30 Signs That You Are Crazily Falling In Love With Her

Confused whether you are in Love with her or not? Here are 30 signs to know for sure that you are crazily falling in love with her.

By Janani
30 Signs That You Are Crazily Falling In Love With Her

Do I Love Her?

Falling in love is easy, to know that you are in love, you need to pay attention to yourself. Sometimes, love can be really confusing and you need to know your feelings better to understand if it is really love or infatuation. Here are 30 signs to know for sure that you are crazily falling in love with her.

1. You Admire Her When In Love

You always seem to admire your girlfriend even when she is quirky. You will adore her even when she acts weird. Loving the imperfections means you are madly in love with her. She will always make you feel that she is the most wonderful woman on earth.

2. Dressing Up to Impress Her

You will constantly find yourself dressing up just to impress your girlfriend. Whenever you have plans to meet her you will wear her favorite color or a dress to match her outfit. You might be doing these unconsciously and when this happens on a regular basis then it is a major clue that you are falling in love with her.

3. Your Mind Is Fixed on Her

Whatever you do or wherever you are, you find yourself constantly thinking about her. You can never get rid of her from your mind. You might be with your friends but you will still feel lonely and that is something for you to understand that you are crazily falling in love with your girlfriend.

4. Love Spending Time With Her

Just seeing her for a day will make your day. You will be ready to cancel all your plans just to be with her. Nothing will be more important when compared to her. She will always be your priority. You would even drive for an hour just to meet her for ten minutes. You find yourself longing to spend time with her, this is one major red flag that you are crazily in love with her.

5. Always Talking About Her

If you are madly in love with your girlfriend, you will find yourself talking about her at all times. She will always be in your words. You will find yourself happy and pleased whenever you speak about her. Simply be talking about her you get a chance to fall in love with her again.

6. Re-reading her Text Messages

If you find yourself re-reading the text messages that you have sent to her, chances are you are deeply in love. By re-reading your messages you might find yourself reliving those wonderful feelings again. This is the biggest sign that you are crazily in love with your girlfriend.

7. Anxious Around Her

It is quite normal to be a little tense when your girlfriend is around, in the initial stages of falling in love. You might be trying to impress her and your every move matters, so you don't show up like a jerk. So, whenever she is around you, it is a lot of pressure on you, because one bad act, she is gone. So, being anxious is a great sign that you are madly falling in love with her.

8. You are very Much Alive

It is often believed that when in love butterflies fly in your stomach, it might the work of hormones, but still, you will feel alive than ever. Falling in love is a special feeling that makes you reborn in the midst of your boring life. It makes you believe that you can do anything and everything. Love makes you believe that your world is lit up.

9. Checking Your Phone Every Few Minutes

The urge to check your phone for every few minutes to see if your girlfriend has sent you a text or a call is a sign that you are deeply in love. It is a kind of addiction that makes you long for her messages or calls. It would drive you crazy when there is no messages or texts from her.

10. Have Fun Talking with her

You have a lot of fun just talking to her. Even her dumb jokes might make you laugh. Her boring stories will be even funnier. The truth is you are simply excited that you get to talk to her and to make her feel special, you are simply laughing at her jokes. This is an unconscious behavior that yells you are insanely in love with her.

11. Tease Her

When in love, teasing is a sign of showing your interests. It will keep you seem interesting. You will find yourself teasing her but you will never hurt her. It will make her feel special and the time spent with you will never be boring for your girlfriend.

12. Checking Her Out

When in initial stages of love, you might find yourself drawn to her unconsciously. Your eyes will follow her, stare at for hours. Sometimes you might even look creepy but when all of these happens unknowingly, odds are you are passionately in love with her.

13. Her Interests Are Your Interests

When in love you tend to impress her, so all her interests will be yours, even if it is really boring ones. Not only just doing her boring stuff, you will also enjoy doing stuff with her. You might feel it helps you to bond with her and make her think that you share common interests.

14. Open Up

When in love you tend to get a little comfortable and the need to share your personal stories, becomes a need. You tell her everything about you and your life. Sharing all your secrets will make you feel more honest with her. This is a clue that you are in love.

15. Not Attracted To Other Girls

There is never another girl when she is around, you might be totally into her. You will have the feeling that when she is with you, there is no need to talk or even look at other girls. If this is what is happening to you, then probably your girlfriend has bewitched you.

16. You Care for Her Likes

When in love you start to care for all her stuff. All her favorite stuff is your new favorite. Her likes are your likes, even if you hate them. This is the biggest sign that you are falling hard for her.

17. You save all your Firsts

You try to remember and save all your firsts. The first date, first movie together, first long drive and much more. All these matters when you have fallen badly in love with her.

18. Recap of all things that happened

You tend to go over and over of what happened between you and your girlfriend when you went on a date. It makes you relive the spark that you had. It will make you fall in love all over again and again, a feeling you will cherish.

19. You are Actually Listening

When in love you tend to actually listen to what she says. You could listen to her stories all day long. You will be actively listening and will be completely attentive to impress her. If this is what you do, then you are actually in love with her.

20. Need to Keep Her Informed

Something good or bad happens in your life, you will want to inform her. By telling her all your everyday life happenings, you unknowingly make her a part of your life. This is a sign that you are insanely in love with her.

21. Your Friends Know About Her

Your friends seem to know everything about her. Her favorite color, favorite restaurant and much more. This is all because lately, you have been talking a lot about her.

22. You Become Creative

When in love, you feel very much alive and it rekindles all your passion. You will never know the talents you had unless you fall in love. You will become a poet or a musician or a painter, anything that brings out the love you have for her. If she has brought out the new side of you, probably you are madly in love with her.


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23. Care A Lot About Her

You start to care a lot for her, if she falls sick you are her caretaker, chauffeur and more. You take good care of her when she is with you. You treat her like a queen and make her feel special about herself.

24. You Make Her Laugh

To get to a girl's heart is by making her laugh. You will try every possible way to make her laugh. The only goal for your day will be to make her smile. Because seeing her smile will make you feel special and happy.

25. You Feel Protective Of Her

When you are madly in love with her, you feel the need to protect her, stand by her whenever she needs you. You will feel that she is your responsibility and you never let anyone hurt her.

26. Her Important Date Are Always Remembered

You never forget her important dates like birthdays, work anniversaries or any other date that is close to her heart. You never forget to wish her and you just let her know that her important dates are remembered.

27. You Miss Her

When madly in love, you tend to miss her every single day, you can never have enough of her. When she travels you will feel broke and upset, even a day without her will be like losing a lifetime of happiness.

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28. Showering Her with Gifts

If you find yourself showering her with gifts not just for occasions, then you are crazily in love with her. You will find every way to impress and keep her interested.

29. Not Being Judgemental

You never judge her, you always try to understand from her perspective. Appreciate her for who she is and not for what she does. You know that there will always be a reason behind her actions and you respect that.

30. Supporting Her Dreams

By being a moral support for her to achieve her dreams, you can know you are passionately in love with her. You always try to cheer her up when she is broke or sad. You try to bring out the best side of her even without your own knowledge.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard. So, make sure you never lose the spark that makes love more interesting and long-lasting. The initial stages of love are pure bliss, but the hard part is being able to love even when love becomes a routine part of your life. Have a fun-filled long-lasting love life.