days. 

9. Cotton Rope Chairs

Cotton rope chairs are a great way to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There is no way your husband won't de-stress and drift away to snooze land on one of these.

10. Modern Tech Gizmos

If you find yourself tempted to break away from the traditional idea of cotton, garnet, and flowers then it opens up great new possibilities for you. Here’s an idea for your dear hubby’s gift since no one is far from technology in these modern times. If you are thinking your tech-savvy husband would love a gift keeping up with current trend then a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones or very creative lightning chargers are also great ideas.

Top 10 Best 2nd Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Your Wife

On the other hand, if you’re a man then your upcoming two year wedding anniversary would be a good time to show your wife the love and appreciation you have for her. The following are some traditional and modern ideas that would make great gifts for your better half.

Traditional Gifts

If your wife prefers keeping the things rich is tradition then give her the time and tested classic gifts that are sure to make her happy.

1. Garnet Jewelry

Garnet & Diamond ring

 “I have enough jewelry”, no women have said, ever! So if you’re planning on giving jewelry to your wife as an anniversary gift then you cannot go wrong. Mix a few garnet stones into the idea and you have the perfect second wedding anniversary present.

2. Watches

A garnet pendant watch

Watches are always welcome as gifts in any shape or form. They can be as ordinary or as special as you want to make them. Many watch companies combine the functionality of ordinary watches with the beauty of gemstones and create classic pieces that are cherished as gifts by the receiver.

Make it extra special by putting in an inscription and you will have given your wife a gift that she is going to cherish forever.

3. China

Women and China go very well together and as most women love to maintain a beautiful kitchen and in order to do that you need to have elegant pieces of China. If that is not the case with your wife, china figurines and collectibles such as mantel pieces, also make for great second-anniversary gift ideas.

4. ‘Diorissimo’ Perfume


reated by Diorissimo, Christian Dior released one of its most popular perfumes perfumier Edmond Roudnitska, as the ‘Lily of the Valley’ was his favorite flower. Released in the year 1956, it is a classic gift that you can give to your wife on your second wedding anniversary.

5. Cotton Bath Robe

Buy it for all the same reasons why it is a great gift idea for your wife.

Modern gifts

If you have a wife who is as modern as they come then it would be a good idea to beyond the traditional choices.

6. A Cotton Scarf

A cotton scarf

 As mentioned earlier, this has all the right reasons to gift one to your wife on your second wedding anniversary.

7. Cotton Hammock

A cotton hammock

 Although not the first gift idea to jump to your mind when looking for a gift, a hammock is a great idea if you have the right place to put it out in your mind. Fix it in her favorite spot in the backyard or garden, or if you live in an apartment find the perfect nook for it.


8. Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton tote bags are very popular as gifts on account of its versatility.

9. Photo Print Canvas

Surprise your wife by gifting her a canvas print of her most favorite pic of the two of you together. She will love it!

10. Modern Gift Ideas

If you want to steer clear off the traditional route then gift her a modern gift such as a personalized cell phone case,  or her favorite gizmo, if you lean that way, and make a memorable gift to your wife.

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At the end of the day, you know your spouse the best. Keep in mind of the individual they are and shop around with your heart.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the plethora of choices that you will undoubtedly come across. Just remember to have fun, so that you will find the perfect one for the most important person in your life and at the same time, have a good time while doing it.




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