10 songs about crushes to sing in your bathroom

Singable songs to match your emotional state on liking someone

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10 songs about crushes to sing in your bathroom

Music is powerful, to say the least, and there are countless times when you feel like only the right kind of music can make you feel amazing. When your own words fail you and you feel incapable of expressing yourself aptly, you can always count on some song to describe your condition in a much better way. It’s always fun to sing songs in the bathroom because it makes bathing all the more fun! Here is a list of songs about crushes and liking someone that you can simply listen while laying in your bed at night or sing to yourself while bathing.

Like someone badly and the guy does not know?

It can be an agony to like someone without them knowing. You secretly, unknowingly make them your own and they have no clue! This can be tormenting on the mind and soul because you so badly want to be with them and they don’t even know about it… Here are the best songs to listen to if you are facing that situation. You can listen to these and simply enjoy thinking about your crush or maybe even dedicate these songs to them one day?

1. I Hate U, I Love U - Gnash

This perfect melody is both heart-breaking and achingly beautiful. The song describes the agony of loving someone who doesn’t love you back or has moved on and didn’t reciprocate your emotions. The song, sung by Gnash is perfectly sung. The lyrics are super captivating and right off the bat, with “I hate that I love you” … the words appeal to everybody who is in love with someone. The song was released in 2016 and has since then been a crowd favorite. Many people have covered the song and people simply love to sing it in karaoke nights and even by themselves! If there’s one song that’s worth loving, it’s this one. The music is both fresh and contemporary to appeal to the larger audience. Trust us, listen to this one if you already haven’t.

2. You belong with me - Taylor Swift

There can not be a list of songs about crushes without including this classic gem from Taylor Swift. When the song first came out almost a decade back, it caught on immense popularity among teenage girls almost instantly. However, it is still as relatable as ever for anybody who’s crushing on someone! The song is super catchy and anybody can sing along or even by themselves. Taylor has written such innocent and beautiful lyrics in this one that truly captivates the essence of wanting someone badly. The song describes the average girl next door who is just so different from the typical “girlfriend” that the guy has. The video is also super cute and relatable. This might even make you nostalgic so give it a try once again and you might be able to relate much much more than you can recall.

3. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

I’ve been in love with this song since I first heard it on Grey’s Anatomy. The lyrics and emotions entrapped in this song are just indescribable… “Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” Ah, isn’t this exactly what we all want from our crush? To be able to stay silent together and share a space with love and passion? Oh, the feels… If you still haven’t heard this classic gem of a song, give it a try and trust me it won’t disappoint.

4. Love Someone - Lukas Graham

This song will surely give you all the feels. When you love someone you give them every single piece of your heart and this song just describes the same… and in such a beautiful heart-rending way oh my! “You’ll probably never love someone as I do” How goddamn spectacular that is? Love is both selfish and selfless. This song, released in 2018 by Lukas Graham will totally captivate your soul and your heart. You will just love the emotions this song will send you into… Give this one a hear if you truly love someone and feel like they don’t know or haven’t reciprocated yet.

5. Love Again - Martin JV and Airmow ft. Chelsea Paige

All of us has suffered from heartbreak in one form or another. Everybody has suffered at the hands of a loved one. It can be intentional or unintentional… vocal or silent. When all of us are just walking around with a broken heart and some sincere heartache it’s totally understandable to find solace in another heartbroken soul near you. Pain and suffering are also beautiful. This song is going to translate all your emotions and feelings to anybody who doesn’t know yet. We are all afraid to love again but yes, give it a try with this beautiful song… it’ll surely become easier!

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2019 best Singable songs on crush and liking someone

Here are 2019’s best singable songs that you’ll be able to relate to if you like someone. It can be your class fellow, colleague or neighbor… Even a celebrity crush? Listen to these latest songs to express yourself in the most beautiful way!

6. What I Like About You - Jonas Blue

When you miss someone and can’t live without thinking about them, this song will speak to you in so many ways. There are some people who make you want to crush all barriers and become raw. The song describes this emotion perfectly. The melody of this one is absolutely soul crushing. This one is not to be missed if you like someone!

7. I Can't Get Enough - Benny Blanco, Tainy, Selena Gomez, J Balvin

This song is super catchy and the sound is so perfect for busting a move or simply grooving all by yourself. Selena Gomez gives the sexiest and sultry feel to the song with her amazing vocal skills. Her voice is both soothing and energizing… This song will speak to you if you’ve been feeling crazy about anyone lately. For all your crushes and lovers, this song is perfect!

8. I love You - Billie Eilish

This song, released in March by Billie will feel totally relatable if you feel like your crush or lover is not giving you the love, they claim they do. The song is gaining popularity day by day because it is simply so the soul is stirringly beautiful. Give this one a chance and it will become your go-to! The song ends on a heart-breakingly beautiful note where they both realize the love is not there but they are not yet ready to move on from each other. They do not give up on this love and fall apart in each other’s embrace.

9. Perspective - Bailey Brian

The right person and the right kind of love will give you butterflies and make you love yourself much more than before. This is the feeling if someone loves you with all their heart. This song talks about seeing oneself in a better perspective because of the love they have gotten from their significant other. Love has the power to heal all hurt and give a new spirit of joy. Listen to this one and you’ll fall in love with Bailey Brian’s voice!

10. If I can’t have you - Shawn Mendes

You can always rely on Shawn Mendes to come up with the most beautiful love songs. This one is no exception. This song by Shawn Mendes, along with a beautiful beat has his marvelous voice coupled with killer lyrics. If I can’t have you will definitely be in your top songs if you give it a try or two. The lyrics are just so beautiful and will make you feel special undoubtedly!


You know you love someone when all the songs’ lyrics start making sense to you and you feel like each one of those love songs was written about your condition. From heartbreak to agony and liking someone and going the extra mile for them- songs have it all! There are times when only the right melody, the right voice, and the right lyrics can appeal to you. Music has a language of its own and speaks to each one in a unique manner. Now you can dedicate these love songs to your crush or simply listen to them yourself while thinking about them. These songs may even give you the push to go and propose them. Till then, you can enjoy their thoughts and memories with the right background score!

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