What is a French kiss: Tips and Techniques of the Act

Work your French kiss Like a Pro with These Tips and Techniques

By Sarah Potter
What is a French kiss: Tips and Techniques of the Act

The conventional kissing methods on the lips, the cheeks, and the forehead and so on are actually lovely, but the French kiss, the French kiss is the bomb! Well only if you know what you are doing. The French kiss depicts and creates a lot of intimacy with your mouth and majorly your tongue between you and your partner especially if done in the right way

Kissing wouldn’t be so hard for anyone, but a typical and hot French kiss might be a bit tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. A lot of people tend to think it’s all about kissing for long hours and then maybe a bit of tongue play, but it does require some techniques with your tongue to make it thrilling and enjoyable. Few people might find it a bit disgusting because of the fear of exchanging so much saliva, but you wouldn’t have to worry about that if you know what you are doing right? Yes! Here we would be telling you everything you need to know about French kissing and how you can become a pro fast.

What is the Definition of French Kiss and how do you do it in France

From its name, you would guess this kiss originated from France, well you are not right, and it actually originated from Britain. It was named the French kiss because the French girls were actually thought to be sexually adventurous. The French kiss merely is the tongue kiss that is, kissing done majorly with the tongue. It is a lengthened and deep intimate kiss that involves some techniques in tongue touching where the couples or people involved, extend their tongues into their partner's mouth to either touch their lips or tongue.

This kiss is definitely a passionate and romantic one and if done well have a way of turning your partner on and also reducing stress levels for you both. It is done in France the same way it is done in every other place. Although, because of the sexual escapades and exploits the French women do, people believe, they are more intense, deep, intimate, exciting and more experienced and skilled with their French kisses.

French kiss – What’s it Like

So what’s this kiss like, I could bet on a million bucks that you had already imagined some tongue war or some thorough exchange of saliva or some terrible teeth contact mainly if you are a newbie. Wondering what exactly this is like right? People call it different names, could be making out, locking lips or a bunch of other names. A lot of people really underestimate and underrate what French kisses can do. Some people think it tells what stage you are in your relationship, while some others say it takes you to the next step of your relationship if done correctly.

French kisses form a significant part of your relationship especially if purely romantic and sexual, and they are unavoidable. As such, it is absolutely necessary for you to understand the dos and don’ts of French kisses, how it is done, how pros do it and so on. It involves a lot of tongue manipulation and would require you to be skilled enough to be able to keep your partner interested and more drawn to you.


French kiss – How it feels like

This is like a more intimate, passionate and more profound type of kiss compared to the usual regular kisses you do. The sort of kiss gives you the chills and makes your partner a lot more drawn to you and attracted if done well. It is usually the major part of making out or foreplay, and so it plays a role in determining how turned on you and your partner get. It creates and maintains intimacy and passion.

Because the mouth has a whole lot of nerve endings, French kissing would do a whole lot of stimulation and helps with bonding too. French kissing creates a lot of connection, sexual stimulation, intimacy with your partner. When trying out this kiss, it is essential to take it slow and steady and get creative about it, to get your partner well in the mood, aroused and connected to you.

Tips and Techniques to a Fantastic French kiss

A whole lot of people are quite conscious of their partners kissing skills if you kiss a lady for the first time and it turns out bad, she might just conclude you are also horrible in bed, and this applies to women too.  Being able to give an amazing and passionate French kiss would help strengthen your relationship and even take it to the next stage. There are so many things you would consider, from how much of tongue to use, breathing and creativity. It doesn’t really matter if this is your first French kiss or your 100th, either way, you would want to do it like a pro. 

Thinking of how you could learn to give a fantastic French kiss like a pro that would have your partner desiring more? We have got the perfect guidelines you need.

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Photo Of Couple Kissing

1. Someone has got to make the move

For you to actually kiss one of you has to, and it doesn’t matter who does, as long as there are green flags and your partner is comfortable with you and with it. You don’t have to go straight up to the lips; you could start with a hug, a forehead kiss, neck kisses, and a regular kiss on the lips.

2. Smelly breaths are a no no

Bad breath would be a huge turn off for your partner. If you have terrible breath, you might have to get some mint or another flavor that smells and tastes good too. If your partner has bad breath, you might want to hand him or her some mint in a nice way, while complimenting your partner. This would make it easier for you both.

3. Take it slow

You can rush anything but a French kiss, rushing into this would most likely ruin the moment. Take your time and do this like you mean it. French kisses require you to take your time and do it skillfully. You could start with some intense longing eye contact, relax and go for your partners' lips slowly, you could start by kissing the top then the bottom lips and then make your partner shiver by adding just a little tongue and teasing, maybe even sucking the lips gently.

Man and Woman Kissing Together on Body of Water

4. You have got this

Do this like you own it, be deliberate about it, but at the same time try not to be too conscious about your techniques. Live in the moment and enjoy it wholly. You should be able to communicate a part of your feeling, some connection and also create some intimacy between you two. Be as passionate and intense as you can be, but not too much that you get overly carried away.

5. Take your partner along

You aren’t kissing yourself, so you have to make sure that your partner is moving with the flow and also enjoying the whole process. Take your time and proceed at your partners' pace. If he or she decides to take it slow at first without the tongue kissing, then you should follow suit, don’t rush at or rush your partner. As you go deeper, with an increased passion and intimacy, you can finally put some more urgency and energy.

6. The tongue magic

Without the heat, love, not to mention, the skills and the intimacy, your French kiss would be a total flop. You get to use your tongue to communicate your desire, passion and love, but if you do it the wrong way that might just be the last kiss, you both might share. You should always try not to do too much of tongue, too much of tongue thrusting. Too much of it all is definitely bad, and you don’t want bad. Take your tongue between your partner’s lips slowly and sexily and do your thing.

Man and Woman Kissing

7. Get your hands busy

You can’t be sharing a French kiss with your partner and then keep your hands in your pocket or at your side. Holding your partner's waist, back, running your hands through his or her hair and also taking your partners to face and cupping it into your hands are all great ways to communicate your desire and passion, and also increasing that of your partner.

8. You could open your eyes

Anyone who imagines a kiss always imagines two couples, with closed eyes doing some intense kissing. But many people do not know that bit of eye contact can add some spice to your kiss. It could be before the kiss or even during.

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French kisses are meant to be passionate, intense and sexy. For you to achieve all this, you have to at least have an idea of what the perfect French kiss is like, and we have given you just that. Newbie or not, you need to be able to improve your techniques and start kissing like a pro. Always remember that your partner’s interest and the pace is essential while doing this and make sure you are not too conscious about your skills, so you can enjoy it.



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