10 Signs To Let Go: If You Love, Someone Let Them Go

Why should you let go of someone who can't be with you but love

By Michele
10 Signs To Let Go: If You Love, Someone Let Them Go

If you love someone there might come a time where you have to let go, if the relationship is not working.

Long lasting love takes work and does not come easy, but if you love someone enough then it is possible. If your relationship is going through a difficult time don't give up on it easily, with work it might come through in the end. However, if the relationship has been going downhill for a while then it is time to let go. Like the love quotes say it is never good to hold on to something that won't work out. You will read about 10 signs to let go someone you love the most.

When You Should Let Someone Go

If a relationship is not working then you have to ask yourself whether it is the right decision to end the relationship. If there is abuse occurring in the relationship then it is not a good idea to stay in the relationship and it is better to end it before any more harm occurs. Occasionally if the abuser is on drugs or alcohol, they may be able to go to rehab and get help for their problems and you might be able to work through things. Sometimes tough love is important for both partner's sakes. You should let someone go if you find the following signs in your relationship:

1. There is Abuse Present

A significant other can repeatedly put the other person down. never having anything nice to say except mean, hurtful things. This is considered verbal abuse and could be remedied with counseling.

Physical abuse: Punching, kicking, striking with a weapon etc. This cannot and will not be tolerated. The abused person should use any means possible to get away from their abuser.

2. Your Partner Wants You To Change Into Someone You Are Not.

Many couples come together choosing to temporarily ignore certain traits of their partner, such as smoking, gambling, cursing etc. They believe that with time, they can influence the other to change their ways. It doesn’t always work out as planned.

Is this a sound reason to leave their significant other? Probably not, unless perhaps, the bad habit is robbing banks or selling drugs.

Learning to accept and live with their partners idiosyncrasy’s is quite possible.

3. You Are Unhappy

Well, if you are really unhappy with the other person and your life together. Perhaps the two of you could talk about it and try to improve the situation. Couples counseling is certainly an option. Sitting down together with a good therapist and laying everything out in the open can sometimes bring new realisations to both parties involved and things get better.

4. You Feel Trapped

If you feel trapped in a relationship then you must think about and consider why this is happening. If for instance, you are a man and the woman deliberately got pregnant while promising she was using birth control…, this could be a justifiable reason to feel unjustly trapped. Perhaps you should consider leaving and sharing joint custody of the child.

Could it be just a problem accepting commitment by one party? This is probably another incident that would justify seeking therapy to absolve the issue.

5. You Are Making Too Many Sacrifices

There is always some Give and Take in any relationship. But what about the girl who gave up her dream of being a successful businesswoman because her husband believed that a woman’s place is in the home, making meals and raising the children. Suppose that he has buddies that he goes out with all the time, staying away all hours of the evening? And on rare occasions that he is home, doesn’t lift a finger to help with the house or children? Yes, perhaps you are making way too many sacrifices and it either must change or someone must go (most likely him).

Why You Should Be Letting Go of Someone Who Can't Be With You

If someone can't be with you then it is probably not meant to be. There is never a good reason to split up an already existing relationship where two people are in love. If a person can't be with you, then there is obviously a good reason. If that person cheats on their partner, then maybe there will be a chance that they would cheat on you? Challenging as it is not to be in a relationship with that person, there is usually a reason. Remember that once a person cheats they usually go on to repeat the same pattern with others. Following signs indicate that it is the time to say a Good Bye!

6. It Is All One Sided

It’s all one sided. You always go to the restaurant she chooses. Always see the movies that she wants to see. Your friends and the things that you want to do are never important, only what she wants.

This can be a common problem in a relationship. And it can go both ways between partners. Is it a reason to leave? Don’t run just yet.

In many unions between two people there is sometimes a major lack of communication. Try talking about it. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, suggest therapy. When all avenues of change are explored and things stay the same…, goodbye may be the only choice.

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7. Your Partner Is Controlling You

This can be a major problem. Whether it’s Man/Woman Man/Man or Woman/Woman. Any relationship where the one is constantly trying to control the other is usually not acceptable.

There is a big difference between guiding and making suggestions. When it escalates way past this, and cannot be resolved…Sayonara Baby!

8. When You Are Upset With the Relationship More Than Being Happy

Let’s face it. Any relationship is going to take some work by both parties involved in order to work. This can apply to friendships and business as well as marriage or living with a significant other.

Going back to the other points mentioned above, such as being controlled, feeling trapped or just being plain unhappy.

If a combination of all these has led to the place where you are severely unhappy most of the time and the happy moments are just few and far between? Maybe it would pay to talk to a professional. If there seems to be no real reason for the unhappiness, perhaps one person is suffering from depression, which could be treated. If this isn’t the case and the one-sided unhappiness is being caused by the before mentioned reasons? Maybe it is time to go.

9. When You Are Being Disrespected

This is a tough one. Because people constantly feel disrespected by the one’s they love. It could just be a case of hurt feelings. This could be remedied by sucking it up and moving on.

But, in the case of constant berating and put downs. Never getting any of the love and encouragement that you are giving them returned to you? Of course, try talking with your partner about it first. Maybe go to counselling together if needed.

Sometimes the one side of the party just needs to be made aware of their mistakes. Like mentioned earlier, relationships between two people take a little work sometimes.

10. When You Believe That You Could Have a Better Life Alone

Almost everyone has that occasional moment when they think “wouldn’t it be nice if I just lived by myself?”

But if the person is having these thoughts constantly because of repeated harsh treatment by their spouse or significant other. This could be a sign that one or more of the other 9 symptoms from the above list have come into play. Perhaps all avenues of reconciliation have been exhausted. Maybe, just maybe it is time to pursue that better life alone.

Quotes for Letting Go If You Love Someone Enough

Quotes can help a person when they are feeling sad and uplift them in a way that nothing else can. There have been many quotes written for people letting go of love.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" – J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling tells us not to dwell on things that are not real, but that we should make the most of every opportunity to live. If we are trapped in a negative relationship we may be dreaming that it will work out in the end, but the reality might be that we should give up trying because it won't work out and it would be better to carry on living than focusing on something that is not good for us.

"If you love something set it free. If it comes back it's yours. If not, it was never meant to be." – Jess Lair

Source: Pinterest @serenityall

This is a beautiful quote that dates back to the 60's teacher Jess Lair although it has been said to have been quoted by different people. Many people believe the phrase originated from Richard Bach, but the earliest source dates back to Jess Lair.

The meaning of this phrase is that if you love something so much you should let it go, but you will know it was meant to be if it comes back to you. If you love someone then you will give them the freedom to move on if they want to, but if they come back to you, then you will know you were meant to be. It is testing the boundaries of love knowing that if something belongs to you, then it will never truly go away forever, but will one day return.

“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.” – Hermann Hesse

It is not always holding on to someone that makes us the strong one, but sometimes we need the strength to let someone go. Sometimes we need to be tough and to admit that the relationship has ended and isn't good for us anymore.

"Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself." – Deborah Reber,

Source: Pinterest @ranatasuzuki

The only person we ever have control over is ourselves. We should never try to control our relationships, but care about someone enough to let them go.

"Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny." ― Steve Maraboli

Letting go of the one you love means that you have come to the realization that they are not part of your future anymore. You have accepted that it isn't go to work and that your destiny was never with them.


Love is hard, but when it happens it is not something that you have a lot of control over. There are things you can do to keep safe in a relationship and make sure it is working for you both. Love is a strong emotion everyone experiences in some way or another. Accepting that a relationship is over is a hard thing to do and it hurts, but sometimes we need to let go. Growing in love requires hard work, effort and communication, but love can last a lifetime.

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