10 Reasons Why You Can Never Forget Your Childhood Crush

How reconnecting to childhood crush can help in your dating

By Sameet
10 Reasons Why You Can Never Forget Your Childhood Crush

The psychological effect of your childhood crush to dating

Every one of us has been through that harmless love phase in our childhood. It was the time of no worries and cute memories. Watching your crush from far away, getting butterflies as they come near, those flushing cheeks and sweaty palms, that feeling was priceless.

So what was it that made us connect with that person even if we were just kids? Can those reasons still help us find love? Or make us successful in our dating life? Of course! Here’s how:

You know what you want

Having childhood/teenage crushes can really create a mindset about the type of people whom you’re attracted to. This gives you certainty and a good self-esteem to build your personality upon.

If the confession went successful

That would be the perfect thing, no? If you've ever confessed to someone in your childhood about your feelings, and it went the way you wanted it to, then this can get you a major boost in confidence.

If the confession went unsuccessful

This has happened to the majority of us that the childhood confession went the wrong way. Now some people might take it as a positive sign, but highly unlikely when you're a kid. So this shapes your personality towards the shy side.. But this doesn’t mean you suppress or hide your feelings.

Are you still in love with your childhood crush?

It’s true when they say you never forget your first love/crush. But could you possibly be still in love with them now? Here are 10 signs to help you figure out if you're actually still in love with your childhood crush or is it just overthinking.

1. They are the standard

Believe it or not, when you've set your eyes on someone that long ago and couldn't get over them soon, they become a standard for you even today. If you're dating or looking to date someone, you will find yourself comparing the little things with your childhood crush.

2. Constant smiling

This is one of the most common signs of love, especially if your childhood crush is studying with you, or lives nearby, you can't help but look at them and smile. Even the anticipation of meeting that person cheers you right up.

3. Nervousness

Even if you're the most confident person on the planet, just the mere thought of talking to them over the phone or meeting them in real makes your heart race. You feel giddy and out of breath.

4. Constant stalking

When you find yourself constantly checking their Insta or Facebook for a new picture, or keeping ears open when someone mentions their name, then you're still way into your first crush. When you have mutuals with that person, you're continuously keeping an eye on them too to keep you updated.

5. The jealousy

It annoys you when someone gets too close to them, as you feel insecure. Especially f they're the popular type, you constantly want their attention.

6. Their success makes you happy

This is one of the most pure signs of love. You always wish happiness for them and feel great from the heart on their successes and achievements. You invest all your time and efforts for them as much as you can, even if it’s just praying for their well-being.

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7. You find excuses to talk to them

Obviously, you'd want to keep in touch with someone you like. But often you'll find yourself needing to talk to them too especially in times of need. Love develops a feeling trust too so you're sure that your issues will resolve once you talk to them.

8. Imaginary stories in your head

You just can't stop thinking about that one particular person. The never ending imaginary stories often keep you up at night. You often find yourself lost in another dimension even while sitting in a crowd.

9. The hope

It's a sure sign of love when you believe that you two are meant to be together. Even if the odds aren't in your favor. This gives you endless hope that he/she is the one for you. Childish? Indeed.

10. You'll not settle for anyone less

After everything, if you end up dating someone else, they won't be much different from your first love. This happens because you’re so attached of the idea of that person, your mind won’t be satisfied with something different. That’s what love can do.

Meaning to holding on to the crush

You're not giving up and you're definitely not ready to move on. Holding on means you've made up your mind to never let go of your first love/crush. This happens when you've fantasized so much around one single person, that now you think that there's no life without them or you can never fall for anyone like this ever again.

Why is it bad?

Love sure is powerful, where it can give you happiness and joy, it can cause heart breaks too. It’s better to keep a balance of your emotions and try to get away as soon as possible if you know things aren’t going the way you want them to. If you’re holding on to a childhood crush and they’re not doing the same, it can cause social anxiety, depression, feeling of loss and a person disconnects from the world. Don’t let it hold you back from your own life.

Reconnecting to the reasons for your childhood crush can improve dating chances

It might seem a bit odd that those feelings, ages ago can still have an impact on your present life. And not just any aspect, your love life. We're here to help you recall all those adorable feelings you had, to guide you through your dating life today. You'd be surprised how much those seemingly childish emotions could actually mean.

I. Those feelings were pure

You were little, and everything you saw, heard, felt was all pure. Children cannot possibly think of the evil or find the negativity like we adults do. At that age, it was sincere from the heart whatever you felt. Reconnect to that sincerity and try to imply it in dating now. When you think of someone without bounds and with positivity, it really helps.

II. Focus was on the good

This reason will put things in perspective. Do you remember how you'd go for the looks sometimes? Or how nicely they talk? How good they used to smell? All these were the plus points one used to focus on. But what about now? When we date someone, we often start pointing out the bads. Maybe the cologne they're wearing, or the dress isn't the color of your choice. So what? Unless something's completely off for you, why judge someone on the things that make them who they are?

I want to be able to show people that I have flaws and they have flaws, too. And you know what that means? No one out there is perfect. - Christina Grimmie

III. You got happy easily

Do you remember what your attitude like in childhood was? Even if you were a stubborn, angry child, you got over things quickly and got happy the moment you met your favorite toy or snack. The same principle applies here. That little heart wanted little things and nothing more. If you stick to being in a bad mood around someone on purpose, that's not going to help of course. But unfortunately that's what most of us do.


Never underestimate the feelings or emotions you had as a child. All those beautiful memories need to be cherished. You never know how these memories impacted your heart and what doors they opened. Love life being the most affected one of all.

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