Beyond Ropes And Cuffs: The 10 Different Types Of Bondage Explained

Guide to the different type of bondage, equipment, and methods

By Sophia R
Beyond Ropes And Cuffs: The 10 Different Types Of Bondage Explained

Stereotype of bondage from movies

Handcuffs, blindfolds, ropes ... The world of bondage sex has an undeniable attraction that makes it ideal to be represented in film production. Many movies nowadays and even from the past show this type of sexual practice, but as with pretty much anything that appears in movies, real life is very different from it.

The typical bondage stereotype we see in movies is a little tying here and there. Usually, it is just the wrists and ankles to the bedpost or the arms behind the persons back, but truly, there is so much more to the bondage world you probably haven’t even though if before. Want to know what I am talking about? Keep reading!

10 types of bondage explained (methods and equipment included)

If you are reading this post, I’m sure you already know what bondage is all about. Now, you might need a little bit more info on how to actually do it. In this article we will teach you 10 types of bondage to immobilize your partner or be immobilized by him or her, enjoying this practice the most. We will also include the methods you have to follow and the equipment you will need for it to be extremely enjoyable. Here we go:

1. Beginners bondage

In this type of bondage, the spiral knot will be the star. It is a simple knot in which the tied person can not untie himself by stretching, so it is not necessary to bind the other end to any other place.

It can be used to immobilize one or two hands and tie yourself, or not, to the bed. It could also be used to tie the ankles. It is one of the most useful and simple knots that anyone who loves bondage should be an expert on. In summary, this is the simplest bondage type.

Basically, you can do this bondage with any rope or string you find at home, but if you wish for something more professional, any rope from The Twisted Monk will work wonders. Those are one of our favorites, so defiantly check them out!

Black Hemp Bondage Rope

2. Shibari


This next bondage type comes from the other side of the world. Shibari means "tie" in Japanese and it is a Japanese style of bondage that implies to tie the following techniques and aesthetic lines, using natural fiber cords.

In it, the placement of the ties is designed to favor the figure of the body, highlighting the intimate parts of the human body exaggeratingly marking the feminine curves and the erotic contortion of the bodies.

Each knot or link is placed strategically in acupuncture points to stimulate them and increase sexual energy.

Shibari 100% Natural Hemp Rope

Multiple cottons or jute ropes approximately eight meters long are used. Moorings range from unique 'karada', knots characteristic of art, to elaborate designs.

Our favorite rope for Shibari is this natural hemp rope. Check it out!

3. Shinju or breast bondage

Another Japanese term, shinju comes from pearl, which is a euphemism for the binding of the female breasts. In this type of bondage, the main attraction is tying ropes around the female breasts in an aesthetically pleasing decorative way. It doesn’t focus on the immobilization of the person, but on the visual effect, it produces.

Breast bondage can be done over clothing or directly on the skin. The basic technique involves tying ropes around the base of the breast so they bulge outwards, but basically, any other tying around the breasts can be considered breast bondage.

Breast Harness Adjustable BRA Fetish Bondage

It is commonly done with ropes, but it can also be done with harnesses, like these ones from Weiji. Check them out below!

We absolutely recommend this technique for you, as it is so visually appealing and exciting for literally anyone. Try it out!

4. Crotch bondage


The crotch rope is a bondage technique that is also loved by many bondage experts. It consists of tying a rope around a woman’s waist and then passing it between her labia to apply pressure on the area.

This technique is so popular because it really stimulates the person that is tied, as the pressure and friction of the ropes against the vagina will cause sexual satisfaction.

Doc Johnson Japanese Bondage Rope - Soft Cotton Rope - Gentle on the Skin -

It can also be worn under, on top of clothes, or directly on the skin, and different amounts of pressure can be used when tying the ropes.

You can do this technique with rope, jute, or a harness, but our favorite one for this is the Doc Johnson Japanese Rope as it is a soft cotton rope that will be gentle to your genitals.

5. Suspension

Tetruss Maxximus Shibari Suspension Bondage Frame

Suspension bondage is a form of bondage in which the person is tied to hang from different suspension points. Of course, this type of bondage requires more experience and involves more risk than any other, so keep that in mind.

It is usually done with strong ropes, cables or chains, as the material needs to resist the full weight of a person hanging. There are also harnesses and rigs that are way easier to use than doing the knots yourself, so you might as well want to check those out.  

6. Humiliation bondage

Source: Wikimedia Commons / Raimond Spekking

This type of bondage consists of tying someone’s arms and legs into an x shape as they are standing up. In more experienced situations, it can be even done upside down.

What is so liked about it is that it forces the subjects to show their genitals and give access to them without any restrictions, which is a great way to stimulate sexual humiliation fetishes.

The best way to do so is using equipment such as Saint Andrew's Cross or spreader bars, but it can also be done with ropes and chains tied to different endpoints.

St Andrew's Cross (BDSM Cross)

7. Head bondage

Head bondage is the use of any type of rope, harness, or chain in order to immobilize or control the head of the subject. Our favorite one is this one:

Bdsm Leather Head Harness Bondage Open Mouth Gag Restraint

There are many variations of head bondage and harnesses, which might include blindfolds, gags, collars, etc, so it is basically up to you to choose the one you think you will enjoy the most. It can also be combined with some hair bondage to create more pressure and domination of the subject.

This particular type of bondage is a little bit more violent or riskier than any other, as the face is an extremely sensitive part of the body. So, if you are not that into extreme bondage or not that experienced yet, you might want to leave this one out for now.

8. Torture bondage

Bondage isn’t about pain at all, but in this type, the pain will be the main focus. It is often used as a way of punishment for the submissive, so it is perfect for those angry sex nights.

Torture bondage is usually done with suspension, uncomfortable positions, and strong ties that cause hurt and extreme discomfort on the person.

As with the suspension and facial bondage, this one is only for the people that actually enjoy pain and sadomasochism, so if that is not for you, stay away from this one. I don’t know, some people find pain exciting and pleasuring, but others don’t, so be okay with both positions. 

The ropes recommended for suspension are the best for this type of bondage, so check them out!

9. Chastity bondage

Master Series Female Chastity Full Body Steel Bondage Restraints

This next type of bondage is all about making a person unable to have sex. This one will be amazing for people who love controlling and teasing their submissive partner.

This type of bondage uses leather or latex suits, bondage tapes, chastity belts, or vacuum beds to bondage the whole body and have full control of the person.

It is not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia or anything like this, as it can be quite suffocating and extreme. But, if you are all about this, you will love chastity bondage. 

Our favorite chastity belt and the best to start out with.

10. Sensorial depravation bondage

Master Series Disguise Open Mouth Hood with Padded Blindfold

This type of bondage is one of the most extreme out there. It is basically depriving a person of hearing, seeing, talking, or even smelling sometimes. The most common way of sensory deprivation is with blindfolds, which we can say are the lowest level of this type of bondage.

The best equipment for this practice is hooded, as they deprive all the senses at once. Our favorite one the one down below. If you would like to try this technique out, but you don’t want it to be so extreme, start with blindfolds. Ties, ribbons, and even socks can work for that.

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We have literally laid out bondage for you, so why not go and try it out? Who knows, you might find a whole new world of pleasure for yourself! Lose the fear, get the gear, and go for it! You will thank us later. 



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