8 Tips on How to Chase and Date Your Childhood Love

Still in love with your childhood sweetheart? Take action now!

By Sophia R
8 Tips on How to Chase and Date Your Childhood Love

Are you still in love with your childhood sweetheart?

Many of us have experienced having a childhood sweetheart. Whether it is an old neighbor, a kid that went to school with, or a very close friend we had through your childhood, they can still be on our minds for years. You may have not seen them for 1, 5, 10 years, or you see them once or twice in a year, but they still manage to make you feel things and remember them constantly. 

They remind you of home, of all the times you had crazy adventures together, of that weird awkward kiss you once shared, of those funny looks in the school's hallways... The thing is that you remember them, you think about them, and you feel for them after all those years.  Pretty impressive, isn't it? 

Are you still in love with your childhood sweetheart? That is only something you can realize. If you think about them, miss them and want to reunite constantly, you probably are.  Don't feel crazy about this, you would be surprised if you knew how much people have the same thoughts and wishes as you. 

In this post, we will tell you everything about childhood sweethearts and how to get them after all the time that has gone by between the two of you. Keep reading to find everything you need to know if this is your situation!

Statics of childhood sweethearts who dated and got married

What we are going to show you next shouldn't be disappointing for you, all right? Not many people end up dating and marrying their childhood and highschools sweethearts as the numbers we will show you will say. It is not a common thing at all, but, after all, it does happen sometimes, so no need to lose your hopes. Here we go with the actual statistics: 

 In 2014, less than two percent of all marriages were between high school sweethearts. You can imagine the likeliness for childhood sweethearts: much less.

Also, divorce rates within the first 10 years for high school sweethearts (54 percent) were much higher than the average American couple (32 percent), which is also a turndown. 

Nevertheless, high school sweethearts that wait until at least the age of 25 to get married have a 10-year success rate of 78%.

As for now, 14% of couples had met in school. 

Also, 25% of people are marrying their high school sweethearts today compared with those in the 1940s.

Although only at most, 2% of marriages today are from a high school relationship, 25% of women say that they married their first love.

8 tips to get your childhood love

Our childhood happens so fast that we almost do not remember anything of what happened to us, however, something that we clearly have is our childhood love since we experience our first illusion and that is something that can not easily be forgotten. For different situations in life, they do not always follow the same course as you, but have you asked yourself: what would have happened if you were with him?

However, sometimes, fate has prepared many surprises in life and one of these is to be able to meet with your childhood love again.  It will definitely be one of the most incredible coincidences that can happen and if you still have feelings for them, these are the best tips to get your childhood love:

1. Know each other more

 Even though you remember who they are and how everything was with them, seeing each other after several years may surprise you both. People change with time, and so did you, so, everything might be different when you meet. Also, you knew them as children, and people mature and develop themselves as they grow. For that reason, you must take time to get to know each other much more than before, to know what they like, what they do, what they have been up to, life adventures, and an infinity of things that might be new to you. 

2. Think of memories

You both may or may not remember many things about your childhood together, the reason why you should start talking about them. Think of the memories you have of the two of you and say them to him. I'm sure if you do not remember many childhood things, he probably does. Ask him questions about his childhood and begin to remember those incredible moments in which you had fun together. This will help you get much closer and relieve the good old times in which you were so close. 

3. Family

If you were very close in your childhood, chances are that you were close to each other's family, too. Ask to see them and meet again, invite him to your family dinners to remind them of the old times, take a stroll down your neighbor and your childhood home, or anything of that such. Seeing each other's families might remind them of the good match you make in theirs.  

4. Be open minded

Do not remember the child he was, it's been a long time and they probably have changed as much as you. It is time to truly know the person they have become, to respect their ideas, beliefs or opinions. Be open-minded to the new person they are and never expect or ask them to be who they were when you were children. This is a gesture they will appreciate a lot. 

5. Create new experiences together

Many times seeing each other again after a while can be surprising since each one has gone through different situations, but the best thing about this is that you can create new experiences together such as showing you some activity in which you participate now, something you would like to do, vice versa. New experiences are the ones that will shape your current relationship. 

6. Show them how much you have missed them

What better way to express your feelings about someone you haven't seen in a while and used to love so much than showing them how much you have missed them. Saying it is a way of doing so, but planning adventures, dates, dinners or such are a way for them to know that you want them back into your life. 

7. Show them you have different feelings now

Things as a child may have been very innocent and friendly between the two of you. Now that you are both grownups, and you wish to have a serious relationship with them, you need to let them know. The only way to do this is with a talk in which you express how you feel about them now, and what you want for your new relationship. It might seem pretty scary, but it is going to be worthy if they feel the same way. 

8. Show them your new you

What is the best way to get someone to like you? Showing them the true you. As you have changed a lot, it is important that you let them know who you are now and what you have become. With a great personality and being true to yourself, you can get anyone to like you, even your childhood love. 

Movies on childhood love

1. My Girl

This 1991 film starring  Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky is about a young romance between two childhood best friends, growth, and innocence. You are going to absolutely love t! 

2. Flipped

This 2010 coming of age film is about two eight grades that start falling in love despite all the differences they have between each other. Many of you will feel completely identified with this situation. It is pretty good!

3. Little Manhattan

This 2005 romantic movie is cute, funny, and heartbreaking at the same time. It is about a 10-year-old kid that falls in love with his classmate, which is a pretty common situation, too. 

4. A Walk To Remember

This one here is for the ones that have an older teenage love, as in a high school sweetheart. Two 18-year-olds fall in love in a heartwarming, beautiful, sentimental love tale. It is definitely a must see!

Songs on childhood love

1. "When Boy Meets Girl" by Terry Clark 

2. I’m Going to Make You My Wife by The Whispers

3. Our Song by Taylor Swift

4. Think I'm In Love by Beck

Quotes on childhood love

The best part about childhood love is finding someone that will be your best friend forever

I will get old. You will get old. But I will still look in your eyes the way I looked at them when we were young

There is nothing more surreal in the world than marrying your childhood sweetheart

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Excited about getting together with your childhood sweetheart again? We know you are after reading this post! Now that you know everything about how to do it, we encourage you to just do it! Take some courage, and head for the best adventure in your love life. It is definitely worth it once you have that someone you remember and used to love so much. Nothing will feel better.  Good luck!


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