Did You Know That You Can Hire A Rental Boyfriend?

Everything about a hiring rental boyfriend that you should know

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Did You Know That You Can Hire A Rental Boyfriend?

What is a rental boyfriend?

Known as Rentaru Kareshi, a rental boyfriend is an idea developed in Japan (why are we not surprised?). A rental boyfriend does what a boyfriend can, mostly! From chatting, taking you out on dates, to meeting your parents, going on company dinners with you, a rental boyfriend will do everything for you (you will be paying all the bills at the end, of course).


The concept for rental boyfriends started when many strong independent Japanese working ladies found it hard to maintain a relationship because of work, but their parents were hassling them about getting married. So they would hire someone to pretend to be their boyfriend to show their parents.

This business started soaring in Asia where the traditional values are family and marriage. Many started hiring rental boyfriends to show off to their friends and families. While your rental boyfriend would do a lot for you, be known that most rental boyfriends wouldn't have sex with you or even kiss you, as they're not selling you their bodies, just merely their companionship.

Rental boyfriends became so popular in China in recent years during their Chinese New Year, which is usually around February each year. It's their tradition to bring home your boyfriend/girlfriend for the Chinese new year and those that don't would lose face in front of your whole family.

A lot of people that have been working in the city for the whole year would go home and hire a rental boyfriend to pretend to be their real boyfriend to show the whole family. The rental boyfriend, very often, has to pretend to be the CEO of a certain company. You just have to sound rich and successful anyways.

It's not easy being a rental boyfriend as you do need to be knowledgeable and presentable. That's why the service charge can be up to a few hundred dollars a day.

Why do you need to hire a rental boyfriend?

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As we have said, rental boyfriends started as a way to deal with parents and family members when they urge you to get married or to show off to your friends to show that you're not a lonely office lady with no love to receive.

Does it sound like you? Have your parents been hassling you about settling down when you're still not ready? Do you get a bit anxious seeing all your friends having a boyfriend or even a husband and a kid? It's hard to not compare yourself to others. When you age and people around you start entering another stage in life while you stay the same, it can be hard. That's when you need a rental boyfriend so you don't lose face in front of others.

Another common reason to get a rental boyfriend is that you're indeed lonely and want that connection and care from a guy but you're too damn busy to invest in a relationship or you just simply can't be bothered to. That's when you get a rental boyfriend. You can have fun and enjoy a day or two to feel what it's like to be in a relationship. No string attached. Many businesswomen love rental boyfriends for it.

The pros and cons of hiring a rental boyfriend

Having a rental boyfriend may sound very surreal for you, but it's the reality for many, especially in Asia. Undoubtedly, there're pros and cons in having a rental boyfriend, as much as having an actual boyfriend. There are the most common pros and cons that you should think about before getting one.


1. Responsibility free

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Responsibility-free is the most precise way to put it. He isn't your actual boyfriend. It's pretty much just an act to deal with your family or your judgy high school friends. As long as he looks as cute as Zac Efron with an accent as hot as Chris Hemsworth, nothing else matters. You're a smart businesswoman, you know it's just a business deal. No fuss, no hassle. Way better than having a boyfriend that's constantly on your mind when you really aren't ready for it. 

2. You can find someone that fits your image

Let's face it, it has happened that sometimes your boyfriend just isn't presentable in certain situations. He can be like Adam Sandler that you just don't want to bring him to your company dinners because you still want to keep up a professional image to your boss. We've all had moments like that where we felt embarrassed by our boyfriend. That's when a rental boyfriend is better. You can get him to behave however you want and build up the image you want people to have about you. Great if you're trying to climb up the ladder in the company.

3. A great company

A rental boyfriend does pretty much everything you ask him to. Feeling lonely and want to play golf with someone? He is here for you. Want to watch a rom-com with someone? He is also here for you. Some people get a rental boyfriend just to keep them company when they feel lonely. It's a great way to get the attention that you need sometimes without having to invest too much.

4. You get your freedom and the fun

You aren't bound in a relationship. Going on parties and meeting guys can still be on your list, guilt-free. Yet, you can also enjoy the fun from having a rental boyfriend, to get a little taste of what's like to be in a relationship. Nothing physical is involved but you can connect with someone on an emotional level, where you can share your deepest thoughts, not fearing him to sell you out because he literally doesn't know anyone else connected to you.


5. It's a lot of money

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You don't just pay for the rent, you pay for all the activities you do together, which can add up to a large amount of money.

6. There's always a chance that your friends or family run into his next client

Oops, that will be really awkward, but that's just a chance you have to take for renting a public boyfriend.

7. It doesn't really fill your void

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Be sure you know what you want. Some people get a rental boyfriend because they want an actual boyfriend but couldn't get one, so a rental boyfriend is the next best thing. This probably isn't the best mindset to get a rental boyfriend because, for him, it's clear that it's just a business deal. There's nothing really between you two. If you can't tell that apart before getting one, might as well just not do it because you will likely end up feeling even more empty and unwanted.

8. It's not a long term solution

Are you just going to hire the same guy every year to spend time with your parents? Or you are going to hire a different guy every year and tell your parents that you just love dating different guys? How long can you realistically keep this up for?

The worst thing about having a rental boyfriend is that you can't really keep this up for long. One day you will have to tell the truth. Either get an actual boyfriend or admit that you just aren't interested in a relationship.

How to hire a rental boyfriend

There are quite a few ways to rent a boyfriend, depending on which state you're in and what's more popular there. Usually, you can just get one from websites. Websites like rentaboyfriend.com or rentafriend.com allow you to pick a rental boyfriend. Pictures and a bit of personal information are available for you to decide if this is someone you would like to rent. Then you just do the registration and make the connection!

Apps can also be a choice, RABF (Rent a Boyfriend) is one of the safest apps for girls to rent a boyfriend. Just download the app and register and you can see others that registered as a rental boyfriend.

Check out your local secret Facebook pages as well as there are usually quite a few that only allow local Facebook users to join. Make a request and say that you need to get a boyfriend and usually you will get approved. Some interstate or even international pages exist too, but whether you're willing to pay that much for your rental boyfriend to get here is another matter.

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No shame in getting a rental boyfriend. We live in the 21st century. You know what you want and you go for it, that's something to be proud of, although the awkward reality might just be that you really need someone to handle your annoying aunt Marie or your cousin Daisy that just happened to be marrying the cutest boy in town. Relatives can be hard to handle, a rentla boyfriend could be your temporary solution for the coming Christmas!

Just always be sure to lay down the rules and know clearly why you're getting a rental boyfriend. Don't dream that a rom-com plot would happen and your rental boyfriend would actually fall in love with you, it rarely happens in real life. Lay down the rules and you are good to go!


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