10 True Signs On How Do You Know You Love Someone

Watch out for these signs on how you know you love someone

By Caren M
10 True Signs On How Do You Know You Love Someone

10 Signs on how do you know when you love someone

Being in love is one of the most important highlights of a person’s life. It beautiful, it’s crazy and you’re pretty sure your heart just might fly away! The beauty of the love we see in movies, right?

Under normal circumstances, being in love can be as messy as it is wonderful. And even crazier, half the time we don’t even realize that we are in love. I mean sure, sometimes we take the chance and run in the cold rain and tell the object of our infatuation just how crazy we are for them because again, we saw that in some romcom, but most times we just don't flipping know.

So how do you know that the boy or girl you’re into is the one you love? Here are some signs to look for when you love someone.

1. You feel like you’re high

Studies show that being in love produces the same brain patterns as someone that’s high on cocaine. You don’t have to worry what’s wrong with you anymore and why you’re doing extremely stupid stuff that only a person on a high would do. You are technically jacked up on some good dopamine so enjoy the feeling, just don’t get too crazy.

2. You’re always thinking about them

Just like chocolate-ever wonder why you don’t just stop at one square- love activates a chemical in your brain that makes you think of your partner all the damn time. So doodle your perfect names in little hearts as much as you want to and get lost in the clouds thinking about their perfect face and amazing smile, science supports you!

3. You always want them to be happy

I cannot think of a better way to know that you love someone than when you literally put their happiness before your own. You want them to be happy no matter what that means for you and you’re quite supportive of their hopes and dreams. When you find yourself being okay with putting their needs first, seeking to give more than take and you’re thinking of things from their perspective, then you got it bad.

4.  Trying new things

I have a friend that changes her hobbies depending on who she’s dating at the moment and while you might think that’s a bit much, it’s a perfectly normal reaction when you’re falling in love. You get interested in your partner’s hobbies, just anything to get you two to spend quality time together. It’s even better when they reciprocate and want to do some of the things you’re into.

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5. You feel no pain

A study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine showed that looking at a picture of someone you love can reduce pain and so is the deal with being in love with someone. Just like mama bear can turn into super girl to save her little cub, being near the person you love can actually make you feel better.

6. You constantly look at them

There’s the cute version where you look at them coyly, look away and then look back to find them looking right back at you with that secret smile and then there’s the psycho kind where you can’t take your eyes off of them no matter how hard you try.

7. You’re okay with gross stuff       

Feelings of sexual attraction overrun feelings of being grossed out and that’s why you might just kiss your partner right after he did something truly gross like pick his nose and then ate the booger (sorry for the imagery). You see it but you just don't care either way.

8. You feel sick

Falling in love sure is a crazy rollercoaster that you have to ride. While it might heal your aches and pains, it might also make you feel quite sick. We’re talking nausea, getting sweaty and clammy. When you love someone you might exhibit all the symptoms of anxiety or stress

9. You feel the urge to say ‘I love you’

When you’re spending time with your love, you constantly feel the urge to tell them that you love them because that’s what you feel and your brain wants to get it out. Many people feel that this puts them in a vulnerable position and so they start playing the game of ‘who’s gonna say it first’. Whatever your feelings are on the subject of speaking it out, wanting to say it out loud means that you’re feeling it inside.

10. You like their little quirks

Their annoying behavior attracts you more than anything else and it’s growing on you. Loving someone is about getting comfortable with them and actually finding that you like the little things about them that used to annoy you at first. It’s a pretty big revelation but hey, you’re in love.

How do you know if you love someone more

You might get the feeling that you are more invested in your relationship than your partner. It’s quite a bitter pill to swallow, that your loves might not be on the same level and here are some signs to look out for.

1. You always initiate affection

Sure they will reciprocate when you hug or kiss them but it’s almost always you that's starting this process. Showing affection is a big part of being in a romantic relationship and if it’s always coming from you, then that might be a cause for concern.

2. They always cancel on you

You make plans to hang out and then they cancel last minute on you or sometimes they just don’t show up. When you need to spend time together, while you have no problem moving around a few things and canceling on your friends at times, your partner is stingy with their ‘me’ time and their friends come first.

3. They are not as invested in your personal life

You could probably ace a test in ‘know your partner’ but the same can’t be said for them. They never ask you any personal questions and they don’t pay attention when you volunteer to tell them about it.

4. They don’t support you back

You support all their hopes and dreams, listen when they need someone to talk to and are just there as a shoulder. However, when you need the same back, they always seem to be too busy or are just flippant where you are concerned.

How do you know if you love someone else

, Jonny Depp once said, ‘If you love two people at the same time, choose the second because if you truly loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second’. It’s difficult and emotionally messy to start falling for someone else while you’re currently in a relationship and here are some ways to know for sure.

1. You’re constantly thinking about them

Even when you’re with your partner. You’re thinking of what they might be doing at that time or remembering a certain memory of them.

2. They are the ones you want to experience exciting stuff with

When you think of that amazing experience you want to have, like visiting a different country or attending that concert you’ve been talking about, your secret love is the person you want to do this with and not your actual love.

3. You play it cool with affections towards your partner around them

When you’re with your partner and suddenly he walks in the room and now you don’t want to hold your partner’s hand anymore, laugh at his jokes or just plain look at him in that loving and adorable way couples do.

4. You find ways to spend time with them

By inviting them over to barbecues, or switching your exercise time to theirs so you can spend a few stolen moments with them. Secret love, right?

Online quiz to find out if you love someone

If all the above things still confuse you and you’d like a more comprehensive guide on what you feel, then online tests are your best bet. Here are some online tests we suggest for you. Enjoy.

1. Cosmopolitan/ Cosmo are you in love or forcing it quiz

This online magazine has a great quiz that will help you put a few things in perspective and know whether you actually love your partner or if you're just forcing it.

cosmopolitan quiz: cosmopolitan.com

Are You in Love or Forcing It Quiz

2. All the tests- How much do you love him quiz

For all the girls out there, this is the quiz that helps you find out if you really love him or you just have a crush. Enjoy!

all the tests.com/quiz

Do I Really Love Him?

3. Seventeen magazine- Are you in love or is it infatuation quiz

Seventeen has come up with a fun quiz to help you know for sure what it is you feel for him and to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Seventeen magazine-are you in love quiz

Am I in Love Quiz - How to Know if You Love Him Or If It's Just a Crush


Loving someone can be confusing because each one of us feels it in their own way-forget the butterflies and the fluttering heart, though those are important too. Whatever it is you feel, you can use these signs and the online tests to help you put things into perspective. 

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