20 Girl On Top Tips That'll Leave Every Guy Wanting More

The girl on top position is for the assertive females. But you could turn it into his advantage with these tips that will leave your guy wanting more.

By Monalisa Murmu
20 Girl On Top Tips That'll Leave Every Guy Wanting More

Girl on top is not just about control

It’s true that the girl on top makes you feel literally on top of the world because you have complete control over the act of lovemaking, and over the guy you’re engaged in lovemaking with. But that’s not the only benefit of this position. Besides the sense of control and power, which is an obvious aphrodisiac, there is also the fact that you get to show your gorgeous self in front of your guy. Wait, did I just mention the guy in this discussion about the one position that helps women get the most selfish fun in the bedroom? Yep, that’s it. This discussion is, in fact, about how the girl on top can be a total turn on for him too, along with you, if you understand some basic things about what the guys like about this position. Because it’s so obvious why women love it, we’re not dealing with the benefits of this position here. It is about looking beyond the control factor and into the more intricate aspects of the girl on top.

The right girl on top tips make you a legit sex goddess

Remember, because you have the control over this position, you also have the responsibility of doing the most amount of work here. Which is why, if you don’t know your way around the act, it could turn into a snooze fest real fast. Following the right tactics on the other hand, help you establish yourself as the sex goddess he can never take his eyes and hands off of, and never get enough of.

What not to do when on top of him

No matter what you’ve read in other self-gratifying blogs, men do not feel lucky simply because they were given the chance to have sex. They do have their likes and dislikes and there are certain things they consider either boring or turn offs. And yes, they can tell between a lovemaking session that was ‘meh’ and a session that blew their socks off. You’re looking to avoid the former at all costs and aim for the latter. So before we get to what you should be doing when on top, here are some things you should absolutely not: 1. Do not fake it, either the act or the orgasm 2. Do not simply bob up and down like you didn’t even want to be there in the first place 3. Do not be too slow or too fast; the former can rock your guy to sleep, and the latter can…well, let’s just say it won’t make him fall asleep, but he will regret making love to you forever 4. Do not rush through it like you have a flight to take 5. And definitely do not hold back!

Show yourself off to your guy

At least 9 out of 10 guys will tell you that they love the girl on top position because it gives them the chance to lay back and watch you in full glory. (The other one guy will tell you he likes it because he can let you do all the work while he watches the TV, but that’s not the guy you want to sleep with in the first place). Give him the show of a lifetime by flaunting all your curves with full confidence and flair.

Let the breasts free

Let’s just drop all pretentiousness and start with the one of the real reasons guys want you naked: breasts. And don’t worry about what kind you’ve got, because they love them all. It is natural (and essential, as we’re about to discuss later in the post) to want to touch yourself in the heat of the moment, but remember to leave your breasts free for him to get an eyeful as you do your thing on top of him. That is all he really, really wants to see!

Play with your hair

If you’ve watched anything that comprises sexy women (porn, lingerie commercials) you’ll find that playing with the hair is a very definitive flirty act. Get yourself a fresh blow dry to have your hair all bouncy and lustrous so you can teasingly play with it when riding him. There is something vivacious about being naked, making eye contact and touching your hair all at the same time. If he still doesn’t want to see more of you, it’s not your fault anyway.

Wear fancy lingerie

Picking up from the Victoria’s Secret reference, some sexy lingerie never hurts when you’re trying to be a vision of gorgeousness in front of your man. Lacy bras, baby dolls, teddies – anything goes. You can opt to wear it fully covered, or strategically bare parts of your body, like your breasts and hips.

Wear your red lipstick

There is a reason red is associated with passion. Red lips spark a physical longing in men like no other makeup product in your kit can. That, and fresh, flawless skin. But the lipstick is far easier to get, right ladies? Line your lips and apply thick coats of either a moisturizing matte one or a bolder, glossier one, and you’ll find it takes just a few seconds to go from plain Jane to fetching.

Don’t forget to touch your guy, and often

Lovemaking is about skin contact, and lots of it. Don’t ride away with a completely detached body language. You’re making love to him and not just his member. Just like us women, men need to feel special in bed too (maybe more than women sometimes) and you can do that by touching and caressing him often, so he doesn’t feel forgotten while you’re engrossed in achieving multiple orgasms.

Stroke his body softly

As you look down upon him from the top, reach out and stroke all over his chest and down to his stomach gently with your fingers and the back of your palms. Bend down slightly to touch his face and beard (if he has it –hello #NoShaveNovember!) too. Touching his face during the act is way more personal than touching anywhere else, and it gives him that “She’s into me; I must be attractive” high that adds to the fun.

Make maximum skin contact

Your hands are not the only things you can use to touch him. Use your entire body to make skin contact with him. While on top, bend over and lay on top of him so he gets to feel all your curves and edges all over his body. It is like the intimacy of a hug but with the added fun of lovemaking.

Kiss him all over

Resist the urge to just keep going at it when you’re on top, without a care in the world. Be aware of his whole presence and make him feel it too. Take time out of moving on top of him to plant kisses all over his face and body. Not only will it stimulate him further, your proactivity will make it impossible to look away for even a second.

Get your guy moving too

If the lovemaking has to be enjoyable, no one can afford to be lazy in the act. And a girl on top position is not an excuse for him to eschew all activity. Tell him to snap out of it and make sure he moves with you too. But because you are on top, you need to call the shots here. Tell him categorically how you’d like him to move. Or take his arms and wrap the around your hips to help you thrust better.

Girl on top is about moving right

Make no mistake about it, the girl on top position is supposed to be a feast for the eyes for the guys. And knowing how to move right is the biggest criterion for making it happen. The benefits of being on top can be multiple-fold for women, but the benefit for the guy can be summed up in just one word: Showtime!

Get the hip moving

Seriously, the hips are all you need to worry about the most, so you might as well put some good practice behind it. Whether you watch a few belly dancers on YouTube or get all out there with private lessons from a burlesque dancer, you must know how to make your hips swing and sway gracefully, so that the act also looks visually stunning along with feeling great.

Use different paces

Don’t make the mistake of either going too slow or too hard. Either of that is unwelcome and in some cases, unacceptable. For the most part, find a good in-between pace, but make things spicier by mixing it up often. Start with a slow rhythmic movement and then heat it up by setting the pace higher as the passion rises.

Use different angles

Just like in any other position, it is beneficial to change the angles of movement with every alternate thrust or so. But the benefit of being on top is that you can determine the angles instead of hoping for the guy to get it right, so you’ll be able to hit your G-spot better. Another trick is to use Kegels method of flexing your, muscles down there so the sensations are different every time you move, and therefore, better.

Occasionally, get real rough

It is not a bad practice to get rough to change it up once in a while. Men have frequently admitted to liking it when the girl is borderline forcing themselves on them. Use this tactic to surprise your guy, especially if you’re not the type who gets aggressive. Being on top gives you special benefits to execute this; you can pin his arms down as you ride him, or bite down his neck hard.

Communicate with your guy

Lovemaking is just exercise if there isn’t any connection between the two people involved. To get your guy wanting you every time he even thinks of you, make sure you’re communicating with him all through the act, both verbally and non-verbally. Here are a few ways to do this:

Talk to him

Just plain, simple verbal communication works. Use words to tell him what you want him to do now or next, how you feel about being with him that instant, or any other dirty talking that you know he likes from past experience. Maybe he likes it if you use a certain nickname, or maybe he just likes his name being called over and over again. Don’t make lovemaking a mime act. Get talking, expressing and even laughing. Most people say that the best sex they’ve ever had are the ones where they could get silly with each other and laugh during the act.

Get assertive

You’re on top for a reason. You’re the boss now and it is his job to take care of what you want, and if he doesn’t get that, you MAKE him do it. The reason that your guy wants you on top is also because he wants you to take charge for a change. Fulfill his fantasy of being bossed around by getting assertive of what you want in bed. Demand that he touch you a certain way, or flat out tell him to kiss you whenever you feel like it. Not just for your own pleasure, but also for his.

Voice your pleasure

We did say, don’t hold back. Not at any cost. If you enjoy the act, you pass the pleasure on to your partner too and he enjoys it even more. Which is why it’s imperative that you express yourself loud and clear when you’re having a good time. Tell him that, or moan softly or loudly as your excitement mounts. Just this one act can make a hell of a difference to lovemaking. However, refrain from using a fake, raspy voice that you might have watched pornstars use. You guy will sense it and it will be a huge turn off.

Make eye contact

If you really want to transcend from being just a girl to a goddess, learn the art of communicating through your eyes. It is in fact, also the art of seduction in bed. Being on top of your guy has its benefits because he can see you better in this position and you can use this art to effectively express your state of mind without having to break the mood using words. Even better if you have some soft music playing; it takes the non-verbal communication to even greater levels.

Change it up frequently

Being stuck in a rut is the worst enemy to the act of lovemaking. Even if there are certain favorite things that you and your guy have, you should know how to stir in some added drama to it now and then. Use props or change the way you move and handle yourself. You are, after all, putting up a show for him, and you need to make it one that he can’t get out of his head for a very long time.

Touch yourself

Use those lovely, dainty hands to do more than just touching him or playing with your hair. Give yourself some loving too! It not just makes for a pleasurable sensation for you, it also creates an irresistible visual for him. Roam your hands all over your own body as you sit straight on top of him, and take them right down to your vajajay to show him how it’s done. If you want, you can then take his hands down there for him to mirror your action.

Play with your breasts

The standing instruction is for him to get a full frontal view moving on top of him, yes, but you need to also touch your breasts if you’re serious about driving him crazy. Use a variety of touches, like gently cupping, rubbing, teasing or straight out pinching the nips. If you’re bountiful up there, you could also lift them up to your tongue; he will never stop gaping all throughout the time you’re together. If not, you could bend down and slide them into his mouth instead. Whatever it is that you choose to so, make sure YOU are the one initiating it; that's the whole point.

Masks and handcuffs

To create a visually stunning scene right in front of him, use some interesting props. Dress up in a costume, like a bunny or a waitress or whatever he fancies. Because the girl on top position comes with the benefits of full, clear view, it is the best position to dress up for. Using seductive eye masks or other accessories like handcuffs also double the visual fun.

Reverse cowgirl

While it’s both cute and hot to be facing him as you ride, sometimes facing away from him adds to the fun instead of taking away from. Yes, it’s the reverse cowgirl position we’re talking about. If you have a shapely derriere you work so hard in the gym for, now is the best time to use it. If he’s already checked you out too many times in your yoga pants, show him how it looks like with the pants down. Also, if you bend further forward while riding in the reverse, he gets an even clearer picture of the action. No man’s ever gonna say no to a visual treat like that!

Do the girl on top exactly like he craves it

As mentioned at the very beginning, it’s all about the right tips and tricks. The girl on top position has many benefits for us ladies and it pays to make sure some of those benefits extend to the guys as well, so it’s double the fun and less the work for him. Is he ever going to want less of that?