Top 16 Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisle With

Top Weddings Songs to walk down the aisle with of all times

By AcaciaJ
 Top 16 Wedding Songs to Walk Down the Aisle With

A wedding is one of the most beautiful and meaningful days anyone can experience. It’s an amazing occasion as all your family and friends have the chance to create a lifelong memory with you. 

There are many things that make a wedding beautiful and apart from sharing the day with your newlywed partner, the priceless memories, and time spent with family and friends, the wonderful soundtracks help to really bring life all the wonderful heartfelt emotions that come on a wedding day. 

So here we have put together 25 songs to play during your special day as you walk down that aisle!

Best Wedding Songs for Father and Daughter to walk down the Aisle With

A father walking his daughter down the aisle is a moment that is beautiful but brings tears as well. The tears can signify both joy and sadness as a father is the first man to show his daughter what love truly is. Although this is a moment of tears these beautiful and heartfelt songs can truly bring out the beauty of this once in a lifetime moment in all the best ways, for both a father and his daughter. 

1. Heartland- I Loved her First

This song embodies what it means to be a father and the love he carries for her forever. This song details how it feels like a father to give away your little girl. However, despite giving her away she will always be a little girl in her father’s eyes as he is the first man to love her. While you may have lots of tears streaming down your face, this song is ideal to play when walking down the aisle with your little girl. 

2. Michael Buble- Daddy’s Little Girl

We are pretty sure Michael hit the nail on the head in this song with just how fathers feel about their little girls. This song is a true expression of how great a father’s love is for his daughter as her protector. A daughter truly is the apple of a father’s eye and giving her away is always a bittersweet moment for any dad. This song, however, will help to ease those feelings and bring about even more joy and beauty to that memorable moment of walking her down the aisle. 

3. Ray Allaire- A Song for My Daughter

This song depicts the emotions a father feels during his daughter's wedding. It speaks of how one moment his daughter was only a little girl and the next moment she’s walking down the aisle on her wedding day. This is a song every father can relate as it hits so close to home. This song is not only ideal for this moment but it’s also a great comfort song when it comes to the various emotions a father has on his daughters day. 

4. Natalie Grant- I’ll Always Be Your Baby

This song is a sweet heartwarming tune that instead of the fathers point of view, tells from the daughters point of view of the love she has for her father. It talks of memories she has with her father and no matter if she is getting married, she will always be her dad’s little girl. It’s so endearing and the most amazing song for a father walking his baby down the aisle. 

Best Wedding Songs for Bride Entrance Alone

The bride’s entrance is easily the most important entrance of the entire wedding. While of course everyone who enters in after her is equally as important, the bride’s moment is one that is certainly one created to be fit for a fairytale. These songs certainly help to bring the love out during this special moment even more. 

5. Wagner- Bridal Chorus

“Here comes the bride, here comes the bride.” I’m sure this song rings bells as it’s a well known song for a bride’s entrance. Someone typically plays it on the organ as the bride gracefully walks down the aisle. This song is traditional and elegant to say the least, certainly one fit for every bride on such a precious day. 

6. Landon Pigg- Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

This song is perfect for a procession, as it’s a beautiful and lighthearted melody fit for any woman’s dream day. It’s a song about unexpectedly falling for someone in an unexpected place. What a way to bring your love full circle as a sweet reminder of how you met and where your love led you. 

7. The Piano Guys- A Thousand Years

The title alone speaks volumes and the breathtaking sounds in this sweet melody are even more vocal. This song sounds like love and is idyllic for a wedding as it too symbolizes eternal and long lasting love. 

8. Vitamin String Quartet- I’m Yours

Vitamin String is an instant classic by Jason Mraz but we definitely have to say this string quartet version does it some serious justice. The cheerful beats coupled with the soothing sounds of the string quartet definitely place this as one of the top songs perfect for a procession. 

Best Song for Mother and Son Entrance

The moment a mother has the chance to walk with her son down the aisle is one of the most significant moments for both a mother and her son. He is now a man and she has the honor of passing him along to his wife to be which is a very important moment for any mother to experience. These songs are ideal for such a beautiful period in time and make the moment that much more memorable. 

9. Josh Groban- You Raise Me Up

Many can agree this song is the epitome of a son’s love for his mother, and a mother’s love for her son. It speaks of being given strength, love, and comfort during hard times. This certainly defines a loving mother and son relationship thus making it the perfect tune for a groom’s entrance with his mom. 

10. Jason Matthews- That’s What Mamas Do

Such a sweet tribute to how amazing a mother truly is, this meaningful tune by Jason Matthews. This song is not only beautiful but it’s a meaningful heartfelt melody that genuinely expresses a son’s love for his mama. 

11. Boyz ll Men- A Song for Mama

A Song For Mama is a classic and passionate melody that I’m sure we all can agree has brought us to tears at some point or another. Apart from this, it’s ideal as it genuinely expresses how great a mother’s love is which is why this is an ideal song for a mother to walk her son down to the aisle.  

12. Carole King- Child of Mine

This song really pulls at your heartstrings in the greatest way. It speaks of a mother’s thoughts of her child, and everything she admires about why she’s glad they are her child. Any mother would be proud to walk her son down the aisle to this touching and sweet melody. 

13. The Intruders "I'll Always Love My Mama"

The song will give you a grove to walk down the aisle. It's fun and the lyrics are really meaningful too. This song was inspired by  Kenny Gamble's mother, Ruby, who died in 2012 but hey let's be honest, no matter what happens in your new marriage life your momma will always love you as you have loved her! 

First Dance Songs

Whether you're going sleek and glamorous or bohemian and whimsical for your wedding, there's one thing either affair will need: a generous helping of lovey-dovey, romantic wedding songs. These will bring out all the feels and make the reception feel like a giant love fest.

Naturally, these tunes can be played as a first-dance song, but they can also make it into the set list for your wedding band or on the must-play list for your DJ. Who wouldn't want to include slow dances? they are just so romantic! 

14. Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love

This song may be old but the tune, the beat, and the lyrics are perfect for the first dance! Like who doesn't like Bee Gees? I'm pretty sure most of your guests already know them and might sing along while you and your partner dance, how romantic!

15. Eagles's "Best of My Love"

Now, this is a classic favorite! Don't you just feel like doing a dance when this song pops up? I know I do! It's perfect to hold your partner close and whisper words of love to his/her ears as you slow dance. Now isn't that romantic?  

16. Frank Sinatra - The Way You Look Tonight

Another classic favorite. Just look at the lyrics don't you feel like it's so romantic? What a perfect song to dance to on your wedding day!

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A wedding is a very special day and occasion, one that is worthy of wonderful music to complement each moment. These songs are all amazing and are sure to help create even more wonderful memories on such a lovely day.