20 Insecurity Quotes For Relationships That You Can Relate

Insecurity quotes that you can use to describe your relationship

By Sylvia Epie
20 Insecurity Quotes For Relationships That You Can Relate

Insecurity Quotes for Him and for Her

As humans insecurity is a major part of our lives, some hide it, others embrace it and the rest are controlled by it.  But it affects us all individually and in our mutual interactions in so many different ways. It’s OKAY to be insecure about one or two areas of your life from time to time, after all, who isn’t? The problem occurs when you’re insecure about everything all the time and it paralyzes your relationships, your goals, and dreams. This could be a huge set back in a person's life, insecurity will hold you back in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. The good news is there are lots of people out there dealing with and handling their insecurity every single day and you too can do the same. It’s just a bump on the road, not a death sentence so chill. While you’re working on your insecurities, we’ve come up with a few quotes you can relate to, that will give you clarity as you navigate these waters.

1. I’m Sorry.
Sometimes I get jealous thinking that someone else could make you happier than I could. I guess it’s my insecurities acting up. Because I know I’m not the prettiest, smartest, or most fun and exciting. But I do know that no matter how and long you look; you’ll never find somebody that loves you as I do.

Insecurities have a way of creeping in on your relationship when you least expect, one minute you’re living a fairy tale romance straight out of a Disney movie, the next your insecurities bring you down so low happiness seems impossible. This is why it’s important to build your self-esteem and confidence as much as you can.

2. A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows someone else can treat her better. - R.M. Drake

For all the possessive guys out there who are always afraid every other guy is out to snatch their woman, treat her like a queen and no one will be able to take her away from you.

3. Society taught me that no matter what size I am, I will never be good enough. I’ll always be too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall…Too this, too that.

Most often than not insecurities are a result of society and the labels and tags it places on people. When you don’t conform to a certain standard you’re put in a box and this fuels insecurity all the more. This is very common in today’s social media driven world where everybody can easily voice their opinion with a click. 

4. Judging people’s flaws will not help justify your own (insecurity).

Like bullying, being judgemental is a sure sign of underlying insecurity, you feel bad about yourself so to feel better you try to bring others down. Pointing out their shortcomings and flaws so they feel bad about themselves and join you in ‘’self- hate-ville’’. Lame right?

5. Dear insecure girls everywhere, you’re not ugly, society is. Sincerely, The truth.

We all need a little encouragement every now and then, especially the most insecure amongst us who get criticized too often. This quote will put a smile on your face if you’re insecure about your looks because they’re different from what society considers attractive.

Insecurity and Jealousy Quotes

Jealousy in small doses is completely normal in a relationship, but when it becomes recurrent and overwhelming, you have a problem. The so-called green monster is a typical sign of insecurity in a relationship and must be dealt with for your love story to have a surviving chance. These are a few quotes on insecurity and jealousy you could consider.

6. Jealousy isn't a female trait, jealousy is an insecure trait, insecurity doesn’t discriminate. ― Sonya Teclai

People often think jealousy is only manifested by women but that’s not true, everyone is used to the cliche of the jealous girlfriend but to tell you the truth; this monster is not gendered specific. Men are as jealous as women or even more, as these wise words suggest anyone can be jealous, it’s all a matter of insecurity.

7. A boy makes his girlfriend jealous of other women. A gentleman makes other women jealous of his girl.

This one is for all the guys out there, take note, making your girl jealous of other women makes you an insecure boy and not a gentleman. 

8. It has always seemed that a fear of judgment is the mark of guilt and the burden of insecurity.
          – Criss Jami

This quote suggests that an insecure person is most afraid of other people’s judgment, they’re burdened by the fear of what others think of them and this stops them from taking action or going after the things they want in life. Deep right?

9. “Insecure people often falsify the past, in order to make the future pure.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

Well, this is pretty straightforward and true, insecure people are known to be fake or have fake lives and stories to make them feel better about themselves.

10. “Love may be blind but jealousy has 20-20 vision.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

A jealous partner is more detailed than a microscope, nothing gets past them, you smile with the mailman or a waitress at a restaurant and they’re all over you. It’s like being under laser focused scrutiny 24/7. Oh boy! Not fun at all.

Insecurity and low self-esteem quotes

11. “I despise intelligence” really means: “I cannot bear my doubts.”
– Albert Camus

This one goes out to all those who were made fun of and felt left out because they were smart and nerdy. Albert Camus says it’s because they can’t match up to you and because of their self-doubt.

12. “Labels (of any kind) are simply band-aided people apply to their lives to mask the wounds of their insecurities.” 
― Carlos Wallace

The author pretty much sums up modern society with these words, what can we say? '' We’re all beautiful just the way we are'' may sound like the lyrics of a famous song but it’s actually true. 

13. “Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

As Dr. Phil would say, we project our fears and mirror our insecurities onto others. Shannon L. Alder is spot on with this one. 

14. “Nothingness is the most peaceful state of mind. There’s no unworthiness or inferiority. There’s only pure love.” 
― Yong Kang Chan

A little bit of ancient Eastern wisdom to guide you through the insecurities of this world.  One love!

15. Jealousy is conceived only in insecurity and must be nourished in fear.
  - Maya Angelou

Deep! If you’re the jealous type or in a relationship with a serial jealous partner, it’s time to work on their or your insecurities before they get the best of your relationship. Jealousy is the easiest route to heartbreak.    

Emotional insecurity quotes in relationships

When two people come together, they each bring their insecurities with them and at some point in the relationship said insecurities begin to manifest, it’s inevitable. It all depends on how well you handle yours and your partner's insecurities and how deep they run. Check out these quotes and see if you can relate or maybe you can use them to communicate with your partner.

16. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.
 - Unknown

These are beautiful words you can use to reassure an insecure partner, build his/her confidence and make them feel special. 

17.  As your insecurity becomes nourished our relationship becomes poisoned.
       - Dr. Steve Maraboli

Your insecurity is baggage you carry around with you everywhere you go, this quote suggests you try as much as you can not nourish it or it will take over your relationship and life. 

18. Insecurity is a side effect of loving too much but receives too little in return.

The root cause of some of our greatest insecurity is in the lack of love and support we received from our parents as a child or in our past relationships. Moral of the story - lead with love, especially towards your kids, you wouldn’t want to cause any trauma, would you? I don’t think so.

19. You act like it’s you against the world but it’s really just you against yourself.

Sometimes all that is holding us back is ourselves, especially when you feel as if the whole world is against you, the problem is usually in you. Food for thought!

20. “I choose to love you in silence…
For in silence I find no rejection,

I choose to love you in loneliness…
For in loneliness no one owns you but for me,

I choose to adore you from a distance…
For distance will shield me from pain,

I choose to kiss you in the wind…
For the wind is gentler than my lips,

I choose to hold you in my dreams…
For in my dreams, you have no end.” 
― Rumi

This very emotional quote by Rumi is more like a poetry piece, enjoy!

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Insecurity is not something you deal with at the bat of a hat, it’s a constant battle you have to make a deliberate and conscious effort to overcome every day. And being able to identify your insecurity and how it manifests itself in your life is a good place to start. When dealing with an insecure partner the best thing you can do is to build their confidence and reassure them as much as you can, try your best not to feed their insecurity. If your partner expresses his/her insecurity through jealousy, reassure them of your love and commitment, don’t make room for their jealousy to breed. There’s also an option to seek professional help or to just walk away from the relationship if it’s unbearable.


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