Top 5 Flowers That Represent Love And their Meanings

Names and meaning of these beautiful flowers that represent love

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Top 5 Flowers That Represent Love And their Meanings

How giving of flowers became a common practice?

Flowers speak for themselves no matter what the situation. Want to make someone happy? Give them flowers. Want to wish someone good health? Get them a bunch. Everyone loves them, except those allergic obviously. But these little bundles of bright colors and scent are the best bet on gifts.

The Origin

You cannot exactly pinpoint the timeline when giving flowers became a tradition, but there are certain eras in the past where these were significantly used and since then, have been pretty popular till now. The Victorians, for instance, used to give flowers as a present at the beginning of courtship to their intended ones, by the suitors. Other than this the flowers mean a lot when given to someone as a present, they’re a sign of peace and joy and this concept has only evolved over the decades.

The Art of Floriography


Floral Poetry and the Language of Flowers: With Coloured Illustrations [1877]

Nowadays people aren’t familiar with this language. The language of flowers, called Floriography. Exotic, isn’t it? This whole set of vocabulary is based on a proper dictionary like any other language. With symbolic representations and arrangements of flowers, a new way of expressing one’s feelings was introduced. It came into existence during the 19th Century in the US and Victorian England.


We are all well aware of the occasions where flowers are an important part, whether as gift or décor, every event needs them. Here are some popular occasions which cannot be completed without flowers:

1. Valentine’s Day

How can we talk about flowers and not Valentine’s Day? Since flowers, especially the beautiful red roses, are the symbol of love, they are the best gift to present to your loved one. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the particular ones, choose those which fit best according to your partner’s personality. Even if you’re single, don’t miss out on this day to express your love with flowers, who knows you might get lucky.

2. Anniversaries

Couples who celebrate their annual love, cannot possibly do it without at least one bouquet of flowers. It’s okay if you can’t do much or cannot make out time from your busy routine, only a single flower can brighten up your partner’s day and make them feel loved. Not only this, any other anniversary like your business partnership, your own company, new home, flowers just effortlessly help you celebrate.

3. Mother’s Day

Wouldn’t you like to gift your precious mom something as beautiful as her? What could be more perfect than these bunches of blossom and freshness? Make her feel special to at least get one step closer to repaying her for what she’s done all her life for you.

P.S. Don’t even wait for Mother’s Day to come around, get her these pretty gifts whenever you feel like.

Different Flower Gifting Cultures


In China, giving flowers to teachers is the most common of all gifts. They also prefer peonies to be a part of traditional Chinese weddings. Asians also believe that potted plants represent restrictions and boundaries, therefore they should not be gifted that way.

Russians believe in gifting flowers on birthdays in the form of a bunch or a single one even, but what they don’t prefer are flower arrangements and gift baskets. Women’s day is celebrated with spring flowers (tulips, hyacinths, and Solidago) and red roses as they symbolize women. For funerals, lilies, roses, and carnations are considered appropriate as their circular shape signifies life, death, and rebirth according to their beliefs.


In early times, Roman brides used to carry flowers to ward off any evil spirit and ensure fertility. There is a famous Dutch saying:

‘Food feeds the body, but flowers feed the soul’

The English believe that lilies signify death, so cannot be given as a gift, whereas roses are considered the most romantic.

There is a different tradition in Europe to give flowers in odd numbers. Except for the number 13, even today flowers are given in this practice.


Christmas! The most celebrated holiday for the Americans just cannot be imagined without the streets and buildings adorned with glamorous flower arrangements. People present their guests and hosts with flowers as a mush gift. The doors are decorated with tires of flowers, especially mistletoe is famous these days. Other than Christmas, flowers are considered the perfect gift for all occasions and for people of all ages.

5 Beautiful Flowers that Represent Love - Name, Photos and Meaning

These amazing creation of nature aren’t just pleasing to the eyes, but to our hearts too. They have hidden meanings that we are mostly unaware of. It won’t do justice to these beauties if we don’t understand what they try to tell us. Here are the 5 of the most beautiful love flowers:

1. Purple Lilacs

Purple Lilacs are fantasy flowers. They are the symbols of the very first emotions of love and they certainly look love infused too. They are especially considered for new couples to help them begin and grow their love.

The meaning of lilacs has been diversified over the ages. The main symbol for Purple Lilacs is ‘first love’ whereas White lilacs represent ‘innocence’.

2. Red Chrysanthemums

You can tell by the look of these gorgeous ones, they scream ‘I love you’ it’s that obvious. They are dominant to look at and they last pretty long too, just like true love. As Chrysanthemums are November flowers, they signify that even the winter beginnings can bring beauty and joy.

3. Forget-Me-Not

The name says it all. They’re ideal to express your inner feelings to someone that you would never leave their side. They mean remembrance, of all the good memories as a couple and the emotions attached to them.

4. Red roses

Red roses are the show stopper when it comes to romantic flowers. Not only they represent love, but they are as sexy as hell. Giving red roses to someone is special as they symbolize the depth of someone’s love.

5. Camellias

The deeper shades of camellia are perfect to gift your loved one who has been with you for years. They are pretty rare, they grow only in warmer climates and that makes them exotic too. Red ones depict the fire in a lover’s heart, while the Pink ones represent a longing for your love.

Flowers Gifs to Send Over

Texting has become so much fun and innovative now, you can actually pour your heart out in texts with emojis and GIFs, etc. You’re never too old to be all cute and send these adorable GIFs to someone you love:






Quotes with Flower and Love

Here are some beautiful sayings about the gifts of nature that your partner might like:

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” – John Lennon

Source: @countryliving/Pinterest

"A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love." - Max Muller

Source: @bratstarla/Pinterest

“Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.” – Helen Keller

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Never think twice about getting someone flowers, also, never underestimate what a flower could mean. Not only do they look pretty on the outside, but have the depth of affection from the inside too. They are indeed the best choice for a gift.

Flowers make great gifts for any occasion. They can represent so many different things and emotions. There is no bad time to give someone flowers, but there are flowers that have certain symbols and meanings. Certain flower meanings make them perfect for different occasions. I hope this guide examines the meanings behind some of the most popular flowers, and what occasions they are perfect for.


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